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Chapter 274: Sending You To Heaven!

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After hearing his grandfathers words, Jordan said, “Why Grandpa, this kid knows my identity, and he even slept with my wife.

He obviously wants to humiliate the Steeles!”

“The Howards must have a grudge against us.

Since he has landed in my hands today, I cant spare him so easily!”

Charleston said, “Jordan, dont be impulsive yet.

The Howards dont have any hatred against us, but if they do, I guess it might be because your brother, Jamie, caused some trouble in the states.”

“Dont touch the Howards.

If you really cant stand this humiliation and feel the need to touch him, go back to England immediately after you kill him and never return to the US!”

Hearing his grandfathers words, Jordan asked in shock, “What I can never return again!!”

Jordan did not expect the price to pay for harming this guy would be so much!

Jordans grandfather had never said those words before.

“Are the Howards… so powerful” Jordan was in disbelief.

Charleston said, “The Howards have deep roots in the US, and since our family has now gradually withdrawn from the country, our power there can no longer be compared to the Howards.”

“The Howards are different from the Huxleys.

The Huxleys can be dealt with money, but the Howards are different.”

“Moreover, when I made investments in New York City decades ago, I had a one-sided relationship with the head of the Howards, and he took the initiative to help me.”

“I can inform him about this matter and ask his grandson to apologize to you or give some other form of compensation.”

“If you think this is not enough and you have to kill him to vent your anger, listen to me and leave the US immediately.”

Jordan was silent because he could tell from his grandfathers words that he was scrupulous towards the Howards!

“Okay, I got it.”

Jordan hung up right away.

At this moment, the young man from the Howard family laughed out loud and said, “Haha, how is it, Jordan Charleston Steele should have told you about the power of my family, right”

“Not to mention that Charleston Steele isnt in the US now.

Even when he was, he was only worthy to carry the shoes of the Howards!”


Jordan slapped the man on his face!

“You… How dare you hit me” The man didnt dare to believe it.

“Hit you I want to kill you!”

Jordan took a knife from Salvatores hand and aimed it at the mans face.

“You… youre out of your mind! Charleston…”


Jordan slapped him again.

“Alex Howard, you beast.

Youre not worthy of calling my grandfather by his name!”

The man was furious, but there was nothing he could do.

“My name is Brad Howard!”

Jordan was just making a blind guess, but it turned out that he was wrong.

Brad said, “Jordan Steele, I dont believe you dare to kill me! Im not from a small family like the Huxleys or the Camdens.

If you kill me, you wont be able to get away with it!”

Jordan slapped Brads face with the knife and said, “Why wont I dare to I know that your family is powerful in the US.

At most, I will never come to the US again from now on.”

At this moment, Salvatore suddenly grabbed the knife from Jordans hand and said, “Master, let me do it! Ill kill him! That way, youll be fine!”


Brad spat on Salvatores face and exclaimed, “My underlings have already informed my family that I came here today.

As long as something happens to me here, Jordan Steele will be responsible.

Jordan Steele, you cant escape this time! All of you have to die with me!”

Jordan paused.

He could vent his hatred, kill this person, then flee to England and never return again.

But what about Salvatore, Pablo and the others

If the Howards wanted to take revenge, none of them could escape.

They all had wives, children, and grandchildren.

Seeing that Jordan was hesitating, Pablo suddenly snatched it from Salvatores hand and stabbed Brad in the thigh!

“Ah! Pablo Dalton, you must be courting death! Dont think I dont know that your daughter is in Thailand while your son is in Singapore.

If you dare to touch me, your daughter and son wont be able to escape!”

Brad shouted.

Jordan panicked.

Pablo was his most powerful subordinate that ordinary people couldnt touch.

However, Brad surprisingly knew everything about Pablo, like the back of his hand, including the whereabouts of his children.

However, Pablo was not afraid at all.


Steele! Ill take revenge for you.

Ill kill him while you go back to England immediately.

Ill stay here and fight the Howards to the end!”

Seeing this scene, even Salvatore was a little worried.


Dalton, your son, and daughter…”

Pablo said, “I owe my life to the Steeles.

My children and everything I have was given to me by the Steeles.

Im not afraid!”

Seeing this scene, Jordan was also extremely moved.

He didnt expect that Pablo would be so loyal.

He could tell that Jordan was hesitant and did not want to get them implicated, so he took the initiative and tried to stand up for Jordan.

At this moment, Brad was also obviously a little scared.

However, Jordan said, “Put down the knife.”


Steele…” Pablo looked at Jordan.

Jordan roared, “I said, put down the knife! Are you all going to defy me!”

“Yes!” Pablo immediately withdrew the knife from Brads body.

Jordan looked at Brad and said, “I still havent figured out why this kid is targeting me.

How I can kill him so easily”

“Brad Howard, if you dont want to suffer, just be honest.

I know you definitely didnt sleep with Hailey just because shes pretty.”

Brad smiled and exclaimed, “Do you want to know why I can tell you, but you have to kneel down for me.

You are only worthy of kneeling down to listen!”

Pablo stabbed Brad in the thigh again!

“Ah! Pablo, youre finished.

Ill chop your son and daughter up into pieces!” Brad screamed viciously.

After being stabbed twice by Pablo, Brad is still stubborn and arrogant.

‘It seems that dealing with him the hard way wont work on him. Jordan secretly thought.

Then, Jordan suddenly said, “Untie the rope on him.”

“What Untie him Mr.

Jordan, do you want to let him go” Pablo was perplexed.

Brad laughed and said, “Your master knows whats right.

What are you waiting for Untie the rope for me!”

Pablo had no choice but to untie Brad.

After regaining his freedom, Brad slowly got up.

Although his legs were still bleeding, he completely ignored it.

He was a tough guy.

Jordan walked over and called out, “Mr.

Howard, my grandfather just said that your grandfather once helped him.

This time, I plan to return the favor to your family on my grandfathers account.”

“What kind of recreational activities do you usually like, Mr.

Howard Bungee jumping Skiing Or watching concerts Im planning to give you a ticket.”

Hearing Jordans words, Pablo and Salvatore were both stunned.

How could their boss talk to Brad in such a humble manner!

Not only did he call himMr.

Howard, he even invited him out, offering to reimburse him for the ticket!

Brad guffawed and said, “Jordan Steele, the most all-rounded and outstanding third-generation scion of the Steeles, actually wants to ask me out for fun! Hahaha, I didnt expect your family to end up like this one day!”

Brad patted Jordans shoulder and said, “Jordan, Im not like you playboys who have fun and slack around every day.

I dont know whats fun.

How about you recommend something to me”

Brads words were just what Jordan wanted to hear.

Jordan smiled and said, “How about you go to space to have some fun”

Brads expression instantly changed.

“To… space”


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