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Chapter 273: Checking The Identity!

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Less than two minutes later, Jordan and Pablo were on their way here in a Cadillac SUV.

The young man stepped out of the car and looked at Jordan with the arrogant smile of a condescending wealthy mans son on his face.

“Jordan, it seems that you have been premeditating for a long time to lure me over today.

You were certain that Id come to carry the baby away, right”

Jordan looked at him and questioned, “Are you coming here by yourself, or should I get someone to bring you here”

The young man smiled and said, “Surely you dont really think that you can catch me like this, do you Im not one of those losers from wealthy families that you usually meet.”

“Your family is quite something.

Youve deployed so many people and so many cars just to catch me.

Fortunately, Im not that inferior either.”

The sound of a helicopter suddenly came over from a distance, and soon, a black helicopter appeared in the sky.

Jordan instantly felt that something was amiss.

The helicopter flew at a very low altitude, and soon, an arrow flew out from the helicopter.

This arrow accurately hit those cars that were blocking the young man.

Afterward, with a loud bang, the cars blocking the man were instantly turned into rubble!


All the people at the scene were stunned.

The man laughed and gibed, “Jordan Steele, Im leaving now, and youll never catch me.

Youll never know why Im doing this.

Haha, I want you to live in pain for the rest of your life, hahaha!”

The man got back inside the car and quickly drove away.

“Chase him!”

Salvatore yelled, but just as they were about to move, another arrow was fired in their direction.

It was followed by another loud bang, and sparks spluttered everywhere immediately.


Jordan, their combat skills are incredible.

Besides, they have a helicopter, and theres no way we can beat them.

What should we do” Pablo asked.

Jordan clenched his fists.

He would never allow someone to provoke him like this and get away with it!

Tyler got castrated because he slept with Hailey.

Cayden hooked up with Hailey, so he ended up becoming infertile.

This man, who had impregnated Hailey and fathered Haileys daughter, will only end up worse!

However, there was a helicopter helping that man keep close tabs on the situation, so there was no way they could do it.

Jordan suddenly thought of something.


It was the UFO shuttle that he had previously borrowed from Elon Musk to help Arnold.

Since Musk owed the Steeles a lot of money, Jordan hadnt returned the aircraft yet.

Instead, he kept calling Jordan to ask for it back because the shuttle was also worth a lot of money and had an excellent camouflage function in addition to its superb flight abilities.

It was more than just an imitation of the physical appearance of a UFO.

“Hmph, so what if you have a helicopter I have a UFO!”

The UFO was hidden by Jordan in the underground warehouse of the Rose Garden Villa.

Hence, he quickly returned to the villa and activated it.


Jordan, let me do it!”

Pablo initiated.

Jordan said, “You dont know how to control this aircraft.

I can handle it on my own.

Tell all the underlings in front to keep me informed of his position.”

Jordan soon flew the UFO-shaped aircraft in the sky above.

As a descendant of the Steeles, picking up skills like driving and flying a plane was mandatory so Jordan could quickly fly this aircraft.

Those who had driven or rode in a Tesla electric car would find many of the interior features of this aircraft somewhat similar.

The aircrafts control, interface, and digital screen were largely similar to Tesla cars.

Jordan flew the “UFO” and soon locked onto the man.

The car was currently driving at most 100 km/h, which was incomparable to Jordans UFO-shaped aircraft.

With a whoosh, Jordan drove the UFO to the front of the young mans car.


The man jumped in shock and quickly slammed on the brakes!


The car collided into Jordans aircraft, causing all the airbags to be released.

The man also suffered a colossal collision impact in the car and passed out.

Twenty minutes later, in the underground warehouse of Rose Garden Villa.

Salvatore splashed a basin of cold water onto the young mans face.

At this moment, the young man was tied to the chair, with all his movements restricted.

The man was driving at about 110 km/h or above, and he didnt have a seatbelt on at the moment of collision with Jordans aircraft.

An ordinary person would have probably been conveyed to the hospital, but this man had a good tolerance.

The basin of water had already made him sober up.

After coming to, the first person he saw was Jordan.

Jordan was sitting across from him, smoking a cigarette and looking at him.

“Jordan…” The man called his name once again.

Jordan said, “Tell me, how did you know about me What feud do you have with me”

The man coughed and then laughed as he said, “Hah, I have nothing against you.

I purely took a liking to your pretty wife, so I toyed with her.

Whats the big deal”


Salvatore slapped the man on his face.

“Youve got a death wish!”

Jordan threw the cigarette onto the ground and said coldly, “Castrate him.”


Salvatore immediately picked up his knife.

This time, the man stopped laughing and panicked immediately.

“Jordan Steele! Are you sure you dare to touch me! Im one of the Howards from DC! How dare you touch me!!”

Jordan wasnt very familiar with these families in the country, so he looked at Pablo and asked, “Are they a big shot”

Pablo replied, “Yes, the Howards are as famous as the Huxleys.”

“Oh, please!” The man sneered.

“The Huxleys from New York are nothing.

Theyre not worthy of being compared to the Howards! I can easily crush those good-for-nothings, Cayden and Shane Huxley, to death!”

Jordan looked at the scion of the Howard family and said, “Do you think I wont dare to touch you just because you are one of the Howards Do you know who I am”

The young man chuckled and exclaimed, “Of course I do! Youre Jordan Steele, the third-generation scion of the Steeles! There are seven descendants in your generation, and youre the third in line! You have two older brothers and four younger sisters!”

Jordan was shocked to hear that the young man actually had a clear understanding of his siblings!

The man continued, “Thats not all.

I also know that your grandfathers name is Charleston Steele and that the rest of your family now live in Hampstead, England!”

Jordan was astonished again because the Steeles were a mysterious family that not many knew about.

Not many people in the country even knew his grandfathers real name, much less where their family lived.

However, this person surprisingly knew so much about Jordans family!

Jordan immediately called his grandfather.

“Grandpa, I found the biological father of Haileys daughter.

Hes one of the Howards from DC, and hes about the same age as me,” Jordan reported.

Charleston asked despondently, “Hes the third-generation scion of the Howard.

If I remember correctly, there are two scions in the third generation.

One is named Brad Howard, and the other is Alex Howard.”

“Grandpa, do we have a feud with their family This kid knows everything about our family, including where youre living now.

I dont think we should keep him alive.”

Jordan said coldly with a trace of murderous aura in his eyes!

To his surprise, Charleston hurriedly said, “Jordan, youre not to do anything to him!”


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