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Chapter 295: Victoria Steps Down As President!

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Brad spoke with an unquestionable firmness and dominance in his tone, as if he were Laurens parent.

Before Jordan replied, Lauren was the first to be awkward.

“Brad, what nonsense are you babbling Who said that I… like him”

Lauren was very concerned about what people said about her relationship with the “stranger.”

Although she already shared a child with Jordan, they werent even considered friends because they hadnt spent much time with each other.

Brad looked at Lauren and said, “Lauren, stop covering up.

If you dont like him, why did you stay in that lousy café in New York City for such a long time You even named it Café Nostalgia, which shows how much you miss him.”

“There were so many times that I wanted to remove the signboard and get it redone!”

Lauren blushed shyly and said, “Nostalgia is a generic word.

Anyway, Im not the one who came up with the name.”

However, Brad didnt show his sister the slightest mercy.

“Even if you didnt come up with it, youd always have the right to change the signboard, right The cafe was already handed over to you anyway.”

Jordan had already guessed that Jamie was probably the one who came up with the cafes name and gave it to Lauren.

However, since Lauren kept using that name, it shows that she at least didnt hate him.

Or rather, she didnt mind being in an ambiguous relationship with Jordan.

Lauren didnt know how to explain because she was terrified of making things worse the further she explained.

“Dont set me up with Jordan nonsensically.

He has a girlfriend, and shes a very outstanding career woman.”

Brad laughed and said, “You mean Victoria Clarke Shes no longer an issue.

Just rest assured and marry Jordan.”

Jordan looked at Brad with a frown and asked, “What do you mean by that Did you do something to Victoria”

Jordan sensed that something was amiss, and he knew that Brad had always been brazen and arrogant.

He even had the guts to sleep with Hailey.

Victoria was just an orphan.

It was possible that Brad might kill her even if it was for the sake of reaching his agenda.

Brad was just waiting for Jordan to say that.

“Jordan, surely you dont know this yet, right Your fiancée… Oh, no, it should be your ex-girlfriend.

Your ex-girlfriend Victoria is going to marry Russell in Houston soon.



Jordan slapped Brad on his face!

“Bastard, who are you to insult my fiancée”

Jordan flew into a rage.

Just now, Jordan had been saving Brad from embarrassment on Laurens account.

However, Brad had now slandered Jordans fiancée by saying that Victoria married Russell.

How could Jordan possibly tolerate it

“How dare you hit me Even my grandfather has never slapped me before!”

They were at the Howards compound.

Today, Brad actually had the opportunity to shoot Jordan.

How could he tolerate Jordan slapping him at will

Brad was a martial arts practitioner too.

He immediately got into a fight with Jordan.




Brad hit Jordan with all his might, and three punches left Jordan with no means to retaliate.

It could be seen that Brads current strength should be slightly better than that of Chris.

It was no wonder that he wasnt willing to let Chris be his brother-in-law.

However, it was also straightforward for Jordan to deal with Brad.

He did a feint and pretended to kick him in the stomach, after which he kicked Brads previously injured right leg with a flying kick!


Brad immediately shrieked in pain.

Previously, Pablo stabbed his thigh twice, and his injury had yet to fully recover.

With this kick, Brads defense was already flawed.

Jordan once again slapped Brad twice!




Seeing that her younger brother had been beaten up, she walked over and begged Jordan for mercy.

JewJordan didnt continue to hit him and said to Brad, “Kid, what was between us isnt over.

Your life is still with me now.

How dare you slander my fiancée”

Brad covered his face in exasperation.

He had never been bullied in such a matter since he was a child!

“Jordan, youre despicable and shameless.

You hit me where Im injured.

If you have what it takes, Ill abuse you until you call me Daddy!”

The way Brad called Jordan Daddy was rather loud, and he couldnt help but agree, “Hey, my good son.”

However, Jordan became embarrassed as he turned around to look at Lauren.

Since Brad and Lauren were siblings, that makes him Laurens father too…


Brad was just about to say something, but Lauren hollered, “Okay, Brad, youre at fault for this in the first place.

Why are you smearing Victoria for no reason She didnt provoke you either.”

As a woman, Lauren also admired Victoria, an independent career woman.

Brad said aggrievedly, “Who slandered her!! Victoria was about to get married to Russell, who doesnt know about this in Houston!”

“Russell has even sent the wedding invitation to the capital!”

“Jordan Steele, trust you to claim that Victoria is your fiancée.

Shes getting married to someone else, and you dont even know”

Lauren understood Brad well and knew that he wasnt lying.

She began to tense up too, and she asked, “Jordan, have you not been in contact with your girlfriend recently”

In the past few days, Jordan spent almost all his time with Chloe and Lauren except for sleeping.

Lauren almost never saw Jordan calling or texting his girlfriend.

Jordan began to look embarrassed.

Since he called Victoria and she hung up angrily, the two of them never spoke to each other over the phone again.

He sent a text to Victoria, but she didnt reply.

Jordan and Victoria were having a cold war.

However, Jordan did not believe that Victoria decided to marry Russell because this reason alone was too far-fetched.

“Impossible, it is impossible that Victoria would leave me.

She is the woman who loves me the most in this world!”

Jordan picked up his phone and immediately called Victoria.

“Sorry, the number you have dialed is currently unavailable.”

The call couldnt get through!

Jordan tried to make a video call to Victoria.

She didnt pick up.

‘How could this happen!

Jordan immediately felt that it was rather strange.

He took out a phone card from his wallet, his number for work.

In the last seven days, he hadnt used it at all.

Reason being he would get a lot of incoming calls on his work number, which was very annoying.

Jordan only wanted to spend time with his daughter last week.

He didnt want to deal with work at all.

After inserting the phone card, Jordan first called Victorias secretary, Ashley Rose.

“Mr… Mr.

Steele,” Ashley answered, sounding somewhat nervous.

Jordan said, “Ashley, I cant reach Victoria on her phone.

Did she go back to the office”

Ashley said, “Mr… Mr.

Steele, Miss Clarke has… resigned.”

“What did you say” Jordan was astounded.

Ding-dong! Ding-dong! Ding-dong!

Due to the delay in inserting the phonecard, he finally received the notifications that he was supposed to receive just now.

Jordan opened the text messages to see that they had been sent by the senior executives of J Corporation and Perry Express.

“Miss Clarke is resigning as president of Perry Express!”


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