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Chapter 266: Learning Of The Truth!

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Seeing that Hailey was finally willing to confess and tell the truth, Pablo stopped to look at Jordan.

This time, Jordans attitude was quite the opposite of before!

Jordan said indifferently, “I no longer want to know the truth now!”

He had had enough of Haileys lies and no longer wanted to let himself fall deeper into the mistakes she had made.

‘That woman can be with anyone she wants!

‘Anyway, shes not going to be my woman.

Ill just assume that she has given birth to my son!

“What” Hailey asked, dumbfounded to see that Jordan wasnt even willing to listen to her explanation.

Pablo laughed and said, “Oh, you didnt say anything when you were given a chance to speak previously.

Its too late for you to say anything now! Keep those dirty secrets of yours for the rest of your life! Mr.

Jordan doesnt want to know anything about your nonsense!”

Hailey flew into a rage and yelled at Jordan, “Jordan! Dont you want to know who deliberately humiliated you!!”

Her words made Jordan, who was already indifferent, become excited again.

“What did you say!!”

Pablo hurriedly carried Hailey to Jordan, but before he even reached Jordan, Hailey kept slapping Pablo as she clamored, “Quick, put me down.”

Pablo put Hailey down compliantly, after which she walked towards Jordan.

She said, “Jordan, the father of my daughter, is not my lover.

I was so in love with you, youre the only man I had! Im not a woman who would just sleep with anyone!”

“That man is your enemy! Its all because of you that things have ended up like this today!”

Jordan was stunned.

“My enemy Who is it!!”

Jordan didnt remember having any enemies, but after so many years of training in various places and being the scion of the Steeles, he had inadvertently offended quite a large number of people.

In just the past three years in Orlando, Jordan had already offended many people in the various industries that he monopolized in pursuit of becoming the king of the business circle.

Hailey looked around and asked, “Are you sure you want to talk to me about this here”

There were lots of people around, and it was rather noisy, so it indeed wasnt the place to talk about such private matters.

“Pablo, hand me the car keys.”

Jordan grabbed Pablos car keys and was about to leave with her to go elsewhere to talk.

“Get in the car.”

Jordan ordered Hailey.

“Can you not cover the cemetery here” Hailey pleaded.

Jordan glanced at Haileys pleading eyes and instructed Pablo, “Tell them to stop.”


Afterward, Jordan drove Hailey away from Hailey Residences.

As soon as she got into the car, Jordan asked, “Where do you want to go to talk”

“Rose Garden Villa!” Hailey said.

That was the place they used to live in!

Jordan did not waste his breath and instead drove straight to Rose Garden Villa, the place that was once their sweet home.

The decoration, design, and furniture inside the villa had remained the same.

It was also kept tidy and cleaned by the helper.

Hence, Hailey felt that time had turned back to a year ago when she had just remarried Jordan.

Hailey excitedly touched the furniture, walls, and paintings in the villa and walked around gleefully.

Jordan tried to call out to her, but Hailey quickly made her way upstairs to go to their bedroom.

Then she saw the poem, “Hope”, and heard the MIDI tune that she had also heard previously.

Upon returning to this bedroom, Hailey was moved to tears again, and she jumped into Jordans arms.

Feeling touched, he asked, “Im so happy to be here again.

Theres still the scent of our past here.

As soon as I came here, all the sweet memories that we shared surfaced in my mind.

Hubby, what about you”

Hailey took the opportunity and addressed Jordan as her husband again.

She indeed liked the villa very much, especially the bedroom.

The last time she left this villa, she was forced into doing so because Jordan had pretended to be expelled from the family, and the villa was confiscated.

Hailey was forced to move out, but of course, Hailey now knew that it was just Jordans lie.

Although Jordan lied to Hailey about being expelled from the family, he had never returned since he moved out last time.

Everything in the room was left untouched.

It was still the same when Jordan and Hailey left last time.

However, unlike Hailey, Jordan didnt reminisce about the past when he returned to the room that they used to stay in.

Hailey pressed herself against Jordans arms, but he didnt feel glad like he used to.

He asked, “Hailey, do you know what I was thinking when I came back to this house we used to live in”

Seeing that Jordan didnt push her away this time, Hailey thought that Jordan was also reminiscing the great memories they shared.

She shook her head and pressed herself closer against him.

Jordan sneered, “Im thinking about which man you had gotten intimate with in this room after I left for work every morning last year!”

Seeing that Jordan was angry, Hailey was so frightened that she immediately pulled away from Jordans body.

“Tell me quickly, who is that man!! Im only giving you this last chance!” Jordans expression was grave.

Hailey also knew that Jordan was serious this time, so she did not intend to deceive Jordan anymore.

Hailey said, “I dont know what that mans name is.

I only know that he has a strong background and is very wealthy.”

“After you went to work one morning, a man suddenly climbed in through the window.

I was so scared that I was about to shriek loudly, but he covered my mouth.”

“He then told me that he would let go of me as long as I didnt scream.”

“He didnt look like a robber, killer, or anything, so I agreed to take my time and talk to him.”

“He first showed me a few photos and videos, all of which were of him having dinner and playing golf with some celebrities.

After I watched them, I realized that he wasnt some punk, but someone from a very distinguished family!”

“Then, I asked him why he was sneaking into our house, and he said you were his enemy.

So, he wanted to use me to get even with you…”

“Of course I refused to agree, but he said that if I did not agree, he would kill me, but if I agreed, he would give me 150 million dollars.”

‘150 million dollars

‘Hailey is really worth a lot of money!

Jordan asked, “Did he give you 150 million dollars then”

Hailey nodded and said, “Yes, he did on the first day.”

Jordan was a little surprised, but he also somewhat had an epiphany.

He was surprised that that guy would keep his word and really give her the money.

150 million dollars in cash was not a small amount for any family.

That was enough to prove that the mans family was indeed powerful.

Jordan was shocked because he finally understood why Hailey still had the guts to secretly go on dates with Cayden even after she got pregnant.

It turned out that it was because she had 150 million dollars, which gave her a strong foundation!

At that time, the Camdens assets amounted to only about 200 million dollars, which were probably going to be given to Drew.

Hence, it was a sum that even Hailey could not turn down.


“Stop calling me that!”

“Jor… Jordan, think carefully.

Who exactly have you offended”


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