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Chapter 264: Destroying Hailey Residences!

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Before leaving, Victoria couldnt help but hug Jordan.

She said lovingly, “Honey, youre so nice, and youve never done anything malicious in your life.

Why is God so unfair to you Why must he torment you like this”

Victoria took too much pity on Jordan.

Jordan loved Hailey with all his heart, only to get hurt by her ruthlessly!

However, Jordan did not blame God.

Instead, he sighed and said, “Maybe, this is retribution.”

“Revenge” Victoria let go of Jordan and looked at him in bewilderment.

Jordan said, “Victoria, Im actually not as good as you make me out to be.

Ive also done lots of malicious and evil things before…”

Victoria asked in disbelief, “What… what malicious thing have you done before”

“I hurt a girl before,” Jordan said, not willing to recall the past.

Victoria asked directly, “How did you hurt her Who is she”

Jordan shook his head and said, “Sorry, Victoria, I dont want to mention this matter because it has marred my life greatly.”

“I gotta go now, stay at home and take care of yourself.”

Jordan just wanted to quickly figure out who Leahs real father was and whether Hailey was lying or not.

Jordan rode in the same car as Victoria and Pablo as they made their way to Orlando.

More than an hour later, in Green Garden estate in Orlando.


The door of a house in the estate was knocked on incessantly.

“Who is it”

The homeowner seemed rather cautious and didnt just open the door.

The person who knocked on the door was a beautiful and fashionable woman.

“Annyeonghaseyo (Hello)! Im from Perry Express!”

As soon as he heard the standard Korean greeting, the owner immediately opened the door and looked at this beautiful woman.

“It turns out that we have Korean couriers in Orlando now.”

Due to Jordans plan, foreign girls worked as couriers in every top-tier city, so everyone had long gotten used to it.

However, Pablo suddenly leaped up from hiding and kicked the man into the house before barging in!

“Who are you people!!”

The man was extremely flustered, and he never thought that something like that would happen to him.

Pablo strangled the man and hollered, “Brat, youre really brazen.

How dare you touch Mr.

Jordans woman!”

The man was confused, and he asked, “Mr.


At this moment, Jordan entered and closed the door.

When the man saw Jordan, he immediately recognized him.

“Jordan Steele”

Pablo slapped him and exclaimed, “So you really know Mr.


However, the man looked at Jordan innocently and asked, “Jordan Steele, theres no feud between us.

Why are you targeting me”

Jordan looked at the man named Wilbur Kay, who was rather decent-looking and lived in a home with nice decor.

He reckoned that he should be relatively affluent.

It was no wonder that he could become Haileys first love in high school.

When Jordan saw him, he felt a sense of jealousy and animosity, but he didnt want to kill the innocent.

Jordan said, “You must be Wilbur Kay, right Dont you know why Im dealing with you”

Jordan did not want to say it directly and wanted Wilbur to explain himself instead.

Pablo pressed Wilbur against the ground, rendering him immobile.

“Just because I used to be in love with Hailey Camden Is it wrong to like someone Every boy in our school has liked Hailey before!”

Pinning Wilbur down beneath him, Pablo said, “Im not asking you about the past but the present.

Are you still in contact with Hailey Camden Have you ever been to Mr.

Jordans home in Rose Garden Villa”

Wilbur frantically asked, “Rose Garden Villa Ive never been there before! Last April, my wife, then-girlfriend, and I were in Europe for a month.

I wasnt even in the country!”

Jordan carefully observed Wilburs expression as he spoke and asked, “Do you have any evidence”

“I do, in my cell phone, Instagram, and Twitter.”

Hence, Jordan asked Pablo to let go of Wilbur and make Wilbur take out his phone to browse through his and his girlfriends Twitter and Instagram accounts.

It turned out that he and his girlfriend were indeed abroad at that time!

In other words, the one who lied was Hailey!

She didnt ask her first love to help her at all!

“Hailey Camden is still lying!”

Jordan was exasperated.

Now that things had come to this, Hailey actually still had the guts to deceive Jordan!

Jordan didnt give Wilbur a hard time anymore and left directly.

On the other hand, Pablo threw $2,000 at Wilbur and threatened, “Dont tell anyone about this.

Otherwise, you will know the consequences.”

The two returned to the car from upstairs, and Pablo said, “Mr.

Steele, pardon me, but although Hailey is your ex-wife, I think we should still punish her so that she can behave herself.”

Even Pablo couldnt stand the fact that Hailey repeatedly deceived Jordan.

If it wasnt for the fact that Hailey was Jordans ex-wife, Pablo wouldnt have cared about the family she was from or how beautiful she was.

He would have just abducted her and let his brothers toy with her.

Jordan had the same thought too!

Jordan said indifferently, “The best punishment for Hailey is not to beat her up but to make her end up with nothing!”

“Call Frank and tell him that I want the Camdens to go bankrupt in a week.

I want them to end up with nothing!”

“Yes!” Pablo answered respectfully.

Jordan asked, “Also, hows the progress of Hailey Residences”

Pablo said, “Its almost done.

The front door is up.

The wordsHailey Residences look really imposing!”

“Remove it!” Jordan said coldly.

New York City.

Sylvie arrived at the hospital ward in a panic and said to Hailey, “Hailey, bad news, were in trouble now!”

“Many of our partners have lodged reports against us and demanded compensation from us.

Even your grandmother is worried sick now.”

“And, your Hailey Residences…”

At this moment, Hailey was holding Jordans son and teasing him.

When she heard Sylvies words, she immediately asked in a panic, “What happened to Hailey Residences”

Hailey Residences was Haileys palace and the thing she cared about the most!

Hailey had always prided herself as a queen, and she saw the residence as her palace where she would be displaying her charm and status!

She would never allow anything to happen to it!

Sylvie said, “I heard its going to be demolished.

The construction team has already gone to the site.”


Hailey could no longer control herself.

Holding the babies, she scurried outside and exclaimed, “I want to go to Orlando immediately!”

More than an hour later.

In the luxurious residential estate of Hailey Residences in Orlando.

The design of the doorway of Hailey Residences was known to be one of the most luxurious and beautiful ones in the world.

It was designed by a renowned designer whom Jordan had hired from abroad.

The signboard with the wordsHailey Residences was already hung on the door.

However, at this moment, it had already been removed.

“Dont get rid of it! Stop! Quickly, stop it!”

An Audi suddenly drove over, and Hailey scurried over quickly.


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