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Chapter 276: Brad Breaks Down!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

During the flight from Orlando to Texas, Brad held on hard and deliberately pretended that he was not afraid of going on a space trip.

“Why are we going to Mars again How long will it take to go there and come back” Brad asked.

Elon Musk smiled and explained, “It takes six months for us to go to Mars, and well have to stay there for 26 months after we arrive.”

Brad began to curse his heart out loudly.

“What the hell are you going to do for 26 months on Mars There are no women on Mars, and there is no need to fight a war! Dont tell me you want to build a base there.

Ill be returning in a week!”

Musk laughed and said, “Mr.

Howard, heres the thing, were going to Mars when were the closest to it, but once were there, we would already be extremely far away from Earth.”

“Out of consideration for the economic cost, we have to wait until Mars is closest to Earth again before we can return.

It will take 26 months for Mars to be closest to Earth again.

So, we have to stay for 26 months.”

Jordan patted Brads shoulder and said, “Mr.

Howard, it has only been slightly over two years.

Youre still so young.

What are you afraid of Just take it as training.”

Brad tried to break free from Jordan, and he said, “Im not going anymore! Quickly send me back!”

Jordan said hostilely, “Brad Howard, it seems that you havent gotten a clear idea of the situation yet! Now, you have to go there regardless of whether you want to or not!”

“Well, unless you explain why you did that!”

Brad was furious.

He was not only battered with injuries, but he was also unarmed and surrounded by Jordans underlings.

His cell phone had been confiscated, so there was no way he could contact his family.

Even if his parents knew about it, they could do nothing because it was Musks territory!

In the state, the Howards could still fight Jordan.

They wouldnt be able to deal with him anywhere else!

Brad gritted his teeth and exclaimed, “Good! Lets go to Mars then! The Howards are definitely not going to be afraid of you bastards!”

Brad often called Jordan a bastard, and his eyes would be full of murderous intent whenever he saw him.

Jordan knew that Brad definitely had a strong grudge against him.

However, he couldnt recall when he had ever offended him.

“Bring him down!”

Jordan issued the orders, and Brad was taken away by two people.

Since he was going to Mars, he was arranged to be in the same room as the astronauts.

One of the astronauts was a Canadian from Quebec who was fluent in English and French.

Brad was also good at both languages, so they started chatting.

Brad asked, “Hey, is what Musk said about moving to Mars reliable Will there be any danger if we go to Mars this time”

While eating, the Canadian astronaut said, “Dont worry, man, we will be very safe.

I can guarantee that Ill bring you back safely.”

Brad grinned and thought secretly,Jordan Steele, I slept with your wife, and you chose to send me to Mars just because you dont dare to kill me, but when the time comes, you wont dare to touch me again!”

“Ill treat it as a vacation then!”

Brad was elated as he felt that this outcome was better than getting killed, castrated, and insulted.

Those few people who had offended Jordan before, such as Tyler and Cayden, did not end well.

However, at this moment, the astronaut suddenly changed his voice.

“However, the longer we stay on Mars, the more dangers we face.”

“Danger What are the dangers!” Brad hurriedly asked.

The astronaut explained, “We are flying in space, and due to the lack of exercise and weightlessness, there is a decrease in the quality and strength of the skeletal machine.

When we return, the muscle strength will drop by 40%.”


Brad froze.

Although he had a beautiful face, what he had always been proud of was not his face but his strength!

He was a man who admired martial arts skills and strength and had always trained his muscles!

However, once he went to Mars and came back, all his years of hard work would have been for nothing!

The astronaut continued, “There will be serious brain degeneration because too much fluid will accumulate in the brain if we stay too long in space.”

Brad was once again shocked.

‘Will you become a retard after you return

‘That bastard Jordan!

The astronaut continued, “Your kidney functions will also be weakened.

If you have a girlfriend now, you should sleep with her a few more times before you leave for Mars because once you come back, youll become impotent.”


Brad was so furious that he was about to curse out loud!

In fact, Jordan also arranged this astronaut, who had deliberately asked the astronaut to say something terrifying to scare Brad.

“Indeed, I knew it.

He will surely give me a hard time since I bullied his wife!”

Brad was convinced by those exaggerated words.

When the astronaut saw that Brad did not know anything about space, he exaggerated even further.

“In fact, these are not the most terrifying things.

Do you know what the most terrifying thing is”

“What is it!” Brad stared at him with widened eyes.

The astronaut lamented, “There are many mysterious and unpredictable black holes in the universe! Once we are swept into a black hole, we will definitely die and be permanently trapped inside it!”

“Even if we dont, time will fly by once we are near the black hole!”

“Do you know what the rapid passage of time means to us”

Brad swallowed some saliva and asked, “What… does it mean”

The astronaut said, “Youve watched the film, Interstellar, which is produced by Christopher Nolan, right The male protagonist went to space, and when his daughter returned, his daughter had become an elderly lady who was old enough to be his grandmother!”

“Similarly, by the time we come back, decades may have already passed on Earth even though weve stayed outside for two or three years!”

“In other words, your family would have already grown old or died by that time!”

“Hey, man, before you leave, give your loved ones a call.

It might be the last call.”

Brad was utterly dumbfounded when he heard that.

“No, my grandfather is already in his seventies.

By the time I return, I might not be able to see him or even my parents by the time I come back!”

“And my girlfriend… When I come back, shell be an old lady!”

“And my sister…”

“No, no, no, I cant accept all this.

I cant go to Mars!”

Sometimes, death threats may not work for a tough guy like Brad, who had grown up in the army.

However, there are too many things in the world that are more frightening than death.

Brad could accept death but not returning to a world where all his loved ones are dead, and things have changed drastically!

“Jordan! Jordan! Come here!”

Brad desperately shouted Jordans name at the door.


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