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Chapter 302: Blackmailing Jordan!

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At this moment, another guard at the door walked over and pointed at Pablo and Jordans Bentley.

He said, “Yes, they rented this Bentley.

I know the owner of this car, and it isnt them!”

The gatekeeper mocked, “Ah, so its someone using a rented car to pretend to be a rich person to enter our villa.

In that case, all the more, we cant let you in.”

Pablo said furiously, “Thats bull**!”

The Bentley indeed didnt belong to Pablo and Jordan but one of Pablos friends in Houston.

Since Jordan and the others came by private plane and didnt own any cars in Houston, Pablo must have asked his fellow gangsters to get some classy vehicles.

However, they didnt expect the guards to have recognized it and even mocked them for pretending to be rich.

The gatekeeper mocked, “If you cant afford a villa, get lost.

Dont block the entrance.

Our resident will be coming over soon.”

Pablo was so furious that he returned to the car and said to Jordan, “Mr.

Jordan, can I borrow your diamond earrings”

Jordan nodded, and Pablo picked up the diamond earrings before walking towards the gatekeeper again.

“Keep your eyes wide open and look at these.

Theyre diamond earrings worth 57 million dollars! This pair of earrings is enough to buy dozens of villas here!”


Jones eyes lit up when he saw that.

“Oh my God, Pablo, are these earrings the legendary Apollo and Artemis How did you get your hands on such an amazing item”

“Pablo, you have to introduce me to the passenger in your car!”

Anyone with some knowledge would have knelt down on the spot when they saw the pair of earrings that were worth 57 million dollars.

However, the gatekeeper laughed and said, “You must be kidding.

How can a lousy pair of earrings be worth 57 million dollars Hahaha, do you think I havent been to school before”

“Thats right, these earrings are clearly counterfeits.

They probably cost five bucks at most,” said another gatekeeper.

Pablo was enraged.

Showing such an impressive accessory to the gatekeepers was simply a waste of time!

Pablo put the earrings back and hollered at the guards, “Are you people going to let us pass or not If not, Im going to cripple you!”

“Youre going to beat us up, eh Hurry up and call the police!” The gatekeepers didnt chicken out either.

At this moment, Jordan stepped out of the car.

Even at night, Jordans aura could highlight his extraordinariness!

“Pablo, theres no need to argue with a bunch of guards.”

Jordan stopped Pablos movements.

Since talking to this bunch of nobodies was like talking to the wall, he thought that he might as well go directly to their superiors.

“Find out who owns the Aegean Sea Hills villas, and well go straight to the boss,” Jordan instructed.


Pablo immediately called a friend to ask about it.

After a few phone calls, Pablo reported to Jordan, “Mr.

Steele, the Aegean Sea Hills villa owner, is named Clinton Whitley, a very famous local real estate magnate.

Ive just mentioned your name to him, and he is now rushing over.”


Since Clinton knew of Jordan and the J Corporation, everything would be easier to handle.

Pablo pointed at the two guards and said, “When your boss comes later, I want you to kowtow to me and admit your mistakes in front of him!”

However, the guards were still not afraid.

“These are rules set by the higher-ups.

We didnt do anything wrong.

Why should we apologize to you”

Seeing how confident the guards were and how they seemed to be unafraid of losing their jobs, Jordan vaguely felt something was wrong.

Moreover, if only the owner could enter, how did Emily get in just now

Emily didnt own a residence there, and Russell was the only owner of a home there.

“Could it be that Im deliberately being targeted” Jordan thought about it.

Soon, another Bentley came to the Aegean Sea Hills villa entrance.

Next, a middle-aged man in his forties was about 1.6 to 1.7 meters until he walked over.

It was the boss here, the real estate magnate, Clinton.

When Clinton saw Jordan, he immediately smiled and went forward.

“Hey, you must be Mr.

Steele, owner of J Corporation, right Nice to meet you!”

Seeing that Clinton had taken the initiative to greet Jordan politely, Pablo knew that this matter should be over.

Jordan was generally not willing to deal with these messy real estate agents.

However, now, Jordan was being friendly because he was nice.

Jordan smiled and said, “Mr.

Whitlery, hello, nice to meet you.”

Clinton said, “Mr.

Steele, youre a big shot in the leader of the courier and takeaway services, and Ive always wanted to join the industry too!”

Jordan laughed and said, “Youre being too polite, Mr.


If we have the opportunity, we can work together in the future.”

“Deal, but Mr.

Steele, what brings you here Are you planning to buy a villa here”

Jordan actually just wanted to go in to see Victoria.

He had never thought of buying a house here at all.

However, he did not expect the gatekeeper here to be so tricky as to get Clinton to come out.

Since the boss had come, Jordan felt shy about not buying it.

Moreover, Victoria chose to live here, so she must like the environment.

Since she liked it here, Jordan will buy her a villa to live in the villa Jordan purchased in the future, not Russells.

Jordan said, “Thats right, Im going to buy one, but Im in a hurry to see someone now.

Let me in while I get someone else to pay up tomorrow.

As a famous billionaire CEO, he could still afford a villa.

In theory, Clinton had no reason not to trust Jordan,

However, Clinton smiled sinisterly and said, “Mr.

Steele, you have to place an order before you can go in.”

Jordan and Pablo were stunned.

Pablo growled, “Clinton, what do you mean Do you suspect that Mr.

Steele cant buy a villa here”

“Pablo, dont be so rude,” Jordan said.

In the car, Jordan was also disgusted with Clinton now.

Also being a rich and powerful person, Clinton could have taken the opportunity to get to know Jordan more.

He could satisfy Jordans needs in other ways.

After all, one more friend in the business industry is one more way out.

Clinton smiled playfully and said, “Of course I trust you, but you cant enter after just buying one villa.”

“What do you mean” Jordan asked, looking displeased.

Clinton said, “I know that youre wealthy, and Mr.

Walton said that youre the richest man in the country.

Besides, Ive always wanted to join the takeout and courier industry.”

“How about this Buy the entire Aegean Sea Hills, but I wont make you pay cash..

I just want 30% of the shares of J Corporation.

How does that sound”


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