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Chapter 272: Not A Simple Man!

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Jordan had been lying in ambush in the villa and had been waiting for a long time!

After kicking the door open, Jordan immediately turned on the bedroom light.

It got a clear glimpse of the mans appearance.

Unlike what Hailey said, he wasnt an average-looking man but a very handsome one who had a somewhat feminine charm.

He also had long hair and not a buzzcut.

Of course, it was possible that he had a buzzcut last year and had merely grown his hair out this year.

Jordan found the man somewhat familiar-looking for a moment, but he had really never met him before.

This person, too, could not be Jordans enemy.


When the man saw Jordan, he was obviously caught off guard and startled by Jordans sudden appearance, so he immediately got off the bed.

Jordan looked at the man with a cold gaze and exclaimed ruthlessly, “Punk, today is the day you will die!”

The young man was about the same age as Jordan, and Jordan could tell at a glance that he was a wealthy second-generation heir too.

Since he had provoked Jordan, there was no reason for Jordan to let him off!

However, the young man was not alarmed, and he exclaimed smilingly, “Haha, Im not interested in Hailey Camden anymore, goodbye!”

After saying that, the young man tried to reach out to carry Jordan and Haileys son.

“You must have a death wish!”

Jordan quickly took off the watch on his left wrist and darted towards the man in a whoosh!

If this man jumped straight to the window and left in the first second of seeing Jordan, he would still have a chance to get away since he could quickly climb into the third floor.

However, this man was so conceited that he wanted to carry the baby away right in front of Jordan.

He was really overestimating himself!

“You cant even leave yourself, and you still want to take the baby with you!”

However, to Jordans surprise, when the watch flew over and was just about to touch the mans face, the man quickly reached his arm out and blocked it!


Jordan was surprised by how quickly the man had reacted!

Generally speaking, ordinary people would not be able to catch the things thrown by Jordan.

However, after throwing the watch, Jordan did not stay idle and instead caught up to attack!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The man took two punches and a kick from Jordan, whose attacks were so quick that the man could no longer carry the baby.

“Damn it!”

The man was furious.

However, Jordan was even more shocked by the mans tolerance because he didnt get knocked down by the punches and kicks he threw.

Jordan was almost fooled by the mans somewhat effeminate appearance.

Although he was somewhat feminine-looking, his body was very toned, and he was obviously skilled in martial arts.

Jordan did not dare to be careless and continued to kick him.


The man was kicked to the window by Jordan, after which he jumped straight down from the window.

Jordan came to the window and saw the man land in an extremely standard and safe landing position.

He then rolled on the ground before getting up.

His actions looked smooth and fluid.

He was skilled and didnt get injured at all.

The man was on the first floor, looking at Jordan on the third floor.

He laughed and exclaimed, “Jordan, youre pretty skilled, eh Unfortunately, Im in a hurry today.

Ill abuse you another day!”

After saying that, the man wanted to leave quickly.

However, he had just taken two steps when dozens of bright lights in the dark courtyard of the villa suddenly lit up!

They were none other than Pablos men!


Jordan humphed coldly in disdain.

‘This dude really thinks he can leave.

If there were no people ambushed outside, Jordan would have leaped down together with him instead of calmly listening to him brag.

Jordan turned around, ready to go downstairs to clean up the mess.

He reckoned that Pablos people should have already caught the man by the time he got downstairs.

“Jordan, Im so scared.

Thank God youre here…”

However, Hailey grabbed Jordans hand.

Jordan sneered, “Scared I cant tell that you are scared.

You told me before that this person is not handsome or ugly and that hes just an ordinary-looking guy.”

“Hah, hes handsome enough to join Americas Next Top Model.”

Hailey bit her lip and said, “Well, I was just afraid youd be jealous… And I really dont think hes handsome.

I dont like men who wear makeup and earrings.

Hes not even one-tenth as handsome as you, Jordan!”

“Hmph, I wont believe a single word you say.”

Jordan shook off Haileys hand and walked over.

Hailey was somewhat worried, too, so she came to the window to see what was going on outside.

The man with beautiful facial features was still smiling confidently despite being surrounded by dozens of people.

“Great, Jordan Steele, so you knew I would come and ambushed me here,” the man muttered to himself.

In the distance, Salvatore yelled at him, “Get on your knees immediately and stay still!”

The man laughed and gibed, “You want me to get on my knees You small fries are not qualified!”

The man immediately took out a khaki green bottle from his pocket, pulled the ring, and quickly threw it at Salvatore and the others!

“Be careful, everyone!”

Salvatore shrieked, thinking that it was a grenade, but in fact, it was a smoke bomb.

Yellow smoke kept rising at the venue, spreading so quickly that it amazed them!

By the time Jordan came down, his subordinates were all in a mess and coughing incessantly.

Pablo managed to walk out of the smoke and accidentally bumped into Jordan.

“Im sorry, Mr.


Jordan asked, “Where is he”

Pablo said, “That punk has just released a smoke bomb, and he should have already escaped by now.

But dont worry, our subordinates are all outside the villa.

He wont be able to escape.”


Jordan had long laid out the net.

He just did not expect that it would be put to use.

He thought that he would have dealt with him in the bedroom.

Pablo reminded, “This guy carries smoke bombs with him, and there may be other weapons on him.

This kids identity is not simple.”

Jordan said, “His skills are also not ordinary.

He should have spent time in the army.”

“Order the people outside to block both ends of the road outside the villa.”


At this moment, the man had successfully slipped out of the villa with a gleeful expression on his face.

“Hah, Jordan Steele, you want to nab me God knows where you were when I was playing hide-and-seek with the leopards in the desert! How dare you call me a punk Bastard, I will teach you a hard lesson next time!”

Saying that the man saw a car driving by, he quickly reached out his hand to stop it.

After the car stopped, the man dragged the driver out.

“Hey, what are you doing Where are you going I can drive you there.” The driver said.

The beautiful man had incredible strength, and he threw the driver directly to the roadside.

“You dont need to drive.

Go find your car in twenty minutes.”

The man drove the car away and quickly fled the scene.

He realized the road in front of him had been blocked by a row of cars after driving for less than a minute!

“Damn it! Even the road is blocked.

Jordan Steele, youve got some nerve!”

The man quickly turned around and wanted to cross from the other end.

However, at this moment, more than a dozen cars came towards the man simultaneously, surrounding his car!

Now, there was no way he could escape!


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