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Chapter 291: Whos The Punk!!

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The paternity test center.

After parking the car, Jordan, Lauren, and Chloe walked into the building.

Due to the fact that she was afraid of running into acquaintances, Lauren did not go to the major hospitals.

The staff at paternity test centers were all very authoritative.

As soon as the three of them arrived, they saw a couple involved in an argument, with several staff members trying to stop the fight.

The middle-aged man cursed at the woman, “Bitch, how dare you make me a cuckold The child doesnt belong to me, and youve hidden it from me for eight years!”

Clearly, the test results showed that he wasnt the biological father of his child.

Another couple walked out.

The man was chasing after the woman and apologizing to her while throwing a tantrum.

The man said, “Im sorry, Honey, I shouldnt have doubted you.”

The woman said, “Get lost! You actually suspected that our child isnt yours.

How dare you suspect me when I love you so much Lets get a divorce!”

There was also an even younger couple where the guy seemed to be underage.

The young man said, “Haha, the child is not mine.

Its none of my business.”

The young woman ran after him and exclaimed, “Even if the baby isnt yours, I still want to be with you! Anyway, Ive decided that youre the one!”

At this point, Jordan saw the various emotions of men and women in society.

He couldnt help but recall the scene of himself losing his temper at Hailey when he found out some time ago that he wasnt the biological father of one of Haileys twins.

“Ah, I didnt expect to come back for a paternity test so soon.”

This time, Jordan wasnt nervous at all.

One reason was that he didnt think Lauren had any reason to lie to him.

Besides, if Chloe wasnt Jordans child, it would be even better for his life.

He could then concentrate on keeping Victoria company and not think about Lauren and Chloe.

As soon as the three entered, a middle-aged man with a strange expression stared at the three of them.

The middle-aged man walked over.

When he saw Lauren, he cursed, “Shameless bitch!”

Jordan was afraid that the man was a psychopath and would cause harm to Lauren and Chloe.

Thus, he immediately blocked in front of Lauren and called out to him.

“Sir, please watch your words and actions!”

When the middle-aged man saw Jordan defending Lauren, he lashed out at Jordan again, “You dog!”

Jordan was enraged.

“Have you never taken a beating before”

The middle-aged man didnt seem to be afraid of Jordan at all, and he snapped, “The fact that youve brought your wife and child here for a paternity test proves that your wife cheated on you back then! That makes her a bitch! Arent you a dog then!”

When Chloe heard that, she was enraged too.

“Dont scold my Daddy and Mommy!”

The middle-aged man looked at the adorable Chloe.

He said with a smile, “Little girl, your Mommy may be your mother, but your Daddy might not be your biological father.”

“Your mother is so pretty.

She must have lots of men out there.

God knows who your father is.


Jordan couldnt tolerate the fact that the stranger actually insulted Lauren.

Hence, he knocked him unconscious with a punch.

He then yelled, “Security, theres a psychopath here.

Quickly send him to the mental hospital!”

Jordan held Chloes hand and walked forward quickly.

Feeling extremely aggrieved, Chloe asked Jordan, “Daddy, why did that man scold Mommy Shes clearly the best woman in the world!”

Jordan said to Chloe, “Your mommy is too beautiful, and many men like her, but they cant win her heart.

Thats why theyre jealous and badmouth your mommy.”

“There are many such people in the world.

Chloe, youll be as beautiful as Mommy when you grow up.

You will understand then.”

Chloe asked directly, “Daddy, why didnt you marry her after you got her then Other childrens parents are all married.

Will you marry Mommy”

Her words left Jordan at a loss for answers.

He glanced at Lauren with an awkward expression.

Jordan could only lie to Chloe for the time being.

“Daddy and Mommy got married before you were born!”

“Liar.” Chloe did not seem to believe him.

“You two dont have any wedding photos, unlike Grandma and Grandpa, who have their wedding photo hung in their room.”

Jordan continued to lie to her, “We do.

We just kept it locked in the cabinet instead of hanging it up.”

“I want to see the photo when we go back later,” Chloe said.

“Uh… okay!” Jordan had no choice but to agree for the time being.

Looking at Jordans helpless look, Lauren laughed and said, “This little imp is tough to handle, huh”

Jordan nodded and said, “It has been really hard on you these three years.”

Jordan realized that watching and educating children was an arduous task.

After that, the three of them proceeded to do a paternity test.

Soon, the three left the paternity test center and walked to the parking lot.

Jordan had just started the car and was about to drive out of the parking lot.

All of a sudden, a luxury SUV, a Lincoln Navigator, blocked Jordans car.

Two people came out of the car.

The driver was the lewd Robb, and the passenger was Chris!

Chris stepped out of the car, came to Laurens red Jeep, and pointed at Jordan, sitting in the drivers seat.

“Get out!”

“You must have a death wish!”

Jordan was displeased to see Chris again too.

‘How dare this guy be so disrespectful I hadnt hit him enough yet!

Seeing that Jordan had walked out of the car, Lauren hurriedly got out of the back seat and walked over.

“Chris, what are you doing”

Chris looked at the two of them and said furiously, “What am I doing Im asking you what youre doing! What are you bringing Chloe here for”

Lauren was very gentle when facing Jordan, but she was somewhat domineering towards Chris.

“Its none of your business where I take my daughter.

What rights do you have to question me”

Chris was furious.

Everyone in his circle of friends knew that he wanted Lauren to marry him.

If his friends found out about this matter today, they would mock Chris!

Chris hollered furiously, “You are my fiancée.

Of course, its my business! Is this little punk Chloes father Is he having an affair with you”

Before Jordan threw a tantrum, Lauren first raised her hand and gave Chris a slap!


Lauren seemed weak, but she was powerful when it came to hitting others.

“Chris! I repeat I have nothing to do with you! Even if my parents agree to our marriage, I will not marry you.

Stop being delusional!”

Jordan was enraged too.

He had beaten up Chris yesterday in hopes that Chris would stop pestering Lauren in the future.

However, he saw Chris again today.

Jordan walked towards Chris and said menacingly, “Who are you calling a punk Repeat yourself!”


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