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Chapter 270: Meeting Rosie Again!

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Hailey, who had become more and more like a noble lady, gave Ryan Dunn a tight slap.

Just a short year ago, Hailey was still like a young girl in front of Ryan.

After three marriages, Hailey had become more and more like a Camden.

She would slap anyone she wanted.

Hailey did grow about 1.5 centimeters taller postpartum, which is the magical time for many women to grow taller.

She stood in front of Ryan with a domineering aura and exclaimed, “Even if the Camdens are down and out, we wont allow someone like you to mock us.

Get lost now!”

Ryan looked at Hailey and hollered in exasperation, “You bitch, how dare you hit me The Camdens are now bankrupt.

How can you still be so arrogant You probably dont even have as much money as I do now!”

Hailey humphed coldly and asked, “You If you think youre richer than me, why dont we have a competition”

The Camdens were indeed broke, and they had gotten involved in many lawsuits, but Hailey still had money!

There was a mysterious amount of money in Haileys account that no one in the Camdens knew about.

It was the 150 million dollars that Leahs biological father had given her.

“Yoo, whos flaunting their wealth Oh, so its our good daughter-in-law!”

Suddenly, two more people walked down the hall.

They were none other than Tylers parents, Leonard Collins and Rosie!

Jordan saw the two of them through the surveillance cameras.

It had been a long time since he saw them.

Rosie was wearing a tight dress that accentuated her figure.

She was still as pretty and elegant as she was last year.

Hailey was rather embarrassed to see them too.

After all, she had once married Tyler, and they were her former parents-in-law.

Leonard walked over, full of disdain, when he saw Hailey being arrogant.

“Hailey, the Camdens have already ended up in such a plight.

Why are you still so arrogant”

“My wife has already asked the Huxleys about it, and they said that you didnt get a single cent from your divorce with Cayden.

How dare you compete with Mr.

Dunn in terms of wealth”

“What do you have now besides Jordans child Oh, right, his child is a daughter, not a son, which makes it even worse.

I heard that in notable families, female heirs are not qualified to inherit any assets.”

“Hah, youre really something.

You managed to give birth to a pair of twins who were born to different fathers.

Im so thankful Tyler isnt married to you anymore.”

It seemed that Leonard and Rosie had also come to mock the Camdens, just like Ryan.

At Tyler and Haileys previous wedding, Hailey told Tyler that she didnt want to marry him and then jumped into Jordans arms.

That was a complete disgrace to the Collins!

Moreover, because of Hailey, the Collins was reduced from a top family to a third-rate family!

When Hailey saw the two, she didnt dare to be too arrogant because he knew she was at a disadvantage.

She said, “Uncle Leonard, Aunt Rosie, since our family is no longer related and you werent invited to my childrens baby shower, why did you turn up”

Leonard barked, “Were not here to attend the party either! Were here to look for Jordan!”

Jordan, who was sitting upstairs, froze for a moment when he heard those words.

“Look for Jordan What are you looking for my ex-husband for” Hailey asked.

Leonard began to get agitated.

“I havent contacted my son in a long time.

I want to ask Jordan if he had killed my son, Tyler! If he killed my son, I would fight him to the death!”

Hailey frowned and said, “What does it matter to my ex-husband if your son cant be contacted Even if something really happened to your son, are you capable of confronting my ex-husband Youre overestimating yourself!”

Rosie said, “Hailey, weve never wanted to confront Mr.

Steele, and we know we cant.

We just want to ask Mr.

Steele if he knows where my son is.”

“To be honest, Tyler has just become a father to a pair of daughter and son too.

Theyre two months old, and were trying to break the news to him.”

Jordan was a little surprised to hear that Tyler had become a father.

In the room, Salvatore was somewhat bewildered.

“Thats not right.

Hasnt Tyler Collins already been castrated by us”

Pablo said, “Didnt you hear Tylers mother say that his children were born two months earlier than Mr.

Jordans son His children must have been conceived before that.”

Salvatore chuckled and said, “In that case, Tyler Collins is pretty lucky.

At least, he has two children, unlike Cayden Huxley.

Haha, he can never have kids again in this lifetime.”

Jordan looked at Rosie through the surveillance cameras and could not help but recall the time when she sang for him the entire night.

From then on, Jordan knew that this woman was brave and resourceful and that she definitely wasnt a simple woman.

He reckoned that Tylers children were probably also a result of Rosies arrangements.

Jordan said to Pablo, “Pablo, you said you caught Tyler in Thailand.

What was he doing there”

Pablo said, “He seemed to have been preparing to undergo a gender reassignment surgery, and he had already decided to spend the rest of his life there.”

“Hahaha, really” Salvatore laughed.

Jordan said, “Give Tyler another call and tell him that he is a father of two.”


Although Jordan had punished Tyler, he was still sympathetic towards Tylers parents when he saw them today.

Hence, he wanted to do them a favor.

Inside the hall, Hailey said, “Jordan is not in Orlando.

Otherwise, do you think the banquet will be so quiet today”

Indeed, Jordan was now the most famous entrepreneur in the world of business.

If he were to throw a baby shower for his children, millions of people would definitely vie for a chance to attend it.

Rosie took out two red packets and said, “Then can we have a meal here before we leave Heres a small token of appreciation from us to your son and daughter.”

He didnt expect Rosie to have prepared monetary gifts for Haileys children.

Hailey took it and said, “Please make yourselves comfortable.”

“Thank you.” Rosie couldnt help but walk towards the two children again and glanced at them, “This is your son, right I think he resembles Mr.

Steele very much, especially his eyes.”

Jordan froze for a moment after hearing what Rosie said.

‘What an impressive woman.

I cant even hide it from her!

When Hailey heard that, she was extremely shocked as well because she didnt expect that Rosie would be able to tell even though they were still infants.

Of course, the baby boy belonged to Jordan, but the purpose of the baby shower today was to show that the baby girl belonged to Jordan.

Hailey said, “Aunt Rosie, my sons last name is Camden, not Steele.

If Jordan hears you saying that the boy resembles him, he might be displeased.”

Rosie quickly apologized, “Sorry, sorry, I was wrong.”

Rosie did not dare to spout nonsense again and sat down at a table with Leonard.

After the two of them arrived, guests came over to give gifts, but they had mostly only brought gifts for Leah and not Luke.

They were obviously there for Jordan.

However, they left after presenting the gifts, and no one stayed for a meal or drinks for fear of offending Jordan.

Now, everyone knew that the Camdens had angered Jordan, and the baby shower was held by the Camdens today.

Hence, they would be going against Jordan by attending it.

The Camdens held two baby showers, one in the afternoon and one at night.

However, there were still very few guests.

Jordan had his subordinates investigate the few people who came to give gifts, but he didnt find anything suspicious.

Seeing that it was already 9 pm, the Camdens also packed up.

They were ready to leave the hotel, putting an end to the celebration.

However, Jordan didnt gain anything.

“Could it be that the Camdens baby shower wont even attract that mans attention Could it be that he doesnt care if Hailey was pregnant with his child or not”

While Jordan was pondering about it, his cell phone suddenly rang.

It was a call from Professor Gunn from the paternity test center of New York City Medical College!


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