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Chapter 265: Haileys Saddest Moment!

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Hailey had just finished giving birth, and her body had yet to fully recover.

However, at this moment, she was dashing like a madman and a sprinter to the construction site.

“Dont demolish my door!”

Hailey Residences used to mean everything to Hailey!

It was her palace and sanctuary where she could satisfy her vanity!

She would never allow anyone to destroy it!

Upon hearing Haileys words, the man driving the crane stopped and turned around to look at Jordan.

However, Jordan ordered mercilessly, “Dont stop! Continue demolishing!”

Having received Jordans order, the crane driver stopped paying attention to Haileys yelling and continued to raze down the last bit of the sign with the crane.


The last bit of the signboard, which read “Hailey” was soon broken into two.

When she saw the front door of the place named after herself being completely torn down, Hailey collapsed instantly and fell to the ground in tears.

“No! My Hailey Residences! My palace! No!”

Haileys tears were flowing freely like a tap.

In the three years that Jordan had known Hailey, he had never seen her cry so miserably!

Even when Hailey got on her knees to beg Jordan to forgive her, she had never cried as much as she did today.

Indeed, this woman lovedHailey Residences more than she loved him!

Looking at Hailey, who was crying in misery, Jordan no longer felt a trace of pity on her!

The situation today was entirely Haileys fault! She had brought it upon herself!

Jordan did not feel sorry for her, and after removing the words “Hailey Residences”, he continued to instruct the construction workers, “Get to work immediately and start building the cemetery!”

Hearing these words, Hailey looked at Jordan in surprise and hurriedly got up to scurry towards him.

“Jordan, what did you say You want to build a cemetery here”

Jordan said, “Thats right, Ive already bought this plot of land, and there will no longer be a Hailey Residences here.

Instead, it will be turned into a cemetery!”

“No! No! No!” Hailey was in so much pain and misery that she was almost going to break down.

“Jordan, you cant do this! Have you forgotten This is the proof of our love! You were the one who named this place! This place was also chosen by you! How can you turn a place that symbolizes our love into a cemetery”

Jordan couldnt help but feel the irony when he heard Hailey say those words.

He suddenly remembered the video of their wedding ceremony that Hailey and Cayden had sent him.

In the video, Hailey said that Hailey Residences was the love nest of her and Cayden!

Jordan said coldly, “Isnt this the love nest of her and Cayden It has nothing to do with me!”

Hailey was startled!

Those were the words she said when she married Cayden!

She didnt expect Jordan to know about it!

Hailey immediately apologized to Jordan on her knees, “Jordan, I was wrong.

This is the love nest and sanctuary that belongs to us, not Cayden.

It has nothing to do with anyone else.”

Jordan humphed coldly.

‘Hailey really decides her choice of words depending on the person shes speaking to.

Jordan said, “Hailey, the reason that Im destroying this place today and turning it into a graveyard is precisely that this is our love nest and the proof that I once loved you.

Im turning it into a graveyard because all my feelings for you are dead and have all been buried!”

“No…” Hailey knelt in front of Jordan, crying and tugging at the hem of his pants.

“No, you still love me, you definitely still love me.

Im the woman you love the most.

You cant treat me like this.”

“Jordan, you know that Hailey Residences mean everything to me, and I consider it as important as our child.

Please dont be so cruel as to hurt my child, okay”

The mention of the child made Jordan even more infuriated!

Jordan yelled at the construction workers, “Work harder! I want to see the first grave before it gets dark!”

When Hailey heard Jordans words, he tugged harder on Jordans leg.

Jordan hated Haileys pestering, but he didnt want to kick her away.

After all, Hailey had just given birth and was still recovering.

At the end of the day, Jordan wouldnt bully a woman who had just given birth.

Hence, Jordan immediately ordered Pablo, “Pull her away!”


Pablo immediately got behind Hailey and held her from behind with both hands, pulling her away forcefully.

Pablo was so strong that he pulled Hailey out in one go.

However, Hailey shrieked, “Ah!”

Hailey looked at Pablo with great annoyance and barked, “How dare you take advantage of me!! You dog, how dare you take advantage of your masters ex-wife in front of your master!!”

“How dare you be so reckless with me!! My son is your masters son and will definitely take over the Steeles in the future.

How dare you be so rude to me!!”

Pablo was so startled by Haileys words that he turned pale immediately.

He frantically explained to Jordan, “Master, I didnt! I just used a bit of force when I pulled her.

I might have hurt her, but I swear I definitely didnt take liberties with her!”

Jordan looked at Hailey and said, “Youre no longer the pure and innocent Hailey Camden that I know.”

“Pablo, ignore her.

Throw her back into the car, dont let her bother me here.”


With Jordans permission, Pablo also stopped talking nonsense and took action immediately.

He picked Hailey up and walked towards her Audi.

“Open the door of your Audi, or Ill throw it onto the roof!”

Pablo hollered.

Pablo was carrying Hailey, who was punching his back incessantly.

However, she was so weak that it felt like a tickle to Pablo.

“Why! Why do you have to be so cruel to me!” Haileys tears were like raindrops.

While carrying Hailey on his back, Pablo said, “Why Hailey Camden, dont you know what youve done Youve been cheating on Mr.

Jordan time and time again.

He was kind enough to have not hit you!”

“What did I lie to Jordan about” Hailey was still pretending.

Pablo snapped.

“Quit pretending.

Do you think we came to Orlando just to demolish Hailey Residences Weve been to your first loves house.

His name is Wilbur Kay, right”

“His wife is alive and well.

Why did you say that she got into a car accident”

Hailey finally understood what the truth was.

“Does Jordan… already know”

‘No wonder Jordan was so angry that he insisted on demolishing Hailey Residences to build a cemetery in this place that I love the most.

It turned out that Jordan already knew that Haileys previous explanation was just a lie.

After a moment of silence, Hailey suddenly slapped Pablos back vigorously again and again.

She exclaimed, “Quick, put me down! Quickly put me down!”

Pablo hollered, “Youd better behave yourself! Mr.

Jordan doesnt care about you at all! If you continue to misbehave again, dont blame me for being nasty!”

However, Hailey still kept hitting him and shouted to Jordan in the distance, “Jordan, dont you want to know the truth Fine, Ill tell you the truth!”


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