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Chapter 284: Hitting The Blind Date!

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To Brad, it didnt matter if Jordan or Chris was the one who got beaten up.

He hated both of them.

To him, Jordan was like a fly who was always disturbing his sister while Chris had done unforgivable things to his sister!


In particular, Jordan had slapped, punched, and kicked Brad the past few days, ordered his subordinate to stab him twice, and even almost sent him to Mars!

After being bullied by Jordan, Brad wished that Chris could punch Jordan twice.

Jordan hated how overbearing and tyrannical Chris was and that Chris kept calling him a dog and a slave.

Jordan was overjoyed to have reunited with his daughter at first, but since Chris had a death wish, he couldnt be nice to him!


Moreover, the Howards obviously intended to force Lauren to marry Chris against her wishes.

He also wanted to take this opportunity to humiliate Chris to stop bothering Lauren.

It would also be considered a favor to her.

Hence, Jordan made his way down the stairs and looked at Chris without any fear in his eyes.


Chris looked at Jordan and said, “Dog, your horses stance is quite stable.

The first kick I threw didnt even move you.

Looks like youve trained before.”

“Very good.

I like to abuse people who think they are very competent.

Come out with me!”

Chris walked out first, followed by Jordan.

“Lets go watch the drama.”

Brad and Clarice both walked to the door.

On the other hand, Brads parents were a little sad.

Of course, they didnt care about Jordans safety since he was just a driver.

They were just vexed about the fact that Chris was definitely going to be upset today.


The Howards were currently of a higher status than the Hanks.

Still, the situation in the city changed rapidly, so the Howards wanted to form more connections as soon as possible.

Many prominent families wanted male heirs because they felt that their empire could only be passed down to males.

On the other hand, the Howards had a rule that there must be male and female heirs.

The males are responsible for inheriting the familys assets, and the females responsible for being in marriage alliances.

Over the decades, the Howards female heirs, including Brads aunts and grandaunts, had all married into top families.

That was the very reason that the Howards had been able to maintain their familys status.

Chris walked out of the courtyard.

It was now wintertime.

He took off the jacket and was now clad only in a thin sweater.

Jordan too walked out and took off his jacket, revealing a custom-made long john.

Today, he was dressed in business wear, so he was rather disadvantageous in leather boots.


However, Jordan guessed that Chris probably wasnt his match, so he couldnt be bothered to

Chris hollered and performed a standard starting stance before quickly attacking Jordan.




Chris exclaimed along with every punch he threw, and his movements were very standard.

The position, power, and posture of each punch he threw were all very accurate.

He was really not bad.

If it were an ordinary person, he would probably have been beaten up and knocked to the ground.

However, Jordans ability to withstand these blows was extraordinary, and he took them all one by one.

Afterward, Jordan smiled at Chris and said, “Military combat, eh I can do it too!”

Jordan, too, got into Chriss standard stance and then swung his right fist at him.

Chris was a little surprised and was just about to step back when Jordan kicked him in the face with a staggered sidekick.

After that, Jordan used the “Bow Strike” thrice in a row.

Bang! Bang! Bang!


Chris was knocked back into a retreat.

Jordans standard and skillful military-style combat gave everyone a great shock.

Chris was just as shocked.

“Have you been a soldier before”

Jordan answered, “Yeah, sort of.”

Chris said with disdain, “Its either yes or no.

Youre being so diffident, Punk.

Are you trying to scare me with those slipshod moves You have a death wish!”

Chris continued to throw heavy punches.

Jordan also continued to respond with his standard military punches.

Jordan had merely briefly learned how to throw military-style strikes while Chris made a living off of it.

Yet, he couldnt defeat Jordan.

After fighting for a while, Jordan began to lose interest when he saw that Lauren and Chloe had also come to the courtyard.

He thought of showing his daughter an interesting punching technique.

“Punk, let me teach you something.”

As soon as Jordan finished, he made a crane-style hand gesture and began clawing at Chriss face!




He even mimicked the sounds of tigers.

Roar! Roar!

Chloe, who was watching, clapped her hands and exclaimed, “Ah, the sound of a tigers roar.

It sounds so realistic! It sounds so much like it!”

Jordan wasnt good at mimicking the sounds of animals, and he had previously been able to sound convincing only because he had really fought with tigers before.

Jordan grew up practicing martial arts.

He led an extraordinary life and when he was about 18 or 19 years old, no ordinary person could match him, so he challenged tigers and fought them!

In the end, he failed to beat them and ended up having to use a tranquilizer.

Jordan recalled that time when he was bullied by a tiger, and mimicked the actions of a tiger by leaping up and pouncing towards Chris!

“What a strong leap!”

Chris was stunned, not expecting Jordan to jump so high.

Jordan descended from the sky, knocked down Chris with one smack of the palm, and then rode on Chris while tearing up his sweater like his hands were the sharp claws of a ferocious tiger.

Jordan then raised his right palm and was about to smack the immobile Chris on the face!

However, at this moment…



A group of people suddenly leaped out from outside the courtyard.

Jordan turned around and looked, only to see that there were at least five pistols pointed at his head!

“Chris isnt simple!”

Only then did Jordan realize how impressive Chris was.

With the protection of five armed people, even the Huxleys wouldnt dare to do such a thing in New York.

At this moment, Brad spoke up.

“Chris, you are getting bolder and bolder now.

How dare you fish out your gun in the Howards residence Do you still take us seriously!!”

“If you cant beat me, you have to accept it.

Surely youre not that petty, are you”

Chris was pinned down onto the ground, battered with scratches caused by Jordan.

His clothes were all torn.

The more humiliating thing was that his crush, Lauren, had watched everything and was now ashamed and furious!

Chris said to a few of his men, “Who said you could come in All of you, get out!”


The five men with guns quickly left.

At this moment, Jordan got up from Chris.

Chris got up from the ground and glowered at Jordan maliciously.

“Tell me your name!”

Jordan looked at Chris with great disdain, “Youre not worthy of knowing!”


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