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Chapter 300: Victorias Heartlessness!

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Emily burst into laughter and said, “Haha, and you still say you want to break up with Jordan.

You mentioned Jordan as soon as I said that its the man you love the most.

You clearly love Jordan and not Uncle Russell.”

Victoria looked extremely awkward and embarrassed.

Compared to a month ago when she was in New York City, she now looked more gaunt and dull.

However, this did not affect her beauty because she wasnt wearing any makeup.

The elegance of her barefaced look made her look extraordinarily pitiful.

She no longer looked like the domineering CEO she used to be.

Instead, she looked just like a pitiful and vulnerable woman now.

If Jordan saw her like this, he would not be able to resist hugging her and caring for her all night long.

Victoria was furious.

“Didnt I tell you that youre not allowed to see Jordan or contact him again Did my words fall on deaf ears again!!”

Emily took Victorias hand and said coquettishly, “Ah, Victoria, simmer down.

Jordan is here in Houston, and he couldnt find you previously.

You didnt tell him about your breakup either, so I was afraid that he wouldnt be able to take it easy.”

“When I met Jordan just now, he told me everything.

He even said that youre upset because of his children.”

“He assured me that you wont have to take care of his children or become their stepmother.

The son he shares with his ex-wife will be taken away by his family while his three-year-old daughters custody will be given to her mother.”

“He also said that he wants to have two more children with you and that he will ensure that they will lead a carefree life for the rest of their lives.”

“Victoria, Jordan seems quite sincere, so just forgive him.

Dont be mad at him.”

On the other hand, Victoria remained determined and said, “Its impossible between me and Jordan.

It has nothing to do with his children.”

Bewildered, Emily asked, “Nothing to do with the children You didnt break up with him because you were afraid of being his childrens stepmother”

Emily was puzzled at this point.

In fact, with her understanding of her sister, she also felt that Victoria should be magnanimous enough to accept it.

Besides, Victoria had long known about the fact that Hailey was pregnant with Jordans child.

One of Haileys twins was fathered by Jordan.

If Victoria really minded it, she would have long broken up with Jordan, let alone agreeing to his proposal!

Emily was confused.

“Since its not because of the kids, why are you breaking up with him Is it because he hasnt been spending time with you lately”

“Ill have to say something about that.

Jordan has been very vexed lately.

His son isnt fathered by him, and he suddenly has a daughter now.”

“Who would be in a good mood if theyre in his place Victoria, as Jordans fiancée, you should be understanding towards him and stay by his side to comfort him.”

Victoria sat on the sofa with her long and slender legs crossed.

“Thats not the reason either.”

Emily sat beside her.

Both their legs were as long as that of supermodels.

“What exactly is the reason then” Emily probed.

Victoria didnt tell Emily the answer but instead said, “Stay out of my affairs with Jordan.

In short, just remember that Jordan and I can never get together again in this lifetime.”

“You dont plan to see him again”

“Send someone to return the earrings and letter to him.”

Victoria didnt even read Jordans apology letter to her, so she was clearly determined to break up with Jordan!

Emily said, “My dear sister, you want me to get someone to deliver this pair of diamond earrings back to him Who am I supposed to send The chauffeur or one of your female couriers at Perry Express”

“Do you know how much these earrings are worth $57 million dollars! Arent you afraid that someone will take them and run away”

Victoria couldnt help but take another look at the pair of colored diamond earrings, which she knew was exorbitantly priced.

Victoria said, “Okay, deliver them to Jordan personally.

Tell him to leave Houston and never come to see me again.”

“Also, Im going to sell our villa in New York, and Ive already packed my bags too.

Tell him to make a trip back to New York City and take his things away from the villa.”

Emily was getting a little sympathetic towards Jordan, and she asked, “Vicky, are you really going to be so ruthless to him”

Victoria said, “Go back quickly.

This is the last time youre allowed to see Jordan!”

After saying that, Victoria headed upstairs.


Emily sighed, put the diamond earrings away, and stowed them away in her purse before leaving the villa.

After coming out, Emily was afraid that someone would rob her along the way, so she called Salvatore, who had escorted her just now, and asked him to come to pick her up.

Soon, Salvatore drove back in a BMW Seven Series.

“Miss Clarke, why do you want to go back again so soon Did you forget something” Salvatore asked.

Resting her chin in her hand, Emily said, “Im returning Jordan the gift that he has given to my sister.

For some reason, she insists on breaking up with him.”

“By the way, Salvatore, tell me honestly, has Jordan slept with any women while he was out lately”

While driving, Salvatore assured Emily, “Mr.

Jordan has been very busy with work lately, and he doesnt have the time to bother about these matters at all.”

“Besides, Mr.

Jordan has never bothered to do such things.

Otherwise, if he goes around hooking up with women, I wont be able to stop him at all.”

Emily thought about it and felt that Jordans personality probably wasnt that terrible.

‘Since it isnt because of Jordans personality, why is Victoria so insistent on breaking up with him

When they returned to Jordans hotel room, Emily still couldnt understand that issue.

“Emily Why did you come back so soon Is it true that Victoria is here too”

When he opened the door to Emilys room again and saw her, Jordan thought Emily had brought Victoria over too.

However, Emily said, “Dont over-think.

Im here alone.”

Emily even returned the earrings to Jordan and said, “Vicky doesnt want the presents, and she didnt read the letter either.”

“Also, she said she wanted to sell the villa that you share in New York City, so she wants you to pack up and take your things away.”


Jordan was stunned after hearing her words.

‘Seems like shes really going to break up with me and never talk to me again forever!

The villa where the two of them lived in New York City was paid in full by Victoria, so she naturally had the right to do so.

But, why

Emily said, “I dont know why either.

I told her the promises that youve made, but she still refuses to forgive you.”

“I think shes mad at you, not because of the children or because you havent spent much time with her lately.”

“Did you do something else to piss her off”

Jordan was puzzled.

‘Is there something else

‘I dont remember doing anything to provoke Victoria.

“Take your time to think about it on your own.

Victoria wont let me stay here with you for too long.

I cant visit you at will in the future anymore,” Emily said.

Emily was about to turn around and leave when Jordan grabbed Emilys arm.


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