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Chapter 294: Victoria Marries Russell!

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Martin planned to personally meet Jordan, the third-generation heir of the Steeles!

He would demand an explanation from Jordan as her grandfather!

However, at this very moment, a servant suddenly entered the house and said, “Sir, Russell Miller from Houston has sent you a wedding invitation.”

Brad took the invitation and waved at the servant to signal him to leave.

Afterward, he grabbed it and chuckled.

“I remember that Russell is in his fifties, right His wife just died a few years ago, and hes actually getting married again so soon.

This is proof that hes a jerk.”

“Grandpa, I dont think we should continue helping him.

In case we lose our power one day, he definitely wont help us either.”

The Howards were not unfamiliar with Russell because Martin had helped Russell before.

He had successfully become the richest man in Houston in the past few years, and the Howards definitely deserved credit for it.

To defend the Howards status in the country, they often invest in those with great potential.

He could see Russells potential back then and felt that he was material for achieving great things in life.

Hence, he took the initiative to help him, just like he did decades ago.

He undoubtedly hoped that Russell would help the descendants of the Howards if he or his children were to become successful in the future.

Martin didnt even bother to look at the invitation card because a man of his level wouldnt go to just anyones wedding.

Martin said, “Check your schedule.

If youre free, make a trip to Houston.”

Brad said, “Im not going.

I dont even know him well.

If youd like, send Alex there.

Well, but speaking of Russell, hes actually related to Jordan.”

“Oh, is that so” Martins interest was piqued at the mention of Jordan.

Brad said, “You still remember that Jordan has a girlfriend now, right Shes Victoria Clarke, the woman who has been on national TV and who has been labeled the most beautiful CEO in New York City.”

“Victoria is from Houston, and I heard that she used to be romantically involved with Russell.”

“Haha, I remember Victoria Clarke has a sister called Emily, a flight attendant.

Shes gorgeous too.”

“Grandpa, do you think Russell is marrying Emily He might have chosen to marry her since Jordan snatched her sister away.

That old dog Russell is definitely capable of doing something like that.


Martin frowned at Brad and said, “Dont spout nonsense.

Russell is not as uncouth as youre making him out to be.

Hes still quite reliable.”

“Haha, theres nothing strange in the world.

Ill bet hes marrying Emily!”

Brad had no intention of opening the wedding invitation card, but he was suddenly interested.

He wanted to see if Russell would go so far as to prey on the young and clueless Emily after failing to win Victorias heart.

Hence, Brad curiously flipped open the invitation.

Brad was stunned after reading the content!

“To: Mr.

Martin Howard

Date: March 15th, 6:00 pm

Venue: Grand Skylight Hotel

You are invited to our wedding.”

“Groom: Russell Miller

Bride: Victoria Clarke”

“Victoria Clarke!! The bride is Victoria Clarke! Why is the bride Victoria Clarke!!”

Brad exclaimed in astonishment the moment he saw the brides name.

Jordan was Brads enemy, so of course, he knew all about Jordan as well as the existence of Hailey and Victoria!

He thought that Victoria should be Jordans fiancee now!

But why would she suddenly marry Russell


This time, even Martin, who had always been composed, was shocked too.

“Did you just say that Victoria Clarke, whos going to marry Russell, is Jordan Steeles current girlfriend”

Brad nodded and said, “Yes, absolutely.

Some time ago, Jordan also proposed to Victoria, and she agreed to marry him.”

“Could it be that Victoria has found out about Lauren and Chloe but is unable to accept it, so she broke up with Jordan and decided to marry Russell in a fit of anger”

“But, given my understanding of Victoria, she shouldnt be acting like this.”

Martin laughed and took off the shoes that he had already put on.

He said, “It seems that God doesnt want us to go to war with the Steeles.

God is really on my side.”

“Since Jordans girlfriend is going to marry someone else and his ex-wife, Hailey Camden, is just another cheap woman that will sleep with anyone who gives her money…”

“Im confident that Jordan will definitely fall in love with Lauren.

Lets not force him, lest I be the bad guy.”

Martin and Brad originally intended to force Jordan into submitting to marrying Lauren today.

However, they also knew that Jordan, an arrogant scion of the Steele family, definitely wouldnt agree easily.

Thus, the Howards initially planned to get rid of Jordan to show Charleston and Jamie that the descendants of the Howards were not people they could toy with as they wished!

However, it was no longer necessary at this point.

Jordan had now lost his girlfriend, and Lauren was the next most suitable girlfriend for him.

However, Brad was upset to hear that.

“Grandpa, arent you going to deal with Jordan today Ive been preparing all night.

I want to beat him up for revenge today.”

Martin laughed and said, “Nah, why would I need to beg him to marry Lauren In no time, he will take the initiative and beg me on his knees to let him marry Lauren.”

“Hmph, then well get Lauren to give birth to Jordans son.

I dont believe that I cant pry into the secrets of the Steeles!”

Brad knew that Martin had always felt that the mysterious Steele family was hiding a mystery that was different from other families.

Hence, he had been remarkably eager to know what secrets they were hiding.

At the thought of this, Brad did not say anything else and simply walked out of Martins room.

“Jordan, Grandpa may be letting you off today, but that doesnt mean Ill let you off! Hey, hey, Im afraid you still dont know the news of Victoria and Russells marriage, right Im going to tell you right now!”

The paternity test center.

The staff smiled and handed the test report to Jordan, saying, “Congratulations, Mr.

Steele, Chloe Steele Howard is your biological daughter.”

Looking at the test report, this time was much easier than New York City.

The expression on Professor Gunns face at that time was enough to make Jordan extremely nervous.

The staffs expressions here were good to interpret, and it was clear at a glance that Chloe belonged to Jordan.

Jordan took a look at the test report and then looked at Lauren gleefully.

The two walked out from the paternity test center.

Seated in the passengers seat of the car, Jordan said to Lauren, “After I go back, I can only stay with Chloe for another hour, and Ill have to go to Houston.”

Lauren nodded and asked, “Okay, youre going to throw a wedding with your girlfriend, right”

“Yes.” Jordan smiled gleefully.

Laurens expression was a little bitter.

However, she still said, “Congratulations.”

Jordan looked at Laurens stunningly beautiful side profile and said, “Thank you.”

It didnt take long for Jordan and Lauren to return to Laurens house.

After entering, he discovered that Brad had been sitting in the living room and waiting for a long time.

“Hows the test result” Brad asked with one leg crossed over the other.

Lauren said, “Jordan is Chloes biological father.”

Brad said, “Very well, Jordan, since you are Chloes father and my sister likes you, you should stay in DC and get married to my sister immediately!”


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