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Chapter 297: Brad: Grandpa, Save Me!

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Brad was still whistling tirelessly, but the more he whistled, the more hopeless he felt.

“Whats going on Where are my underlings Why havent they come in yet”

Jordan said to Brad, “Your underlings wont be able to come in.

Lets go.

Since I said Id send you to heaven, I will fulfill my promise.”

Jordan and Salvatore forcefully brought Brad into the UFO.

Afterward, Salvatore got into the drivers seat while Brad sat in the passenger seat.

Soon, Salvatore took off directly and flew into the air again.

“Wow, Uncle is leaving with Uncle Baldie!” Chloe raised her head and looked at the disc getting smaller and smaller in the sky.

On the other hand, Lauren was worried about Jordans safety.



Jordan said to Lauren, “Dont worry, he wont die.”

If Jordan wanted to kill him, he wouldnt have used such a troublesome method, but this times punishment was enough to appease Jordan.

Salvatore was driving the UFO in the sky while Brad broke a sweat nervously.

Brad suddenly took out a key, which looked rather ordinary but was actually a knife hidden in a key.

The knife was very well hidden, and it was a weapon that many agents would have to bring.

Using the knife as a defense, Brad said to Salvatore, “Your name is Salvatore, right Oh, you may call the shots in Orlando.”

“Unfortunately, this is DC! I call the shots here!”

“Do you want to kick me down in the air Salvatore, its not that I despise you, but I can definitely beat you, be it on the ground or in the plane!”

Salvatore smiled and glanced at Brad.


Howard, you dont have to be so nervous.


Jordan didnt ask me to kick you off.”

Salvatore continued to press some keys, seemingly setting the system to auto-navigation.

Brad had been exposed to planes before so he could tell what it was.

“Are you setting it to auto-navigation To where”

Once they set it to auto-navigation, the pilot would no longer have to fly the plane on his own, and the plane would fly to the set destination on its own.

Not to mention this aircraft that looked like a UFO, the electric cars created by Musk had long been equipped with automatic navigation driving functions.

Salvatore said, “Youll know in a moment.”

After adjusting the settings, Salvatore suddenly opened the door.


Although the plane wasnt flying fast, a large gust of wind still blew into the UFO.

“What are you doing!!”

Brad was so frightened that he hastily picked up the knife again.

Salvatore smiled and said, “You dont have to be that nervous.

Im not going to kick you down.

Im going down myself.

Goodbye, Mr.

Howard, I wish you an enjoyable trip.

Oh, by the way, Mr.

Jordan said that you can have this UFO.”

After saying that, Salvatore leaped from the plane and jumped into the air!


The parachute opened as soon as Salvatore leaped off.

“Damn! Where is Jordan sending me this time”

Brad was uneasy.

He really wanted to drive the aircraft and make it stop, but he didnt know how to operate it.

Before he could figure out what was going on, the UFO had already reached its destination and stopped in mid-air.

Brad looked down and immediately felt an urge to curse, “That bastard Jordan sent me to the police station!”

As soon as the UFO appeared above the police station, it immediately attracted the gatekeepers attention.

In less than two minutes, the police officers at the police station were immediately armed heavily and holding their guns at Brad and the UFO.

“Listen up there, land your craft immediately, land your craft immediately!”

The chief officer yelled at Brad with a loudspeaker.

Brad was tempted to explain loudly, but Salvatores voice suddenly came from the aircraft at this moment!

“Sir! Im Brad Howard! Im turning myself in! I destroyed someones family and raped someones wife.

I deserve to die.

I beg you to convict me!”

“Damn it! How did that happen!”

Brad was stunned.

Salvatore had already left with the parachute, so how could his voice still sound

‘Could it be that it was recorded in advance and deliberately set to play at a certain time

“Sir! Im Brad Howard! Im turning myself in! I destroyed someones family…”

Salvatores voice, set in infinite loop mode, sounded again.

“Ah! Jordan, you bastard!”

Brad was so furious that he stomped her feet!

The chief officer shouted through the loudspeaker, “Brad, we have heard you and learned of your crime.

Land your aircraft safely, and we will consider giving you a light sentence.”

“I repeat, Brad, we have…”

After shouting a few times, Brad still couldnt reply because his confession, which Salvatore had pre-recorded for him, was playing on loop.

After a stalemate of ten minutes, the director said, “Please land your aircraft immediately, or we will shoot you down with heavy weapons!”

“I repeat! Please immediately…”

“Go up to the First Military District and borrow a cannon.”

“No! Dont! Dont blast me! Ill go down right now!”

When he heard that he was going to be shot down, Brad was terrified.

After searching for a long time, they finally found a parachute.

He had a fear of heights, but he now had no choice but to jump out of the parachute.

However, he looked down to see that it was quite a low altitude, so if he were to use a parachute, itd be too late, and hed fall to his death.

Low-altitude parachute jumping can be said to be the top five extreme sports with the highest mortality rate.

Although Brad was afraid of heights, he still had that bit of knowledge.

He had no choice but to call Martin.

At this moment, Martin had just returned a phone call to Russell to congratulate him on his marriage and saying that he would try to be there on the 15th to congratulate him.

“Brad, you called just in time.

Which one of you will be attending Russells and Victorias wedding in five days You or Alex” Martin asked,

Brad cried and said, “Grandpa, quickly come and save me.

If not, Im going to be blasted into ashes by the cannons.

I cant go anywhere at all.”

“What Where are you”

At this moment, Jordan had already bid goodbye to Chloe and left Laurens house.

He was at the airport where their private plane was parked.

He was now going to fly to Houston with Pablo and his men.


Jordan, Im sorry.

During this period of time, Ive been paying attention to your safety in the capital, and I didnt pay attention to the situation on Miss Clarkes side.”

Pablo had also just learned that Victoria and Russell were getting married and was also extremely appalled.

Jordan looked out the window and said, “Its okay.

Victoria must be mad at me for suddenly having a son and a daughter, especially because I havent had time to spend with her recently.

She definitely cant take it anymore, so shes trying to spite me.”

“As long as I go to Houston and apologize to her, everything will be fine.

Our relationship wont be strained so easily.”

Pablo nodded and said, “Yes, Miss Clarke loves you so much.

She stayed by your side even when you pretended to be expelled from the Steele family.

It doesnt make sense for her to leave you now that youre at the peak of your life.”

“It must be because that old fogy Russell has taken advantage of your absence to make Miss Clarke waver.”

The thought of Russell made Jordan furious too..

“How dare that old fogy touch my fiancé.

He must have a death wish!”


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