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Chapter 301: Stopped At The Villa!

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Jordan grabbed Emilys arm and asked with a serious expression, “Emily, has your sister been unwell recently”

Emilys mouth widened in shock when she saw the sudden change in Jordans expression.

“Ah! Surely youre not suspecting that my sister has been diagnosed with a terminal illness or something, do you Dont scare me!”

In TV dramas, loving couples would usually break up suddenly because one of them had been diagnosed with a terminal illness and didnt want to be a burden to the other party.

They would ruthlessly break up with their lover and seem as heartless as they can be because they loved each other very much and didnt want them to be miserable.

Jordan was just making a casual guess.

He comforted, “No, dont get too tensed up.

I was just asking a simple question.”

Emily said, “My sister is in the pink of health.

She isnt feeling any discomfort.

She hasnt had any injections, taken any drugs, or gotten a fever.

Shes just a little depressed.”

“But shes really motivated when it comes to learning even though shes upset!”

“Learning What is she learning” Jordan asked curiously.

Emily answered, “French.

Shes also just started training in Taekwondo again.”

“French and Taekwondo”

Jordan really couldnt figure out how he could interpret the combination of these things, which didnt seem to be linked to each other at all.

Jordan looked at Emily and said, “Emily, I suspect that your sister must have broken up with me and suddenly decided to marry Russell because of some inexplicable secret that shes hiding from us.”

“You must stand on my side.

Dont think that Russell is a good man.

He has always harbored designs on your sister.

He doesnt only see her as a junior.”

Emily thought about it.

Although she had always respected Russell as an elder, Russells wife had just died not two years ago.

Yet, he was marrying Victoria, his best friends daughter, which was something that left Emily baffled.

Emily looked at Jordan and said, “Okay, I support you! Victoria wont let me contact you, and she has also blocked your number, but I have a private Instagram account.

You can follow me there.”


Jordan followed Emilys other Instagram account and then said, “Emily, take me to see your sister now.”

Emily quickly refuted, “No, Victoria already wants me to cut off all contact with you.

Shell beat me to death if I bring you to see her.”

Not wanting to make things hard for Emily, Jordan said, “Alright, go back then.

Ill think of a way to look for her myself.”

Emily chuckled and said, “Are you going to act out a romantic scene tonight Ill wait for you at home.

I love watching such scenes the most.”

Emily had a hunch that Jordan would climb over the window or something to see Victoria tonight.

Jordan stroked Emilys hair smilingly and asked Salvatore to send her home.

Afterward, Jordan changed into business attire and instructed Pablo to find a Bentley in Houston.

Jordan drove the Bentley to the Aegean Sea Hills villa.

However, when entering the gate, he encountered a bit of trouble.

Instead of letting Jordan pass, the gatekeeper of the villa asked, “May I ask if you are the owner of the Aegean Sea Hills villa”

Pablo, who was in the drivers seat, answered, “No, were here to look for someone.”

The gatekeeper declined, “Im sorry, but this is an upscale residence, and for the safety of our residents, we cant just let you in.”

It was common for the security officers of many upscale residential areas to prevent cars from entering.

Pablo said to Jordan, who was sitting in the back row, “Mr.

Jordan, it just so happens that I know of a boss who lives in this villa.

Ill call and ask him to come to pick us up.

Please wait a moment.”

Jordan nodded.

Soon, Pablo called a middle-aged man who had an enormous potbelly.

The man was from Houston, and he had once met Pablo in Houston.

He even asked Pablo for help in getting rid of a rival.

When he saw Pablo, the man was elated, and he walked over politely.

“Hey, Pablo, what brings you here”

Pablo, too got out of the car and gave the man a handshake.


Jones, its been a while.

Youre still as unfettered as ever.”

“You flatter me.

Speaking of unfettered, who can compare to you”

Pablo was relatively straightforward too.


Jones, Im here this time to see a friend.

Please tell the gatekeeper to let me drive my car in.”


Jones thought that it was something serious.

When he heard that it was such a trivial matter, he agreed immediately, “No problem, leave it to me!”

After that, Mr.

Jones went to the gatekeeper and said, “Im a resident here.

Theyre my friends.

Let them in quickly!”

The gatekeeper said, “Your friend has to produce his ID.”


Jones said furiously, “What ID! I know who they are.

With my assurance, what other documents do you need!”


Jones knew that Pablo was a big shot, so it was rather embarrassing if he had to show his ID to a mere guard.

The gatekeeper insisted, “Im sorry, but we have strict rules to follow.

We can only let him pass if he shows us his ID.”


Jones said, “You…”

Pablo was rather sensitive about showing his ID, too, because he wasnt a decent person and even had a criminal record.

Pablo laughed and said, “If you need me to show my ID, Ill do it.

Im not a national fugitive anyway.

Would I be afraid of showing you my ID”

Pablo handed his ID to the guard and observed the guards expression carefully as he spoke.

Once the guard showed a strange expression or any intention to call the police, he would knock him out immediately.

However, the guard from Houston clearly didnt know Pablo at all.

After seeing Pablos document, he returned it to him.

“Can I leave now” Pablo said to the guard.

However, the guard shook his head and said, “Your passenger has to show her ID too.”

“Is there something wrong with you Why do you need to see so many documents” Pablo couldnt help but curse.


Jordan didnt want to be nosy, so he eagerly wanted to see Victoria and get a clear explanation from her.

Besides, Jordan didnt do anything wrong either.

Hence, he handed his ID over.

“Quick, take a look!” Pablo said in annoyance as he handed his ID to the guard.

To his surprise, the guards expression changed after seeing it.

“Im sorry, but you cant enter.”

“What did you say Why cant we enter” Pablo asked.

The guard said, “Currently, only residents are allowed to enter.

Since youre not a resident here, you cant enter.”

Pablo was enraged.

“What kind of rules are that Cant I go in to look for someone The residence owner is already here to receive me, and you wont let me in Must I buy a villa here before I can go in”

“You think I cant afford a villa here See what kind of car Im driving!”

The guard smiled and looked at the license plate..

“You guys arent from this city.

I bet you rented that Bentley, huh”


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