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Chapter 287: Pampering His Daughter Infinitely!

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Jordan said to Chloe, “Chloe, Ill teach you the first chord.

It might be difficult, but its very special.”

Chloe looked at Jordan with a firm gaze in her eyes.

“Im not worried that it might be difficult.”

Jordan pressed his right hand on the keys to demonstrate, and the sound of a Fmaj7 chord rang.

Jordan did not teach her the F chord but the Fmaj7 chord, which was much more complicated.

In Jordans opinion, the F chord was an orthodox chord that was akin to his legitimate children that Hailey had given birth to or Victoria would be giving birth to.

On the other hand, the Fmaj7 chord had an extra E (mi), making its color firmer and more special.

Jordan felt that it was the color that belonged to Chloe.

Since Chloe was still too young to play the notes, F, A, C, and E simultaneously, Jordan told her to play them separately.

The four notes F, A, C, and E were repeatedly played over and over again.

Half an hour passed.

Seated by the dining table, Jordan looked at the spread of food in front of him.

He said bluntly, “Miss Howard, you made only two dishes after such a long time of cooking”

There were only two plates of vegetables on the table and a small soup pot.

Lauren said with great embarrassment, “I… Im not very good at cooking.”

Jordan pointed to the young maid outside the house and asked, “What about her”

Lauren said, “She doesnt know how to cook either.

She mainly helps me look after Chloe when Im tired.

I usually keep to a vegetarian diet, and Im not that picky about food.”

Jordan shook his head and said, “I cant let my daughter go hungry.

Ill go cook for Chloe!”

When he came to the kitchen, he opened the refrigerator and found very few food ingredients in it.

Hence, he called Pablo and instructed him to send some over.

Jordan decided to make some meatballs.

He added seasonings to minced meat and stirred it well.

He then wrapped the meat in cling wrap and allowed it to marinate for a while.

He then added some sweet potato flour, kneaded the meat into balls, and blanched them in the pot.

“Is it delicious, Chloe”

Jordan watched as Chloe took large mouthfuls of meatballs with a great sense of satisfaction.

“Yes, yes! Daddy, you cook so much better than Mommy! I want you to cook for me in the future!”

Over the moon, Chloe did a happy dance.

Jordan not only made some meatballs for her, but he also made some crab cakes and gnocchi.

Looking at the dishes on the table, which were exuding a heavenly aroma, Lauren felt really blissful, and she thought,This place is finally looking like home.

My family is finally… complete… Unfortunately, he isnt my husband.

Jordan saw Laurens complicated expression and said, “Miss Howard, help yourself to the food too.”

Lauren actually wanted to taste the food Jordan made because she wanted to know what his culinary skills were like.

However, Lauren was rather arrogant, so she said indifferently, “No, Ive always been vegetarian.

Ill just stick to having vegetables.”

Chloe, who was eating the gnocchi, suddenly exposed her mother relentlessly, “Mommys lying! One night, Mommy got hungry and ate two German sausages!”

“…” Lauren blushed immediately.

“Hahaha.” Jordan laughed and thought to himself jokingly,Lauren is quite a failure.

She has raised Chloe for three years, but Chloe exposed her to me, whom shes only known for less than a day.

“Eat up,” Jordan said.

However, Chloe began to get cheeky again.

“Daddy, Mommy will eat only if you feed her.

She feeds me when I refuse to eat too.”

It was Jordans and Laurens turn to both be embarrassed.

Jordan was just about to pick up his fork and knife to help Lauren to the food, but she immediately picked up her cutlery too and said, “Ill eat, Ill eat.”

Under Jordans and Chloes “coercion”, Lauren ate the food Jordan cooked, only to be immediately stunned by his culinary skills.

“Your culinary skills are superb,” Lauren said in surprise.

Jordan said, “I did a lot of cooking when I was Hailey Camdens live-in husband in Orlando.

Do you know that I was a live-in husband for three years”

Lauren nodded and said, “Hailey Camdem is probably the most beautiful woman in the country.”

Lauren obviously also knew how stunningly gorgeous Hailey was.

As a woman, she also liked Haileys features.

However, Jordan said, “Before I met you, I thought so too.”

Those words made Lauren stop chewing immediately.

‘What does he mean

“Before you met me, you thought so.

Does that mean you dont think so anymore after you met me Are you trying to say that Im the most beautiful woman in the country”

Laurens face was flushed.

Over the years, countless men actually praised Lauren as the most beautiful fairy who descended on earth.

She had long gotten sick of hearing it.

However, hearing Jordans praise, Lauren was like a coy little girl and at a loss for what to do.

Lauren was the only person in this country who could compete with Hailey in terms of beauty.

After eating, Jordan played with Chloe for a while, and soon, it was time for her to go to bed.

Lauren had already prepared a guest room for Jordan, but Chloe was tugging onto Jordan and refusing to let him go.

“Daddy, you have to sleep with us.”

While saying that, she pulled Jordan to Laurens bed.

Jordan felt rather uncomfortable sitting on Laurens bed because he was in Laurens bed.

The sheets and duvet were full of the aura of a goddess.

Countless men wanted to be on her bed!

Jordan was now in an exclusive relationship too.

Hence, he quickly stood up and said to Chloe, “I cant be on Mommys bed.

My clothes are soiled.

How about I sleep on the ground and watch you and Mom sleep”

Jordan had long gotten used to sleeping on the ground because of Hailey.

He kept to his word and quickly laid a quilt on the ground beside the bed.

However, Chloe felt a sense of novelty and thought it would be more comfortable to sleep on the ground, so she walked over and said, “I want to sleep on the ground too.

Mommy, why dont we all sleep on the ground”


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