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Chapter 296: Punishing Brad!

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“What! How could this happen!! Why did Victoria resign as the president of Perry Express!”

The position of the president of Perry Express was a gift from Jordan to her, and it represented his love and efforts to make it up to her.

Why did she…

At this point, Jordan suddenly discovered that Brad wasnt running his mouth for fun.

It is possible that it is true!

Jordan immediately called Emily!

Since he could get through to Emily on the phone, it meant that she wasnt on a flight now and hadnt blocked his number either.

However, after the call rang a few times, Emily still didnt answer.

Jordan was extremely stubborn, so he insisted on calling Emily until she picked up.

However, after calling several times, Emily still didnt pick up.

However, Emily texted Jordan during the time gap.

The content was:

“Stop calling.

My sister wants me to stop talking to you from now on.”

Jordan frantically edited the text and replied, “Emily, Im just going to ask you one question.

Is Victoria really going to marry Russell”

Soon, Emily replied, “Yes!”

In an instant, Jordan felt as if he was going from heaven to hell!

He finally overcame the emotional distress of being betrayed by Hailey and felt the joy of having a daughter after reuniting with Lauren.

He had been in high spirits the past few days.

However, he received such a heavy blow just before he was about to leave the capital!

Victoria was the woman Jordan loved the most, and her betrayal made Jordan feel a hundred times or even thousand times worse than Haileys betrayal!

Hailey was a materialistic woman who had been married to Jordan for three years without letting him get intimate with her.

During their marriage, she even mocked and humiliated Jordan all the time.

Once Jordan was penniless, Hailey would fall out with him immediately!

However, Victoria was different.

When Jordan was down and out at rock bottom, she was still willing to stand by him, and she even said that she was willing to be a beggar with Jordan in New York City!

Even when Jordan was getting the paternity test done with Haileys twins previously, Victoria comforted Jordan!

How can a woman who loved him so much possibly just marry another man

“Hehehe, how is it I wasnt wrong, was I” Brad asked while laughing happily.

However, he didnt realize that Jordan was already livid at the moment!


Jordan punched Brad in the face, grabbed him forcefully, and then exclaimed furiously, “Brad Howard! Are you behind this After sleeping with Hailey Camden, youre messing with Victoria, huh Im going to kill you now!”

“Dont!” Lauren hurriedly begged for mercy from Jordan.

Brad said extremely aggrievedly, “What does it have to do with me! I have never met Victoria before!”

Previously, Brad had planned to shoulder the blame for this matter.

If Jordan were to ask if he had anything to do with this matter, Brad would admit it.

However, Jordans expression was way too scary now, and even Brad began to feel scared.

Lauren frantically advised, “Jordan, this matter has nothing to do with Brad.

You know Miss Clarkes character well.

She will never give in to threats or temptations.

Even if Brad wants to threaten her or bribe her with money, she wont agree to it, will she”

Jordan nodded.

Indeed, Victoria was an arrogant person whom even Brad could not threaten.

Brad said, “Victoria married Russell voluntarily.

No one coerced her! Jordan, I suggest that you give up.

You should count your blessings since my sister adores you!”

“In terms of appearance, character, manners, and family background, neither Hailey Camden nor Victoria Clarke can hold a candle to my sister!”

Jordan pointed at Brad and said, “Ill naturally find out whether or not Victoria did it out of her own accord or not.

This matter has nothing to do with you.”

“No matter how outstanding your sister is, it has nothing to do with you.

Brad, youve provoked me several times.

I must teach you a hard lesson before I leave DC!”

Brad laughed out loud and retorted, “Haha, ignorant fellow.

You want to teach me a lesson This is DC, my familys turf!”

“I was just saving you from embarrassment! Do you know how many people will rush in once I whistle”

There were many secret sentries near Laurens house, which Jordan had noticed the first day he came here.

Besides, every single person that Brad had arranged to stay here was being stared at by Pablos subordinates.

They could get rid of Brads underlings at any time!

Jordan exclaimed, “No one can stop you from getting killed regardless of how many of them rush in!”

“What on earth are you saying” Brad asked in puzzlement.

However, he soon understood what was going on.

Twenty minutes later, a UFO suddenly hovered at a low altitude in the sky above, attracting the attention of many citizens who quickly surrounded them to watch.

“Isnt this the UFO that appeared in New York City Why is it here in DC now”

“Oh my God, its so cool! There must be aliens inside!”

The UFO soon landed in Laurens home.

The appearance of the UFO also drew Chloe over.

“Wow, what a beautiful aircraft.

Daddy, is it yours I want to ride it!”

Chloe skipped to the garden happily to look at the UFO.

At this moment, a bald and menacing-looking man walked out of the pilots seat, giving Chloe a great shock!

It was Jordans subordinate, Salvatore, the former tyrant of Orlando.

Salvatore got out of the aircraft and immediately coaxed Chloe with a lollipop when he saw him.

“Youre Chloe, right I picked a rainbow lollipop from the sky for you.

Please accept it!”

Chloe was dumbfounded, and she asked, “Wow From the sky Seriously”

Salvatore said, “Of course its true.

Cant you see that I flew down from the sky”

Chloe nodded profusely.

“I saw it! So cool!”

Chloe discovered that Salvatore was very respectful towards her, so she let her guard down and accepted the lollipop.

After giving the present to Chloe, Salvatore walked towards Jordan.



Chloe asked in awe, “Daddy, does this bald man work for you”

Jordan nodded.

Chloe asked, “Then can I ride in Uncle Baldies round aircraft”

Jordan shook his head and said, “You cant.

Its meant for your uncle.”

Hearing this, Brad burst into a cold sweat.

When he was in Orlando, he passed out and got arrested by Jordan because he collided with the UFO-shaped aircraft while driving.

He had a phobia of the UFO!

Chloe was a little jealous.

“Hmph, Daddy only dotes on Uncle and not me.

You wont even let me ride in the aircraft.

Arent you being too nice to Uncle”

‘Nice to me

Brad simply wanted to give Chloe a private lesson and tell her how malicious Jordan was!

Jordan looked at Brad and said, “See that Even Chloe envies you.

Go in.”

“Im not going!” Brad grabbed the large acacia tree in the courtyard, refusing to let go.

Jordan winked at Salvatore, who immediately went over and hugged Brad.

“Come on, Mr.

Brad, itll be fun.”

Brad kicked away Salvatore, but the latter dodged.

“Get out of the way.

Once I blow my whistle, dozens of my underlings will rush out to protect me.

None of you try and touch me today!”


Brad whistled.

However, a minute passed… then five… and eventually, ten minutes passed.

No one rushed into the courtyard.


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