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Chapter 307: Begging To Enter The Villa On His Knees!

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Jordan smiled and instructed Pablo, “Give this lady the reward of 15 million dollars and then send this video to Clinton Whitley.

The game is over.”

Pablo still did not understand what was going on.

“Whats happening Why is this video worth so much money”

Jordan looked at the middle-aged woman and said, “The point is not Clinton Whitleys son but the tall kid next to him, right”

The middle-aged woman gave Jordan a thumbs-up and said, “Yes, yes, that kid is the son of a government official whom Clinton Whitley is very close to.

That official is the one who helped Clinton Whitley clinch lots of his development projects.

If something happens to him, Clinton wont be able to bear the consequences.”

Pablo smiled as he finally understood what was going on.

He quickly sent the video to Clinton.

After Clinton saw the content of the video, he was so scared on the spot that he returned the call immediately.


“Hello, is this Mr.


“What are you looking for Mr.


“Buddy, please hand the phone to Mr.


I have something urgent to say to him, please!”

Clinton lowered himself and even seemed extremely nervous.

Pablo handed the phone to Jordan, who grabbed it and then said blatantly, “What do you think will happen once I publicize that video I just sent you”

Clinton said, “Please dont do that.

You mustnt publicize the video.

Once the video gets out, my son wont be able to stay in that school anymore and hell probably be sent to jail.”

“On the account that my son is still young and insensible, will you please give him a chance Ill give you a million dollars, okay”

Jordan cursed on the spot.

“I bought the video for 15 million dollars and youre going to give me a million”

“Tell me who sold the video to you and Ill give you 15 million dollars!” Clinton said with a murderous aura.

Jordan humphed coldly and said, “Do you think I will tell you Also, you dont really think I dont know what the value of this video is, do you Do you need me to tell you the name of the kid who beat up another classmate together with your son, and who his parents are!!”


Steele! Mr.

Steele!” Clinton immediately sounded like he was sobbing.


Steele, I was wrong.

You must not publicize the video or itll be over for me!”

‘The helper was right.

The father of the other kid in the video should be Clintons backer.

If his backers son were to have such behavior, it would be detrimental to his career and image.

Knowing that Jordan wanted to go inside his villa to look for someone, Clinton immediately said, “Mr.

Steele, it was all just a misunderstanding just now.

You want to enter the Aegean Sea Hills, right Come on, Ill receive you at the door and bring you in!”


Clintons face repulsed Jordan.

Jordan said, “I had to stay outside just because you didnt want to let me in and now that you say I can go in, must I do so obediently, too Who do you think you are How dare you order me like that!!”

Jordan hung up right away.


Steele! Mr.


Inside the villa, Clinton kept calling Jordan, only to realize that he had already hung up.

Feeling incredibly anxious, he tried to call again, but Jordan refused to even answer!

“No, I have to find him and make sure he doesnt spread the video.”

Clinton remembered that a few hours ago, Jordan said that he would make him get on his knees to beg him to let him in while crying.

He initially thought that Jordan was just making a childish remark, but now, it seems to come true!

Jordan was clearly intending for Clinton to beg him!

“Clinton, where are you going Has that man agreed to give you 30% of the shares of the J Corporation When you become the president of the J Corporation, let me be the deputy president.”

The long-legged beauty came over and hugged Clinton.

In a moment of anger, Clinton slapped the woman on the face and hollered, “Get lost! Deputy president my foot!”

Clinton sped all the way to the Intercontinental Hotel in his car and arrived in the presidential suite where Jordan was.



Clinton swallowed his pride and looked at Jordan smilingly in a wretched manner.

“What are you doing here” Jordan asked, despite already knowing the answer.

Clinton said, “Mr.

Steele, Ive come to pick you up to go to the Aegean Sea Hills villa! I know your woman, Victoria Clarke, is in there!”


Before Jordan even did anything, Pablo slapped Clinton and barked, “Bastard.

You knew that Mr.

Steeles girl was in there and you refused to let him in just now You even tried to blackmail him!”

Clinton covered his face and tried his best to bear with the pain.


Steele, I didnt have a choice.

It was that scoundrel Russell who insisted that Miss Clarke stay in my villa.

He even told me he wanted to ask you for 30% of the shares of J Corporation and once I do, hed take 20% and give me 10%.”

“I admire Mr.

Steele and Miss Clarke so much.

You two are the power couple of the business world, so I turned him down immediately!”

“But Russell Miller forced me to cooperate, and I had no choice but to give in because he has a hold on me!”

Jordan smiled, not knowing whether he was telling the truth.

“You do have a lot of evidence against you.

Weve now collected dozens of pieces of evidence against you.”

Clinton was helpless.

‘Is there so much

Clinton was now transparent to Jordan, who was well aware of what his trump cards were.

Clinton swallowed his pride and fell to the ground with a loud thud.


Steele, please make a trip to Aegean Sea Hills, Im begging you!”

Jordan had said before that if Clinton didnt let him in at that moment, he would soon beg him to go in.

At this moment, it really came true.

Jordan didnt want to waste his time with a piece of garbage like Clinton, either.

He had long wanted to see Victoria.

Jordan got up and once again rode in Pablos car to Aegean Sea Hills villa.

This time, the two guards at the door were saluting to him.

“Dogs, if you dare to stop us again in the future, Ill break your legs!”

Pablo cursed at the guards.

If Jordan wasnt in a hurry to see Victoria and thus didnt have the time to waste on them, Pablo would have long thrown them into the sea.

Soon, under Clintons lead, the few of them stopped at a villa.

Clinton walked over and opened the car door for Jordan.

Pointing to the villa in front of him, he said, “Mr.

Steele, this is the villa where Miss Victoria Clarke lives.

The lights are still on, so she hasnt slept yet.

Please go inside.”

“Also, before you enter, can you please destroy the video…”

Jordan remembered Clinton had just tried to blackmail him for tens of billions of dollars, which still irked him.

He would be letting Clinton off too easily by releasing him now.

Jordan looked around the villa area, only to discover that the environment and decor were rather good.

It could be considered a first-class residential area in Houston.

Jordan said, “The villas here are built rather well and I really like it.

I want to buy a set for our men.

One for Victoria and me, one for my sister-in-law, Emily, one for Pablo, one for Salvatore.

In total…”

Hearing Jordan saying that he wanted to buy some villas, Tim immediately ran up from behind and said, “Mr.

Steele, dont forget me!”

Jordan glanced at Tim and said, “One for Tim.

I need five, Mr.

Whitley, sell five villas to me.”

Clinton smiled and said, “Yes, yes, our average price here is…”

Jordan said, “Give him a hundred grand.

Each villa costs $20,000.

Accept it, I cant take them for free.”

Clintons face turned pale.


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