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Chapter 293: Jordans Death Date!

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Chris knew that the Howards had also been searching for Chloes biological father and believed that Martin would be surprised when he learned of the news.

However, Martin remained calm and composed as he continued to sip on his tea without the slightest trace of surprise.

Chris was instantly surprised.


Howard Sr., could it be that youre already aware”

Chris was not a fool, so he could tell from Martins reaction that he was clearly not bad.

Chris hurriedly said, “Mr.

Howard Sr., I heard that that punk had resorted to dishonorable means to sleep with Lauren and cause a huge disgrace to your family.

If its proven that Chloe is really his daughter, Im willing to get rid of him on behalf of the Howards!”

As long as Martin gave him the green light, Chris could immediately arrange for Jordan to be assassinated.

However, Martin looked at Chris with great disappointment and said, “Chris, I was quite supportive of your marriage with Lauren at first, but there are now changes to the plan.”

“I think you should forget about marrying Lauren.”

Chris immediately felt indignant after hearing that.

Chris didnt mind the fact that Lauren had a daughter out of wedlock.

Yet, the Howards didnt want him.

“Why Are you going to let Lauren marry that punk” Chris said with indignation.


Martin couldnt help but laugh when he heard the term Chris labeled Jordan with.

“Chris, that kid is not a punk.

Youre far inferior to him in terms of background.”


Chris was shocked.

He initially thought that Jordan was just a chauffeur and a gangster.

He didnt expect Jordan to have an even more powerful status than him!

“No wonder he dared to be so overbearing towards me!”

Chris recalled how Jordan belittled him during those two meetings, and he finally understood everything.

However, Chris thought for a second and then said, “Mr.

Howard Sr., even if that punk and Lauren are compatible with each other, why hasnt he married Lauren after three years if he really loves her and wants to be responsible for her”

“I can tell that that punk only likes Chloe and has no feelings for Lauren at all!”

Chriss words made Martin frown, and his face immediately turned sullen with displeasure.

“Go back,” Martin said coldly, asking him to leave.


Howard Sr…”

Chris was still about to say something, but an elderly servant walked over and extended her arm towards Chris.


Chris gritted his teeth, not daring to disobey.

He then left slowly.

After Chris left, Brad came out from the room inside.

Brad laughed and looked at the chessboard.

He then mocked in disdain, “Grandpa, so much for you praising Chris all the time.

His chess-playing skills are terrible.”

Martin shook his head in disappointment and said, “Chris was quite outstanding when he was younger, but the older he got, the more conceited and arrogant he got.

However, hes quite outstanding among the losers of the upper-class circle.”

Brad returned to the seat where Chris was sitting just now and asked Martin, “Grandpa, Chris may be a good-for-nothing, but he has good judgment.”

“Although my sister is very attractive, Jordan isnt romantically interested in her at all.”

“What if he leaves DC once the test results are out”

Martin reached his hand out to touch the chessboard with a calm expression on his face.


A terrifying expression appeared on Martins face.

Brad laughed and said, “Awesome, Grandpa, youre finally willing to agree to take on this bastard Jordan.

When I found out the truth last year, I wanted to get someone to kill him.”

“But you wouldnt let me, and you said that to take revenge, there are many other ways to make someone suffer without having to kill them directly.”

“Sleeping with Hailey Camdens was your suggestion!”

“The test results would be out in a week, and as long as he isnt willing to marry Lauren, Jordan will die on that very day!”

Martin squinted, looked at the acacia tree in the courtyard, and muttered, “Oh Charleston Steele, Ive helped you numerous times in the past few decades and tried to befriend you countless times to see just what your mysterious family is all about.”

“Yet, you dont even take the Howards seriously!”

“Now, your most outstanding grandson actually got my granddaughter pregnant, and she has even given birth to the baby.

Hah, I wonder if we can become in-laws this time.”

At this point, Martin suddenly remembered something and instructed Brad again, “Jordans brother, Jamie, deliberately set him up with Lauren.

Im afraid its not just as simple as Lauren being pretty.”

“Im guessing that there may be a deeper meaning to this.

Brad, continue tracking Jamie down and once you find him, arrest him at all costs.

Then, bring him here to see me!”

Hearing Jamies name, Brad gritted his teeth even harder.

His desire to kill Jamie was a hundred times stronger than his desire to kill Jordan!

“Yes!” Brad acknowledged loudly.

The next day, Jordan took Lauren and Chloe to a ski resort that was quite a distance away from the city center.

Chloe started learning to ski last year, which Jordan was rather glad about.

Reason is that Jordan would have introduced Chloe to skiing at a young age.

Many parents of ordinary backgrounds would generally let their children play freely when they were three to eight years old and keep them from becoming overly exhausted.

However, learning to play the piano, ski, and swim at these ages can benefit children for life.

Besides, they would pick those skills up very quickly too.

Jordan, Lauren, and Chloe were skiing on the beginner track and taking videos while enjoying some family time, just like they would on vacation.

Jordan signed Chloe up for the ski biking contest for four-year-olds, and she came in the first place without a doubt!

Chloe was extremely talented in sports, and she had obviously inherited Jordans good genes.

In the next few days, Jordan took Chloe to play every day.

He was completely unaware that he might die in DC on the day of the release of the paternity test results!

Soon, a week passed.

Jordan and Lauren went to the paternity test center bright early in the morning.

At this moment, Martin already knew the answer.

Brad reported to Martin in the luxurious house, “Grandpa, the paternity test results are out.

That scumbag Jordan Steele is really Chloes biological father!”

Martin nodded, not surprised by that result at all.

Martin changed his shoes and said, “Carry Chloe away from Laurens house and send people to ambush her place.

Make sure the street outside her house is clear of pedestrians too.”

“When Jordan returns, I must make sure he gives me an answer!”

“He either marries Lauren or pays for his past mistakes with his life!”



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