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Chapter 277: Secret Hidden Deep Within The Heart!

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Brad was locked up in the room by Jordan, so he kept patting the door and yelling loudly.

Soon, Pablo, who was in charge of keeping an eye on Brad, walked over.

He called out, “Brad Howard, what are you yelling for!! Youd better behave yourself and get ready to go to Mars!”

Brad screamed, “Screw you! Im not going to Mars.

Get Jordan to come over!”

Knowing that Brad was scared, he asked Jordan to come over.

Jordan came to Brads room, and when he saw how horrified Brad was, he asked, “Have you thought about it clearly Do you want to go to Mars or give me an honest explanation for your actions”

Brad had never given in to anyone in his life.

Even when he was beaten up badly, he would never give in and admit defeat.

However, he was afraid this time.

He was genuinely scared.

Brad said, “Dont send me to Mars.

Ill tell you, Ill tell you everything!”

Two minutes later, Jordan asked the astronauts, Pablo, and others to go outside, leaving only Jordan and Brad in the room.

“Tell me, why did you sleep with Hailey!! You bastard!”

Jordan looked at Brad furiously.

If he didnt want to know the answer, he would have crippled Brad!

However, Brad was still stubborn, and he said, “Youre the bastard! Jordan! If you hadnt done such a terrible thing to my sister, why would I have slept with your wife!”

Jordan was instantly stunned.

“Whos your sister What terrible thing… have I done”

Jordan had been taught by his grandfather to be a kindhearted person.

He was confident that the things he had done were lawful and correct over the years.

He had never harmed anyone, except…

Brad humphed coldly and snapped, “Jordan Steele, arent you aware of what youve done Dont tell me that youre a good person! I know very clearly all the sordid things youve done!”

Jordans breathing became rapid because he didnt want to remember that incident!

After a long time, Jordan asked, “What is your sisters name”

Brad answered, “Lauren Howard!”

Jordan continued to ask, “Has she been to the Syrian battlefield”

Brad gave an affirmative answer.


In an instant, Jordan lowered his head, becoming extremely emotional.

The memories that he had long hidden in the depths of his heart and didnt want to remember for a long time resurfaced in his mind…

Four years ago, the Syrian battlefield.

*sounds of guns firing*


Jordan was resting with his teammates at the base during his battlefield training, but the sounds of gunshots suddenly filled the air!

The enemy suddenly invaded their base camp, and there were constant sounds of gunfire!

Jordan and his comrades retreated while retaliating.

In the end, the enemies were too aggressive, and they had even come prepared.

As a result, the comrades who had retreated with Jordan were all killed.

Jordan, too, was surrounded by three men wearing a balaclava and aiming an AK-47 at Jordan!

Jordan was in danger!

At this moment, Jordan took out a jade pendant with the word “Steele” written on it, put down his weapon, and raised his hands in surrender.

He yelled in Arabic, “لاتطلقواالنار!لاتطلقواالنار!”

(Dont shoot! Dont shoot!)

Afraid that they wouldnt understand, Jordan spoke Arabic, English, French, and other languages to ask them not to shoot to kill him.

In the end, he said in Arabic, “Im a Steele!”

Charleston, of course, wouldnt let his grandson just die in battle since he had sent him to such a dangerous place for training.

He greeted the bosses of each side of the war and gave all of them a lot of benefits.

He even told Jordan to take out his pendant to reveal his identity if he encountered any danger.

Jordan handed the jade pendant to the soldier who was covering his head and said, “Hand this over to your bosses, and you will be handsomely rewarded!”

Soon, the soldiers handed the pendant to their superiors.

However, after the superiors got the pendant, they did not release Jordan directly.

Instead, they locked him up in a small dark room.

Of course, Jordan didnt understand what was going on.

He screamed incessantly, “Why are you locking me up”

The person outside the door told him, “Someone is going to give you a gift, and you may leave after tasting it.”

Soon, a woman was thrown into the darkroom!

Jordan did not know what the woman looked like because there was no light in the room, so he could only recognize that she was relatively young from her crying.

Jordan did not understand why they did this to him, so he continued yelling, “Let me out.

Why are you playing me out!!”

The person outside the door smiled and said, “If you dont accept this gift, neither of you will ever get out.”

Jordan was locked in the darkroom for six hours, and no matter how much he shouted, the person outside refused to open the door to let him out.

He tried to talk to the woman in the darkroom in Arabic and French, but she did not respond or say anything.

All she did was cry.

In the end, Jordan only remembered that he was thirsty and parched, while the woman seemed to have cried to the point of exhaustion.

At that time, Jordan thought that the woman was probably a comfort woman whom many soldiers had slept with.

Hence, he did what they asked him to.

However, afterward, Jordan discovered that the woman was a virgin!

Moreover, when that woman was taken away, Jordan got a clear glimpse of her back.

He knew that she was an elegant Asian woman with a superb figure!

After learning this, Jordan had always been guilty about her.

However, he still didnt know the truth and why he would meet such a pretty and chaste woman there.

“Do you remember it now, bastard!!” Brad glowered at Jordan.

Only at this time did Jordan understand why Brad hated him.

It turned out that the woman who was locked in the small black room with Jordan at the battlefield was Brads sister, Lauren Howard!

“Why would she go to the battlefield” Jordan asked.

Brad humphed furiously and barked, “Youd better ask her that question yourself!”

Jordan thought about it and agreed with a nod.

“Okay, I should apologize to her.

Where is she now Ill go look for her.”

Although he had done something wrong, he ought to be brave enough to face his mistakes since he was a man.

Besides, Jordan also had no choice but to do as he was told at that time.

Otherwise, both of them would have starved to death in the small dark room.

Brad said, “DC!”

Jordan knew that DC was where the Howards was based, so he agreed, “Alright, Ill go to DC with you!”

The few of them immediately packed their things and prepared to leave.

When Musk saw Jordan and the others leaving, he desperately tried to make them stay.


Howard, are you not going to Mars anymore If you dont like Mars, we also have other destinations that you can choose from.”

Brad was so frightened that he fled immediately.


Musk, I dont want to go anywhere in space! I just want to stay on Earth!”

Musk grabbed Brads hand and said, “Give me your contact number so that I can go and pick you up in case you change your mind again one day.”

Brad shirked Musk off.

“There wont be such a day!”


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