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Outside the door.

When Ashley and the other two girls saw this, they covered their mouths in shock!

‘How could this happen!


Steele is not kneeling in front of Miss Clarke but the other way round instead!

‘It didnt even take a minute.

A second after they met, Miss Clarke got on her knees!

‘Could it be that the new president of the company, Mr.

Steele, is so charming and domineering that even Miss Clarke, whos usually high up in the air, has submitted to him!!

The trio was even more in awe and respectful towards Jordan!

Hearing the sounds outside the door, Jordan peeked through the gap, and the frightened trio frantically fled.

Afterward, Jordan walked up to Victoria and simply looked at her from above without helping her up.

Jordan smiled and said, “Miss Clarke, why are you kneeling down in front of me as soon as we met I cant accept such a grand gesture from you.”

Victoria secretly thought to herself,If you cant accept it, hurry up and help me up.

Youre making me so embarrassed, and this is such an awkward position to be in…

All adults would probably get the wrong idea if they saw Victorias and Jordans postures now.

However, Victoria also knew that she could only blame it on herself.

‘Screw the Camdens! If it werent for them, I wouldnt have ended up offending my superior!

The thought of everything that happened yesterday made Victoria feel an urge to die.

Victoria immediately apologized guiltily, “Im sorry, Mr.

Steele, I was wrong! Please forgive me for what I said yesterday!”

Jordan squatted down and faced Victoria.

“Yesterday Oh, I remember, you seemed to have said that we were lovers yesterday.”

Jordan pulled Victoria into his arms!

Jordan managed to easily hold the woman whom many tycoons in the business circle of Orlando had been coveting for a long time!

If someone else dared to do this to Victoria, she would have definitely slapped him.

However, she didnt dare to do that to Jordan.

Well, because she was the one who said that Jordan was her boyfriend.

Victorias fragrant bodily scent wafted up to Jordans nose.

It was no wonder so many men were head-over-heels smitten with Victoria.

Jordan felt refreshed and pleased after just holding her in his arms for a while.

Jordan continued to gibe, “I heard that I even booked an entire island to beg you to be my girlfriend.

Which island was it”

Feeling incredibly embarrassed, Victoria wished she could dig a hole and jump right into it.

“Im sorry, I was wrong.” Victoria apologized again.

Jordan didnt want to behave intimately with the vice president of his company in the office either.

Hence, he let go of her and stood up.

“Okay, get up now.

It wont be good to let the other employees see this.”


Victoria hurriedly got up and immediately closed the door of the office.

She then took out the remote control and turned on the privacy mode of the glass window to prevent the employees outside from seeing what was going on inside.

At this moment, Jordan had already returned to his seat.

He said domineeringly, “Miss Clarke, you said yesterday that you would cut off all the possible means for me to maintain a livelihood in Orlando.

Im now your superior, the president of Ace Corporation.”

“Let me ask you, how else are you going to do that now!!”

Since the birthday celebration yesterday, Jordan had been looking forward to this moment!

‘Cut off all the possible means for me to maintain a livelihood

‘Do you have the ability to do that!!

Victoria hung her head low and said, “Mr.

Steele, I really didnt expect that someone of your status would be willing to be a live-in son-in-law of the Camdens.”

“I know I cant erase the mistake Ive committed.

Im willing to accept any punishment that you give me.”

“If you want to slap me, I will walk over and let you do it.

If you want to berate me, Ill listen to all your lectures.”

“If you want to fire me, Ill pack up my things and leave now.

Ill never appear in front of you nor provoke you again.”

Jordan nodded, discovering that Victoria was indeed not a simple woman.

Whenever she was in trouble, she wouldnt panic and was willing to bear the consequences of her mistakes without defending herself or shirk the responsibility.

Jordan said, “I dont plan to fire you.”

Victoria raised her head in surprise as she wondered,I crossed the line and did such an outrageous thing yesterday, but Jordan doesnt intend to fire me

Jordan said, “Yesterday, you were the only one who offered me a chance to survive.

If Im really just an ordinary live-in son-in-law, youd be my benefactor.”

After thinking about it, Jordan realized that Victoria didnt do anything too outrageous to Jordan yesterday.

The other guests turned against Jordan and alienated him without hesitation, but Victoria pleaded on Jordans behalf and even intended to let Jordan be her bodyguard, despite facing the risk of offending Old Mrs.


Victoria merely stood in solidarity with them because she felt embarrassed after Jordan turned her down.

Feeling extremely touched, Victoria exclaimed with tears in her eyes, “Thank you, Mr.

Steele! Ill serve you wholeheartedly in the future!”

Victoria didnt expect Jordan to be so magnanimous and understanding at such a young age.

Jordan said, “I can forgive you, but I wont let a single one of those people who swore they would cut off all means of a livelihood for me get away scot-free.”

“Miss Clarke…”

“You may call me Victoria,” Victoria said in a gentle voice after wiping her tears.

Jordan said, “Victoria, collate the information of those who said they would cut off all means of a livelihood for me and hand it over to me.”

“Yes!” Victoria knew that Jordan was going to exact revenge on them!

There is soon to be an upheaval in the business circle of Orlando!


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