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Chapter 292: Laurens Grandfather!

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Jordans gaze was full of menace as he clenched his fists.

He didnt mind teaching Chris another lesson!

Chris looked at Jordan indignantly.

“Punk, there are only two kinds of people who dare to talk to me with such a tone here in DC.”

“The first kind is those who are more powerful than me.”

“The second are those who have death wishes!”

“Youre obviously not the first kind.

If Im not wrong, you must have a huge criminal record!”

“You must have committed murder, robbery, and even rape!”

Chris already knew that Jordan was not a good person.

“Youd better get out of DC immediately and go back to where you belong, or else Ill make sure you can never leave DC!”

Chris threatened Jordan.

Jordan sneered.

‘This guy had clearly been defeated.

Yet, he wont admit that Im better than him.

‘He said that I have a death wish

‘Hes treating me as a criminal with a bad record.

Who would be put behind bars anytime soon

Jordan sneered, “Youve guessed correctly, Chris Hank.

Im indeed fearless of death.

Since youre not going to let me leave DC, Ill make you leave this world!”

Jordan said sinisterly and suddenly put his right hand into his left pocket!

Chris was immediately startled.

They were all very sensitive to this action because when one does this, it is usually to fetch the gun hidden in the breast pocket!

“Dont mess around! Lets talk things over calmly!”

Chris was so frightened that he hurriedly backed away and even begged for help.

To his surprise, Jordan pulled out a pack of cigarettes from his coat pocket.

Jordan took out one cigarette and looked at Chris, so frightened that he turned as pale as a sheet.

He said, “Im just smoking a cigarette.

Look how frightened you are.

Youre not worried that I might burn you to death with a lighter, are you”


Chris was livid.

He had just threatened Jordan with an overbearing tone of voice, but he was now begging for mercy in a wretched manner.

Lauren, the woman he loved, had actually witnessed such an embarrassing act!

At this moment, Lauren also came over and said, “Chris, have you had enough Hurry up and drive your car away.

Surely youre not going to make me call my grandfather and ask him to get your car to leave, are you”

Chris chickened out the moment he heard Lauren mention her grandfather.

The so-called marriage alliance built on interests was beneficial to both parties and not only to the Howards.

The Hanks obviously wanted to suck up to the Howards.

Chris had always looked up to and respected Laurens grandfather.

Laurens beauty was not the only reason he adored her.

He also wanted to obtain the help of Laurens grandfather.

“Okay, lets go!”

After saying that to Robb, they quickly drove away in the Lincoln SUV.

Lauren said to Jordan, “Let me drive.”


Jordan took over the wheel because he didnt want Lauren to be too tired.

However, he seemed to be running into trouble everywhere here.

Hence, it would be better to let Lauren drive, which would save plenty of trouble.

Chloe was taken away by Laurens maid as soon as they returned home.

On the other hand, Lauren stood at the door and said to Jordan, “Jordan, you shouldnt stay in DC for long.

I know Chris Hank very well.

Hes very vengeful.”

“You beat him up yesterday and made him so embarrassed.

He even saw us going to the paternity test center together today.

He definitely wont let you off.”

“Why dont you leave DC and go back to accompany your girlfriend for the time being Come over again once the results are out.”

Jordan frantically said, “How can that do!! I promised Chloe I would go skiing with her tomorrow.

How can I break my first promise to my daughter”

“Miss Howard, Im going to marry my girlfriend soon, and then well be going on a honeymoon.

I might not have time to come over and accompany Chloe.”

“So, I have to stay in DC this week and accompany my daughter 24 hours a day.”

Jordan was almost absent in the past three years or so.

How could he possibly waste his precious one week for a mere Chris

“Okay then.”

Lauren didnt say anything else.

His presence would make Laurens home feel a little livelier… and happier.

After leaving the paternity test center, Chris drove to the best bungalow in the city alone.

It was different from the one Lauren lived in.

Not only did it have an excellent location, but it was also well-furnished.

It had an extremely grand layout that would reflect the owners lofty status.

Chris had to get out of his car quite a distance away and walk over.

Chris could not just enter at will when he arrived at the entrance.

A doorman dressed as a servant came to inform Chris coldly, “Mr.

Hank, Im sorry, but Sir is not available to see you today.”

Despite knowing Chriss identity, he didnt lower his pride.

Chriss attitude was also different from before.

Instead of the overbearing attitude he had when he called Jordan a dog, his tone was mellow, and he even said sincerely, “Please tell Mr.

Howard Sr.

that I really have something very important to report to him about.

Its regarding Lauren.”

“Let him come in.”

At this moment, a strong voice of an old man came from the house in the distance.


“Thank you.”

Chris stepped through the gate and quickly strode across the large courtyard with many plants and flowers.


Howard Sr.!”

The person Chris came to see today was none other than Laurens grandfather, Martin Howard!

Martin was in his seventies, but he was still as energetic as ever.

The temperatures were low, and the heater wasnt warm enough.

However, Martin was wearing only a thin white shirt.

He did not look up at Chris and instead had a chessboard in front of him.

“Chris, come here.

We havent had a game of chess in a long time.

Accompany me for a round,” Martin said.

Chris was eager to report Lauren to Martin.

He obviously wasnt in the mood for chess.


Howard Sr.

as you know, Im bad at chess.

How can I possibly defeat you Im here for…”

Martin didnt listen to him at all.

Instead, he asked, “Do you want black or white”

Chris didnt dare to disobey Martin, so he said, “Ill have black.”

Chris obediently played a game of chess with Martin, but due to the fact that he was less skilled than Martin, he didnt play properly.

Moreover, he intended to lose the game and end it early.

Soon, Martin left Chris with no other moves.

Chris clapped his hands and praised, “Mr.

Howard Sr.

youre really something.

I have no means of retaliation at all.”

Martin said with some disappointment, “Chris, your chess-playing skills have regressed.

I was expecting you to play a boring game of chess with me.”

Chris couldnt tell what Martin meant.

Unable to tolerate it any longer, he said, “Mr..

Howard Sr, your granddaughter took a stranger to the paternity test center today.

He might be Chloes biological father!”


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