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Chapter 290: Blind Date Learns The Truth!

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At half-past five the following morning.

The great basketball star, Kobe Bryant, woke up every day at four in the morning to train.

There was a man in DC who woke up at 5 am today and didnt have any time to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the snow in the yard of his home.

After getting up, he went to the gym in the mansion for a workout.

He was none other than Chris Hank, whom Jordan had beaten up into a pulp yesterday.




Chris kept screaming indignantly during his strength training workout.

He was still indignant despite having been defeated by Jordan!

He felt that he had lost to Jordan only because he had underestimated him.

He was confident that he wouldnt lose so badly if he could fight Jordan again!

After training for more than an hour, Chris took a shower and went to the living room for breakfast.

At this moment, a short and lewd-looking man walked in.



Chris continued eating his steak and said coldly, “What information have you got about that punk youve been keeping tabs on”

When Chris left the Howards home yesterday, he had sent his subordinate, Robb, to stay behind and tail Jordan.

Robb reported, “That kid stayed the night at Miss Howards home after sending her back yesterday!”


Chris was so enraged that he immediately tossed the knife and fork in his hand.

“Lauren is a single woman.

If word about a man staying the night at her home gets out, that would be terrible for her reputation!”

Chris was furious.

Since he wanted to marry her in the future, of course, he cared about her reputation.

Robb said, “Exactly.

He might just be a chauffeur but she cant let him stay the night.

Miss Howard is so pretty.

If this kid harbors ill intentions at night…”

Seeing how furious Chris was, Robb didnt dare to continue going on.

“Did you find out where that punk stayed last night Was he in a separate room from Lauren” Chris asked.

Robb said, “Mr.

Hank, you should know that Mr.

Brad Howard has arranged for many secret sentries around her house to protect her.

We dont dare to follow him too closely or fly our drones over.”

“However, I doubt Miss Howard would stoop so low as to hook up with a chauffeur, given how elegant and aloof she is.”

Chris nodded, full of confidence in Laurens character and morals.

He had never seen Lauren embroiled in any scandals or in a relationship with anyone over the years.

She had always been alone.

That was also the reason that Chris fancied her.

Who wouldnt like a pure and upright woman

“Keep watching him.

As soon as that punk leaves Laurens home, inform me immediately!”

Chris said viciously.

He had already decided to take revenge on Jordan today.

He might not be able to fight Jordan alone, but this was his turf, and he would never let himself be bullied by a man he had never heard of!

Three hours later.

Robb suddenly came over to report, “Mr.

Chris, that punk has left Laurens home!”

Chris was reading a book.

When he heard Robbs words, he immediately closed the book and said, “Very good, this Dog is finally coming out.

Im going to break his legs! Where is he now”

However, Chris stopped for a few seconds before saying slowly, “He… he drove Miss Howard and Chloe to…”

“Where Hey, why are you hemming and hawing Stop keeping me in suspense! Quick!”

Chris stood up impatiently.

Robb said, “The three of them have gone to the paternity test center.”


When Chris heard the words “paternity test center,” he was so frightened that his legs went limp right on the spot.

With a loud bang, he returned to his seat.


Hank, are you alright” Robb asked with concern.

Chris was dumbfounded.

“Why would the two of them take Chloe to the paternity test center Could it be that hes Chloes father!!”

Over the years, the real father of Laurens daughter had been a big mystery in the upper-class circle of DC.

Not to mention outsiders like Chris, even Laurens biological parents were unaware.

Chris recalled the scene of Jordan holding Chloe in his arms and laughing merrily at the side.

He came to a sudden realization.

“No wonder that punk could get along well with Lauren and Chloe as soon as he came upstairs.

It turns out hes Laurens old flame and Chloes biological father!”

Robb reminded, “Mr.

Chris, that punk may not be Chloes biological father.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have to get a paternity test done, right This can only mean that he has slept with Miss Howard.”


Chris punched the table, unable to tolerate the fact that the woman he loved had slept with his enemy and even given birth to his daughter!

“Since that guy slept with Lauren, why didnt he marry her There are so many men in this country who are eager to marry her.”

“Regardless of his status, the Howards should be compatible with him even if hes the son of the richest man in the country or some official.”

Chris thought that the matter was rather strange.

If anyone had the opportunity to knock Lauren up, theyd definitely seize the opportunity to propose to her.

Given the Howards status in the country, one would rise to dominance if they were to marry a Howard!

Robb chuckled and said, “If that punk is really the son of some rich man or senior executive and had courted her with proper means, he would have long proposed to her.”

Chris felt that Robbs words were rather strange, so he asked, “Robb, did you find out something”

Robb quickly denied, “No, I was just making a wild guess.”

“Bastard!” Chris slammed his hand against the table and hollered, “Dog, youre living off of me, and youre still hiding something from me Tell me what you know!”

Robb had been Chriss underlings for years, so there was no way he could hide anything from Chris.

Robb knew that Chris was enraged, so he didnt dare to hide it from him any further.


Chris, if I tell you this, you must not say that I was the one who told you, or I will die.”

“Keep babbling nonsense, and Ill kill you now,” Chris snapped.

He had long since run out of patience.

“Yes, yes, Ill tell you now.” Robb didnt dare to continue spouting nonsense and said, “Last year, I inadvertently overheard that Mr.

Brad suddenly had too much to drink and even got into a fight with someone.”

“That day, he got drunk and said that his sister had gotten defiled by a punk that he was dead bent on getting rid of.”

Chris was instantly shocked to hear that.

“Did Brad really say that”

Robb nodded and exclaimed, “Absolutely!”

Chris was shocked.

Lauren, the woman he had been fancying, had actually been raped by another man!

Chris was confused too.

If Jordan, whom he had fought with yesterday, was the scumbag who raped Lauren, why would Brad still hire him as his chauffeur

Robb said, “Mr.

Hank, Miss Howard is simple on the surface, but God knows how many men she has slept with.

Otherwise, that punk wouldnt have brought her for a paternity test.

Dont you agree”


Chris, I think youd better not go for such an indecent woman.”

Chris slapped Robbs face and berated, “Dog, are you fit to comment about Lauren like that”

“Get the car ready.

Im going to the paternity test center immediately!”


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