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Chapter 305: Clinton Spends 80 Million Dollars!

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Clinton immediately became nervous!

None of the real estate magnates had a clean background.


Clinton had been doing rather well in recent years and hadnt gone overboard but in the early years of his career, he had resorted to all malicious means to get the land he wanted!

All of a sudden, Clinton received a call again from one of his former business partners.

“Hello.” Clinton immediately answered the call.

The person on the other end of the line said, “Clinton, why did you ignore me after you became rich We can run a business together and earn some money.”


“I heard that someone offered 15 million dollars for evidence against you.

I know exactly what you did when we were business partners.”

With a sullen expression on his face, Clinton barked, “Youre mad! Do you think you can get away with it if something happens to me”

The person on the other end of the line said while laughing, “Calm down, Clinton, dont get so worked up.

I didnt say I was going to expose you.

If I wanted to expose you, would I call you Youre my buddy.

How can I possibly betray you”

“However, Clinton, Im rather cash-strapped lately.

Lend me 8 million dollars.”


He asked for 8 million dollars!

Besides, he sounded like he didnt have any intentions of returning the money!

If Jordans incident didnt happen, he would have just ignored this mans request for a loan.

However, in this situation, if he didnt lend that man 8 million dollars, he might really expose Clinton for 15 million dollars if he were to be forced into a corner!

Clinton said, “Buddy, Ill have someone transfer 8 million dollars into your account.

Were close business partners and I want to rope you in for my next project.

Rest assured, Ill count you in on any lucrative business opportunities that I come across in the future!”

Clinton had finally comforted his “buddy”.


He then transferred 8 million dollars to him.

However, just after the transfer, Clinton received another phone call from an unfamiliar number.

“Hello, whos speaking”

“Im Wayne.”

An icy cold voice came out of the phone.


Clintons expression changed drastically after hearing those words!

Wayne was Clintons former chauffeur!


Besides, he wasnt just his chauffeur.

He had once taken the rap for Clinton when Clinton ran someone over and killed them while drink-driving.

Of course, Clinton used money and connections to settle it privately with the deceaseds family.

Hence, Wayne didnt have to go to jail.

However, since then, Wayne was forced to leave Houston.

“You… Why are you calling me” Clinton asked cautiously.

Wayne was the only one who knew that Clinton had run someone over and killed them.

He had already paid Wayne to seal his lips and make him leave Houston.

Wayne said, “Boss, the one who killed someone with your car that night was clearly you, but you made me take the rap.

Now, those people are still after me and I cant take it anymore.

I want them to know the truth!”

“Wayne! Dont be impulsive! Lets talk things over slowly!” Clinton said agitatedly.

He was really afraid that this matter would be exposed.

Wayne said over the phone, “Im cash-strapped.

I need 40 million dollars!”

When Clinton heard Wayne was asking for a large sum of money, Clinton immediately flew into a rage and cursed, “Wayne, youre out of your mind! Ive already given you 8 million dollars as a hush fee! How dare you ask me for 40 million dollars!!”

“How dare you blackmail me Do you know I can easily make you disappear with just millions of dollars Go take a look in the mirror.

Do you think youre worth 40 million dollars”

Wayne said furiously, “If you wont give me 40 million dollars, Ill go get 15 million dollars from Mr.


“What How do you know…”

Clinton froze, knowing that Wayne was overseas.

However, he didnt expect that even Wayne, who wasnt in town, would know about Jordans offer of 15 million dollars for the controversial news about Clinton!


It seemed that he knew about the matter of Jordan offering 15 million dollars for evidence against Clinton in the business circle of Houston.

As Clintons former chauffeur, Wayne must have received a call from someone who asked him about Clinton.

Wayne continued, “I heard that Mr.

Steele is spending a lot of money on this.

If I tell him youre offering 40 million dollars, he might increase the price to 50 million dollars.


Clinton panicked.

In terms of money alone, Clinton could never defeat Jordan.

Clinton quickly gave in, “Wayne, you have been working with me for years and I treat you like my brother.

Ive indeed given you too little previously.

Fine, Ill give you 40 million dollars!”

Clinton had no choice but to spend another 40 million dollars to seal Waynes lips.

However, Clintons phone soon rang again.

“Hello…” Clinton began to shiver after picking up.

The man on the other end of the line said, “Haha, Mr.

Whitley, its been a long time.

Have you heard that someone is offering 15 million dollars to buy some evidence against you”

“Ive been working in your company for years.

I know exactly how our company helps people make fake divorce certificates, create fake cash flow statements, conceal profits and make false tax returns.”

“Dont worry, Mr.

Whitley, I wont go to Jordan Steele, that man from another city.

How about you give me 30 million dollars”

In less than an hour, Clinton spent close to 100 million dollars as hush fees.

Clinton was not a multi-billionaire like Jordan.

He had most had a few hundred millions, so 100 million dollars would put a great dent in his bank!


Clintons phone was still ringing.


Clinton picked up the phone and threw it to the side!

He didnt dare to answer the call again because whenever he did, he would have to pay millions or even dozens of millions! The price of answering the phone was too high!

Unable to tolerate it any longer, Clinton picked up his cell phone and called Russell.


However, Russell sounded extremely calm.

Clinton said, “Russell, bad news.

Jordan Steele is spending 15 million dollars to buy evidence against me!”

Russell said calmly, “Well, I heard about it.

But you dont have to worry, the businessmen in Houston are very united and have always been very biased against outsiders.”

“Even if someone knows about your previous misdeeds, they wont offend you and benefit outsiders.

Just settle it with money.”

Clinton was on the verge of tears.

He said, “I settled it with money.

I have spent close to a hundred million in a short while!”

“I initially wanted to blackmail Jordan for a few hundred millions, but I ended up losing close to a hundred million instead! This is infuriating!”

Russell was surprised, too.

“A hundred million What have you done in the past years Why did you have to spend so much money to keep their mouths shut”

Clinton and Russell were only business partners and not biological brothers.

How could he confess to Russell about the crimes he had committed

If he told anyone about it, theyd have a handle on him.

Clinton stammered, “Anyway, I spent close to a hundred million today for nothing because of you.

You know Im cash-strapped now, you have to help me with the money.”

Russell was enraged too.

“You still want me to pay for this 100 million You were the ones who committed those crimes yourself.

Why should I pay for you!”

“I took the initiative to look for you regarding Jordans matter, but I was giving you a good opportunity and some help.

If we split the shares between us, youll have enough to spend for the rest of your life!”

“Youre obviously the incompetent one who created so much trouble.

Jordan got a hold on you and youre blaming me for it”

“Solve your own problems.

If you dont want to cooperate, get lost.

There are lots of people who want to cooperate with me!”

After saying that, Russell hung up the phone.


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