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Chapter 304: Spending 15 Million Dollars To Buy Unsavory Information About Someone!

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Jordan was no longer the “incompetent” live-in husband of Hailey.

He was now the president of J Corporation, who had tens of thousands of subordinates.

Houston was a top-tier city, and he owned numerous businesses, so there were definitely large-scale branch offices here.

Jordan called the general managers of Houston one by one, and asked them to use their connections to call as many people as possible from the business circle of Houston, to go to the Intercontinental Hotel where he stayed at.

Jordan asked Pablo to call the hotel and rent the conference room of the hotel where he was going to hold a cocktail party.

At 9 pm, many people in the business circle of Houston still had meals and socializing while some had already gone home.

However, after receiving the news that J Corporation was going to hold a cocktail party and invite all the businessmen of Houston, they rushed to the Intercontinental Hotel, one after another.

They had heard of the reputation of J Corporation and the authorities of J Corporation had also said that Mr.

Walton would be coming.

Those businessmen were even more eager to come over.

Who wouldnt want to meet Mr.

Walton and have a drink with him

Soon, the conference room of the hotel was filled with businessmen from the business circle of Houston.

They were all dressed decently.

Most of the men were clad in suits and leather shoes, while the women were dressed in elegant dresses of varying lengths.

They were all holding glasses of wine, greeting each other, and exchanging numbers.

Jordan and Pablo were standing by the stage and staring at them.

Pablo was holding the guest list for the cocktail party.

He said to Jordan, “Mr.

Jordan, none of these people are decent businessmen.

Theyre either vice presidents or people who hold low positions in the company.

Those big bosses who hold true power seem to be reluctant to do you the honor.”

Jordan laughed and said, “If it only takes one phone call to get the big bosses to come over, they wouldnt be called big bosses.

I didnt intend to call them over at first.

These small fries are precisely the ones I wanted to invite.”

At this moment, the general manager of the Ubereats branch in Houston picked up the microphone and made a speech on stage.

“Everyone, welcome to Mr.

Steeles cocktail party.

Let us now have the chairman of J Corporation, Mr.

Steele, come on stage and say a few things to everyone!”

Everyone started applauding while Jordan made his way on stage to grab the microphone.

He rarely took part in such events, but today, he wasnt bothered by Victorias sake.

Jordan said to the crowd, “Thank you all for taking the time out of your busy schedules to attend my cocktail party.

I would like to express my gratitude.”

“Its my first time here in Houston.

This is a beautiful city, and I really want to meet some friends from Houston, so Ive organized this cocktail party.”

“However, there is another purpose for this party apart from allowing me to male some friends.”

The hundreds of people on the stage quietly listened to Jordans speech.

Having been businessmen for years, they all understood that Jordan was just being polite by saying that he wanted to befriend them.

Why would the president of the J Corporation, who was worth billions of dollars, bother befriending nobodies like him

The next thing Jordan was going to reveal was probably his true agenda for holding this cocktail party!

Jordan asked, “Do you all know a businessman in Houston, named Clinton Whitley”

Someone below the stage answered.

“Yes, hes a real estate magnate!”

“The Aegean Sea Hills villa belongs to him!”

Jordan nodded and continued, “Im willing to fork out 15 million dollars to buy any controversial news you have about Clinton Whitley.

As long as you give me sufficient evidence about Clinton Whitley, the 15 million dollars will be given to you!”

Hearing this, there was instantly an uproar in the venue of the cocktail party.

“15 million Oh my, how did Clinton offend Mr.


“15 million for just one piece of controversial news and evidence.

Unfortunately, I havent contacted Clinton Whitley.

No, I have to call and ask my friend if he knows.”

“Ill call too! Mr.

Steele is so rich, he promised 15 million dollars.

Im sure he wont renegade!”

Everyone started calling.

Jordan said, “Everyone, you can inform your friends about this too so that they can all stand a chance to win 15 million dollars.”

“If anyone has any information to reveal, please come to my room to see me.

My room is the presidential suite on the top floor.”

After saying that, Jordan left the conference hall.

Pablo followed Jordan and pressed the elevator button for him in advance.

After entering the elevator, he asked, “Mr.

Steele, how are you so sure that there is evidence against Clinton Whitley Did you know him”

Jordans plan was already obvious.

Since Clinton wanted to blackmail Jordan for billions of dollars, Jordan spent 15 million dollars to get hold of evidence against him.

There might be some evidence of his crimes among them.

When the time comes, Jordan would have the evidence and there wouldnt be a need for him to spend a few billions to get him to compromise.

Clinton had long begged him!

Of course, Pablo had already guessed what Jordan wanted to do, but he just couldnt understand why Jordan was so certain that there was evidence against Clinton.

‘Could it be that the two of them had known each other since a while ago

Jordan said, “Pablo, I heard from Frank that you like learning.

I suggest you read some books about humanity.”

“If you can understand, youd realize that Clintons demand for me to give him a few billion dollars is enough to show how terrifyingly evil he is.”

“His guts and evilness definitely didnt develop overnight but over time.”

“Just like you gangsters.

Im sure none of you were born with the guts to kill someone immediately.

You must have developed your bravery by minor scuffles since you were kids.”

Pablo nodded and said, “So, Mr.

Steele, youre assuming that Clinton Whitley must have extorted lots of people before, which is why he dares to provoke you.”

Jordan said, “Like those who work in the entertainment industry, businessmen all have marred backgrounds.

Even without analyzing these, the majority have evidence against them.

Lets just wait quietly.”

At this moment, Clinton, who had just driven to the Aegean Sea Hills villa, had already driven in because he predicted Jordan would call him to beg him to let him enter soon.

Inside the luxurious villa, the 1.67-meter-tall Clinton was hugging a 1.75-meter-tall long-legged beauty who was in her early twenties.

She obviously wasnt Clintons wife.

“Clinton, whats making you so happy today”

The long-legged beauty asked and picked up an apple, which she then fed to Clinton.

Clinton took a bite out of it and laughed.

“Hehe, Ill soon be able to get 30% of the shares of J Corporation.

Russell is quite a loyal friend.

He didnt forget to count me in on such a good deal.”

“J Corporation What kind of company is that Is it very impressive” the beautiful woman asked.

Clinton slapped the beautys long legs and said, “It seems that you only grew in height but your brain didnt develop.

How could you not know about the J Corporation If I get 30% of the shares of the J Corporation, I will become a big shot in the local takeout and courier industry!”

“Huh That sounds really impressive.

Clinton, you cant dump me after you get your hands on the shares,” the beauty said coquettishly.

Clinton laughed sinisterly and said, “That will depend on your performance then.


At this very moment, Clintons cell phone suddenly rang.


What did you say Jordan spent 15 million dollars to get evidence against me!”


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