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Chapter 298: Seeing Emily!

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All women needed the company of their better halves.

Gorgeous women tend to have lots of suitors, and other men would quickly take advantage of the situation if these women were neglected for long.

Reason being many pretty women tend to have countless backup lovers waiting to replace their boyfriends.

Russell, who was experienced in coaxing women, would obviously seize the opportunity to attack Jordan and brainwash Victoria after finding out why Jordan suddenly had two children.

For example, he would tell her how troublesome it would be in the future to marry a man who was the father of another womans child and how she would never be entitled to his assets.

Jordan guessed that Russell must have said something similar.

Soon, the plane had risen high in the sky.

Since it was daytime, the scenery outside the window wasnt that mesmerizing.

If it was nighttime in big cities in New York City, London, or DC, the sight of the resplendent lights through the plane window during landing would be absolutely intoxicating.

Jordan asked, “Which day is Victoria and Russells wedding scheduled for”

Pablo answered, “March 15th.”

“There are still five days left.

Thats enough.”

It was now the 10th of March, so Jordan had five days to get Victoria to change her mind.

To Jordan, it was enough time.

Jordan and Victoria didnt have any significant conflicts in the first place, and the main issue was the additional children.

Jordan just needed to explain that and give her some promises to solve the issue.

More than three hours later…

The weather in Houston was rather warm.

As soon as Jordan got off the plane, he removed his heavy and thick coat and returned to the hotel to rest.

When he arrived at the hotel, Jordan instructed Pablo, “Go check Russells residence in Houston, as well as the location of his company.”


Jordan couldnt wait to see Victoria, but he still couldnt get through to her on her phone.

Hence, Jordan texted Emily again.

“Emily, Ive arrived in Houston, and I want to see you.”

Emily quickly replied, “Not now.

Im accompanying Victoria to pick out wedding gowns.

Ill go look for you at 7pm.”

‘Victoria has already started choosing her wedding gown She is really doing it for real.

Jordan was upset, but he could only try to understand Victorias situation through Emily.

After waiting for more than an hour at the hotel, Jordan soon heard a knock on the door.

Jordan opened the door to see the beautiful Emily, who had a pair of slender legs, standing outside!

“Emily, youre here.” Jordan was elated.

When Emily entered the room, the first thing she did was hit Jordan.

“Jordan, why did you take so long to come So much for helping you to propose to my sister.

How did you treat her after the proposal Shes so angry that shes going to marry Russell!”

Emily was resentful towards Jordan.

Jordan took Emilys hand and apologized frantically, “Im sorry, this is my fault.

I planned to get married quickly after settling these matters.”

“But my ex-wife suddenly went into labor, and one of the twins she gave birth to wasnt fathered by me.

He wasnt willing to reveal the identity of the childs biological father either.

“I was furious, and I had been looking for the childs biological father, and as a result, I was embroiled in another past event.”

“I have a three-year-old daughter in DC.

After I told your sister about it, she hung up on me angrily and ignored me for days.”

“I didnt expect her to get so mad as to marry Russell.”

Emily was Victorias sister, and Jordan treated her as a family too.

Hence, he saw no need to lie to her about this.

After hearing his words, Emily couldnt help but punch him a few more times.

“Great, Jordan, I thought you were a loyal person, but it turns out that youre a playboy too.”

“You actually have so many women out there, and you suddenly have two more children now.

No wonder Victoria wants to break up with you.

If it were me, I would break up with you too! Who likes to be a stepmother to serve other peoples children for you!”

Jordan also felt that Victoria must have broken up with him because of that.

However, Jordan helped Emily to her seat and comforted her, “Emily, these are all matters of the past.

I wasnt in love with anyone else after getting together with your sister.

Besides, theres no way Id get back together with them.”

“As for the children, my family will soon pick Haileys son up, and my daughter in DC will continue being in full custody of her mother.”

“Neither Victoria nor I need to take care of these kids.

I never intended for Victoria to be their stepmother and take care of my kids for me.”

Emily was furious and seeking justice for her sister.

“Will you really be good to my sister”

“Of course!” Jordan said firmly.

“So now that you have a son and a daughter, will you still want a child with my sister” Emily continued to ask.

Jordan nodded firmly and said, “Of course, Victoria and I are going to have at least two kids of our own.

Of course, this all depends on Victoria.

Emily continued to ask, “Which child will you favor after your children are born Who will inherit your familys assets”

If it was only because of the assets that Victoria broke up with Jordan, Jordan would not have panicked and become so anxious.

Jordan said, “Although my children are all the same to me, I have no feelings for the other two childrens mothers.”

“Victoria and I share such a strong relationship.

Id definitely be more biased towards our children.”

“As for the matters regarding the assets, you can really rest assured because even I dont know how much of the assets Im getting myself.

I just know that its enough to last each descendant for a lifetime.”

Hearing Jordans words, Emilys jaw dropped because she had always been curious about how much money the Steeles had.

She asked, “Really Is your family that rich”

As soon as she said that, she realized that she had gone a little off-topic, so she coughed and pretended to be calm.

“You have to remember your promise to me today, or Ill castrate you and make sure that you can never be a real man again!”

As Emily said, she reached out the slender index and middle fingers of her right hand and pointed them at Jordans eyes.

Jordan was stunned.

“Are you trying to poke my eyes”

Emily humphed playfully.

“Is there any difference between a blind man and a castrated one”

Jordan smiled and said, “My dear sister-in-law, just rest assured, I will never break or forget my promise.

Just let me see Victoria sooner.”

Seemingly put in a spot, Emily said, “Not now.

Victoria just told me a few days ago that I am not allowed to meet and contact you for the rest of my life.

I sneaked out to see you today!”

“She is really upset with you.

Ill get going now and try to persuade her.

Ill relay your words to her and arrange for you two to meet when she forgives you.”

Jordan nodded and said, “Okay, I prepared a gift for her.

Please bring it to her.”

Jordan handed Vicky an extremely exquisite box and a letter.

After receiving it, Emily curiously opened it.

“Whats this”

Emily opened it, only to have her eyes lit up as she was instantly stunned!


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