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Chapter 271: Biological Father Appears!

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When he saw that Professor Gunn was calling, Jordan was a little surprised, but he quickly picked up.

“Professor Gunn.”



Professor Gunns voice was obviously getting anxious and flustered!


Steele, youre really good at predicting things!” Professor Gunn exclaimed while breathing heavily.

Jordan asked, “Whats wrong”

Professor Gunn said, “When I got off work just now, I was about to drive home, but as soon as I got into the car, I was taken away by a masked person who even asked about you and Haileys child!”

“What did you say” Jordan asked.

Professor Gunn said, “I did as you instructed, Mr.


At first, they were very tight-lipped and said they couldnt just reveal others secrets.

Later on, they even threatened me with a knife, so I said that the baby girl is your child and the boy isnt.”

Jordan smiled.

‘Indeed, its just as I expected.

As long as the baby shower attracted that mans attention, the man would definitely try to find out clearly if the baby boy really belonged to him.

“Well done.” Jordan praised.

Still feeling a little panicky, Professor Gunn asked, “Mr.

Steele, will he come back to confront me Im scared.”

Jordan smiled and said, “Dont worry, just go home with peace of mind, Professor Gunn.

He shouldnt be able to create trouble for you again.”

After hanging up the phone, Jordan immediately instructed Pablo and Salvatore, “That guy has taken the bait.

Inform your men to act according to plan and get ready to nab that guy!”


Pablo and Salvatore were highly excited.

They had laid a big trap in Orlando to nab that man.

After ten oclock tonight, all the cabs and Ubers in Orlando would be filled with Jordans subordinates.

As long as that man hails a cab or drives on the road tonight, he would be mobbed by Jordans men.

Moreover, Jordan guessed that the man would most likely go to Haileys place.

Hence, he also sneaked into his mansion quietly after Hailey returned to Rose Garden Villa.

Even Hailey wasnt aware.

At the same time, Pablo and the others had long arranged for his men to stay in Rose Garden Villa.

The bodyguards and guards there were all his underlings.

Everything was prepared, and they were just waiting for the man to take the bait!

At 12 pm, Hailey turned off the bedroom lights on the third floor and started sleeping.

The entire villa plunged into darkness and silence.

For two hours in a row, there was no movement inside and outside the villa.

However, at 2 am, Haileys daughter, Leah, suddenly cried.

Ever since she became a mother, Hailey hadnt slept well at night.

When she heard the sounds of crying, she turned on the bedside lamp, and a faint light began to shine into the bedroom on the third floor.

When she saw her daughter crying, she immediately took her daughter in her arms and cajoled her, “Lass, why are you crying in the middle of the night Look at how soundly your brother is sleeping Youre such a crybaby.

God knows if its because you took after your father!”

Hailey looked at her daughter and subconsciously thought of her biological father.

“I wonder how that man is doing now…”

While she was thinking about it, Hailey suddenly felt a breeze blowing in.

The window was supposedly tightly shut.

Why was there wind

Hailey quickly looked out the window, only to get a great shock!

A figure suddenly broke the window and jumped in from outside!


Hailey was so frightened that she screamed immediately.

However, the familiar scene happened again.

After the figure climbed in, he quickly ran towards Hailey and hugged her from behind.

He said, “Shh, dont scream.

Its me.”

Hailey turned around to look and managed to see the mans appearance using the light from the bedside lamp.

This man was her daughters biological father!

Although Hailey wasnt afraid, she began to get even more agitated.

“Its you Why are you here”

The man hugged Hailey and couldnt help but kiss her.

“Honey, I havent seen you for a year.

Youre still as gorgeous as ever.

Did you miss me”

Hailey humphed coldly and tried to break free from his embrace but to no avail because he was powerful.

“Hmph, trust you to have the cheek to ask that question.

Do you know how terrible my plight is now that my ex-husband has taken revenge on me!! The Camdens are about to go bankrupt now!”

The man had no sympathy for Hailey and caressed her delicate face as he said, “Havent I given you 150 million dollars It doesnt matter if your family goes bankrupt as long as youre rich yourself.”

Hailey said, “Do you remember what you promised me You said youd give me another 150 million dollars if I gave birth to a baby boy.”

The man laughed and said, “Of course I remember.

Did you really give birth to a son for me”

Hailey pointed to the sleeping baby and said, “This is your son.”

The young man couldnt stop staring at the little baby, and a blissful smile appeared on his face.

“Haha, not bad, he looks like me.

My parents are definitely going to be pleased when they find out.”

The young man was about to reach out to carry the baby, but Hailey stopped him.

“Dont touch my son.

What do you want”

The young man said, “Since hes my son, of course, Id have to take him away.

Im here today to take my son away.”

As soon as she heard that her and Jordans son was about to be taken away, she instinctively stopped him.

“No, hes my son, not yours.

I wont let you take my child away!”

The young man smiled confidently and asked, “Do you think you can stop me”

Hailey knew that this man was proficient in martial arts, just like Jordan.

Hence, ordinary men wont even be able to beat him, let alone a weak woman like her.

Hailey said, “You can take your son away with you, but you have to give me 150 million dollars before you do.”

Hailey desperately needed money now that the Camdens were on the verge of bankruptcy.

So she wouldnt miss this opportunity to ask for money.

The young man said, “I will give you 150 million dollars, but I have to take my son back with me for a paternity test.

Once its proven that hes really my son, Ill definitely give you the money.

You know my family background well.

A mere 150 million is nothing to me.

I wont go back on my word.”

After saying that, the young man got ready to leave with the baby in his arms.


Hailey suddenly called out to the man.

Her eyes were glassed over, and she said coquettishly, “Youre really heartless.

We havent met for a year, and I went through ten months of pregnancy to give birth to your child.

Yet, youre carrying him away without even looking at me.”

Seeing that Hailey was being coquettish, the man put the baby down and couldnt help but inch closer to Hailey again.

He closed his eyes and took a whiff of her scent.

“Yeah, you smell great.

Its the Chanel No.

5 perfume that Im familiar with.”

The man looked around again and said, “The furnishings here are, surprisingly the same as when I came here previously.

Hah, I shall reminisce the blissful times we had a year ago!”

With that, the man pounced onto Hailey!

At this very moment, Jordan kicked open the bedroom door!


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