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Chapter 279: Clarice Howard!

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Although Jordan was young, he had trained in various places all over the world for years and had been through plenty!

Although the Howards were a wealthy family in DC, Jordans current status wasnt poor either!

He was the CEO of J Corporation and was lauded as the wealthiest person in the country!

Jordan closed the car door and said to Brad, “I am the richest man in the US.

Im afraid your family will have to look up to me when they see me!”

Brad too, got out of the car, closed the door, and guffawed loudly.

“Youre really hilarious.

Jordan Steele, your lousy takeout company is only worth a paltry amount of money in the country.

Trust you to call yourself the richest man.

Youre just enjoying the bootlicking from Ryan Dunn, whos praising you and sucking up to you.

Youre not even on the list of richest people!”

“Besides, even if you are on the list of richest people, we wont recognize you or even acknowledge you because we dont ever read such lists or buy any business magazines.”

“My grandfather doesnt even let me use Twitter and Instagram.

Even if I do, its only for us to read news, and well never post or share anything.”

“Jordan Steele, you grew up abroad, and you dont even understand the situation here.”

“Its always a good thing to keep a low profile.

Do you think the people on the Forbes list of richest people are really the richest in the US or the world Bull**! My family doesnt even bother being on such lists.

Otherwise, theyd be top on the list for the past few decades!”

Jordan knew quite a bit about the situation in the country, and it was indeed as Brad said.

Not to mention the Howards, even the Steeles could easily become the top on the list of the worlds richest.

They simply didnt bother to compete.

Previously, he had given himself the title of the countrys wealthiest, only to make Hailey jealous.

Jordan said calmly, “Its even better if they dont know me.”

Jordan didnt want to have any dealings with Brads parents.

He just wanted to meet Lauren and apologize to her.

It would be better if he didnt get recognized by the rest of the Howards.

Jordan liked to keep a low profile anyway.

Hence, Jordan followed Brad in.

As soon as they entered, a servant bowed and greeted with a smile, “Youre here, Mr.



Brad walked quickly towards the villa hall like the wealthy scion he was.

Looking over from afar, he noticed that there were lots of people in the hall.

A very elegant and dignified middle-aged woman was talking to a maid-like girl.

“What She wont come out Chris has especially come here to see her.

How can she refuse to even take a look at him Continue asking her to come out!”

Hearing the voice of the dignified middle-aged woman, Brad stepped into the hall.

“Dad! Mom!”

Brad exclaimed at the two middle-aged people inside.

The middle-aged woman who spoke was Brads mother.

On the other hand, Brads father was the chubby middle-aged man sitting in the middle.

Apart from the two of them, there was also a man and a woman.

The man seated in the guests seat was about 30 years old, and he was tall and muscular.

He had a somewhat menacing and austere expression on his average-looking face, which would make one shudder.

His sitting posture was extremely elaborate, and it was actually a standard military sitting posture.

Moreover, he kept a straight face and didnt smile at all.

Jordan was not interested in this man.

Instead, the one who caught his attention was the woman!

That woman was about the same age as Jordan, and she was sitting cross-legged on the chair.

She was dressed in expensive clothes, and she exuded the aura of a noble lady.

‘Is she Brads sister, Lauren

Jordan was a little agitated because he was eager to know if this woman was the same woman he had a one-night-stand within the darkroom that night!

However, if it was, Jordan would be slightly disappointed!

She had the temperament of a wealthy heiress, and she was rather good-looking.

However, she still fell short of Jordans expectations.

After all, Brad was incredibly good-looking, so Jordan thought that his sister must be gorgeous too.

He didnt expect that she would be less pretty than Brad.

‘Could it be that their parents excellent genes were all inherited by Brad and not his sister

Brad greeted his parents, and when he saw the middle-aged man who was seated in a military posture, he said, “Why are you here again”

Brads mother hurriedly said, “How can you be so rude to General Hanks son He is several years older than you.

You have to be polite to him!”

On the other hand, Brad had a look of disdain on his face.

At this moment, Brads father stared at Jordan as he had been since he entered.

He asked, “Brad, who is this”

Brad said casually, “Oh, the new chauffeur I just hired.”

Brads mother asked, “Why did you bring the chauffeur in Were talking about something important here.

ask him to go outside for now.”

Brad glanced at Jordan and said with a smile, “Its alright, lets continue talking.

Dont be afraid, Im his life savior, and hes very loyal to me.

He wont dare to spout any nonsense about our family.”

Jordan secretly thought,Damn it, when did he ever save my life

‘I spared you from death.

I should be your benefactor!

However, Jordan didnt want to have any dealings with the Howards as the third scion of the Steeles for the time being.

Since they didnt recognize him, he decided to face them using the identity as a driver for the time being.

At this moment, Brads father asked, “Brad, I heard from your pilot that you got into an accident in Orlando, right Did your leg get injured during that accident”

Brad waved his hand and said, “Oh, its not a big deal, just a trivial matter.”

At this moment, the middle-aged man seated in a military posture suddenly exclaimed, “Brad, well also be a family in the future.

Tell me who hurt you, and Ill bring my subordinates to destroy him!”

‘How domineering, eh

‘This man speaks so arrogantly!

Brad could have joined forces with this man to deal with Jordan, but he didnt want to talk to him about it at all.

Instead, he felt extremely disgusted.

“Chris Hank, whos going to be family with you Has my sister agreed This is just wishful thinking on your part.”

At the mention of Brads sister, Jordan couldnt help but look at the woman sitting next to Chris again.

The woman, whom Brad suspected was Brads sister, also looked at Jordan!

She suddenly said, “Brad, where did you get such a lecherous chauffeur from Have you never seen a woman before How many times have you stared at my face since you entered the door You dont have any manners at all!”

There were many rules here, and even when one wanted to look at someone else, they ought not to gawk straight at them.

There were lots of etiquettes involved too.

Jordan wasnt accustomed to such rules.

He only knew that he thought the woman was Lauren Howard, and so his purpose was to apologize to her.

‘Who else should I look at then

However, her harsh words made Jordan really disappointed!

Jordan still remembered that womans soft voice in the small dark room four years ago…

Even after a one-night stand with Jordan, she didnt scold him at all.

At this moment, Brad suddenly laughed and said, “Clarice Howard, you should be glad that a man was staring at you.

Havent you always been jealous of my sisters beauty all these years”

Jordan was startled to find that this woman was not Brads biological sister, Lauren Howard, but Clarice!

She was Brads half-sister!



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