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Chapter 282: How Dare You Touch My Daughter!

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Jordan held his daughter tightly in his arms, feeling touched, guilty, and agitated altogether.

He thought that he had become a father only this year, but he didnt expect that he had already become one three years ago!

The little girl actually didnt feel any fear when Jordan held her in his arms.

She was just somewhat at a loss.

Jordan hugged her for a while before looking into her large eyes and asking, “Baby, whats your name”

The little girl replied, “My name is Chloe Steele Howard.”

Jordan asked again, “Chloe Steele”

The little girl said, “Steele is my middle name.”


Chloe Steele Howard!

Lauren had actually added Jordans last name to her daughters name!

Feeling touched, Jordan looked at Lauren, who pursed her lips and did not speak.

In just a few minutes, Jordan felt touched by Lauren several times!

This woman could have completely resented Jordan and blamed him for failing to fulfill his fatherly duties.

However, she did not do so at all.

Instead, she was still willing to use Jordans last name as her daughters middle name.

Jordan looked at his daughter and said gently, “Chloe, Im your father.

Call me Daddy, okay”

No matter what, he had to take responsibility since she was his daughter.

He had to acknowledge his daughter!

Chloes eyes were wide open, and she was a little overwhelmed.

She turned her head, looked at Lauren, and asked, “Mom, is he really Daddy”

Lauren had lied countless times about Chloes father in the past few years.

She didnt want to lie again this time.

Tears flowed out of Laurens eyes, making her look even more beautiful.

She then nodded at Chloe.

Chloe happily jumped into Jordans arms and called out, “Daddy! Daddy! I have a Daddy now!”

Chloe grinned happily.

Jordan was just as elated to hear her words.

It was a kind of happiness he had never experienced!

Chloe looked at Jordan and asked in a puerile voice, “Daddy, why did you take so long to come to visit me Other kids have their daddies with them, but I never had one.

I want you to accompany me too.”

Looking at the little girls pitiful appearance, Jordan gently caressed Chloes delicate face and said, “Im sorry, Chloe, Im late.

From today onwards, Ill make it up to you for all the things that I havent been able to do for you in the past, okay”


Smiling at him, Chloe suddenly said, “Daddy, I want to be lifted up high in the air! Mommy isnt strong enough to lift me up!”

In fact, although Chloes face was chubby, her arms and legs were very slender.

On the other hand, Lauren had a superb figure that would make many women jealous.

She didnt look like she had had a child at all.

Although Brad was muscular because he practiced martial arts, Lauren obviously looked weak and vulnerable.

Jordan had also realized it back in the small dark room four years ago.

How could Jordan not fulfill the first request that his daughter had ever made to him in her life

Jordan immediately lifted Chloe above his head.

“Come on, lift Chloe high.”


Chloe giggled and laughed happily each time she was lifted up.

Lauren watched the two from the side, wiping away her tears of joy while laughing along with them.

At this moment, in the hall on the first floor.

The Howards brewed some fine and expensive French Earl Grey tea for the honored guest Chris.

However, Chris did not care to drink tea or talk to Brads parents.

Instead, he seemed to be somewhat worried.

Chris said worriedly, “That punk has been up there for so long.

Why hasnt he come downstairs yet”

Brad sat across from Chris with one leg crossed over the other and sipping some tea.

Of course, he knew that Jordan must have lots to say to his sister.

It wouldnt be surprising even if they talked all day and night.

How could they come down so soon

Brad said indifferently, “Maybe my sister hits it off well with this chauffeur.

After all, although he has a lowly status, he is still quite handsome.”

Chris suddenly looked furious.

Although he was tall, but he was very fierce-looking.

Hence, girls found him intimidating and usually did not dare to approach him.

Seeing how enraged Chris was, Brads mother quickly said, “Brad, what are you saying! Its not like you dont know what your sisters character is like.

How many people have we set her up with over the years There are many handsome ones, but which one did she ever fall in love with”

Then, she said to Chris, “Chris, dont worry, Lauren is not the kind of girl who values appearance more than anything else.”

Chris said indifferently, “Lauren is 26 years old this year, and she should have long passed the age of prioritizing looks and appearance.

Besides, Ive known Lauren since she was a kid, and I know shes not that kind of tacky woman.”

“However, that kid who just went up there doesnt look like a good guy.

Im a little worried about Lauren.”

“Uncle, Aunt, Ill go up and take a look at the situation.”

They did not expect that Chris could not sit still and would personally go upstairs himself.

Brad continued to remain in his seat sneeringly, looking forward to the good show that would follow.

Chris quickly walked up to the second floor, and as soon as he came up, he heard a little girls laughter.

Chris was puzzled, and he immediately came to Laurens room.

The door to the room was open, and he saw at once that Jordan was holding Laurens daughter in his arms, lifting her high and then putting her down again repeatedly.

Each time Chloe was lifted high, she would giggle loudly.

Looking at them, Lauren had a rare smile on her face!

Although Chris and Lauren met a long time ago, he hadnt seen Lauren smile for years!

“Lauren is so beautiful when she smiles…”

Chris seemed to be mesmerized!

Lauren was known as the most beautiful woman in DC!

All young scions of wealthy families in the upper-class circle wanted to marry Lauren!

However, even though Lauren had given birth to another mans child, Chris still couldnt win her heart.

He was resentful!

He was further enraged to see Brads “chauffeur” who had coaxed Laurens mother and daughter so well and made them so happy.

‘This punk is brilliant to know who to start with Laurens daughter.

Im foolish.

Had I known, I would have spent more time on that bastard child first.

Chris could tell that Jordan was interested in Lauren.

He immediately walked in.

“What are you doing!”

Chris yelled and pointed at Jordan.

“Take away your dirty hands! Do you think a lackey like you is worthy of touching Chloe”


Jordan and Lauren were both stunned.

Lauren didnt know that Jordans current status was Brads chauffeur, so it was normal for her to have doubts.

On the other hand, Jordan didnt expect the wealthy young scion to treat his chauffeur as a lackey.

After telling Jordan to stop, Chriss expression immediately became mellower, and he walked towards Chloe.

He extended his hands and asked, “Chloe, you want to be lifted high, right Let me lift you, okay I can lift you higher.”


Chloe seemed to be frightened of Chris as she quickly scurried towards Lauren and hugged her thighs.

Chris knew Chloes preference, but he refused to let go of this opportunity and instead continued to go over.

He squatted down and said, “Chloe, dont be shy.

Come on, Ill lift you high.”

Chris was just about to reach out and carry Chloe, but a large pair of hands smacked him to the side.

It was Jordan!


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