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Chapter 308: Barging Into Victorias Room!

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‘Seriously, buddy, cut it out.

Each villa here costs at least a few million dollars.

Yet, youre only going to pay me $20,000!

‘This is daylight robbery!

Upon hearing that they could own a villa for $20,000, Pablo and Salvatore were overjoyed.

They chorused in unison, “Thank you, Mr.


Pablo and his gang had traveled from Orlando to Texas, then to DC, and now to Houston.

It can be said that they were given plenty of dangerous tasks, but they never once complained.

Besides, they werent like Jordans employees, so he couldnt give them a salary.

Even if he were to give them money, they might not want it.

Hence, Jordan also wanted to give Pablo some benefits.

Giving each of them a multi-million-dollar villa would be considered a reward for their hard work and to make them devote themselves to working hard for him in the future.

Clinton was on the verge of tears.

With a miserable look on his face, he said to Jordan, “Mr.

Steele, dont joke with me.

I cant sell you five villas for a hundred grand.”

“To be honest with you, Ive spent tens of millions in one night to bribe others from giving you the evidence against me.

Ive spent all my liquid funds.”

“Im now a penniless man now.If you want me to give you five villas, Ill probably become a beggar tomorrow!”

Clinton pretended to be pitiful, trying to gain Jordans sympathy.

However, after Jordan found out that there was so much condemning evidence against Clinton and learned that he was a sly, cunning, vicious and heartless scoundrel, he was eager to see Clinton becoming a beggar.

Pablo put his arm around Clintons shoulder and said, “Mr.

Whitely stop lying.

Youve offended Mr.


Do you think its possible for Mr.

Steele to forgive you without taking some villas from you”

“Besides, its not like were not going to pay for it.

Were going to give you a hundred grand for them.”

‘A hundred grand

‘Youre making it sound like its a huge sum!

‘These five villas are worth millions of dollars in total!

Clinton really wanted to cry, and he hated himself for being so greedy for money, only to end up provoking such a formidable person like Jordan!

Jordan was no longer in the mood to talk to Clinton about these.

Victoria was very close by and he couldnt wait to see her.

“It feels as if it has been a century since I saw Victoria…”

Jordan sighed with emotion.

He had been really busy with Hailey, Brad, and Chloe lately and thus neglected Victoria.

Jordan quickly walked towards the gate of the villa.

However, just as he walked in, two figures suddenly leaped out of the courtyard.

“What are you trying to do”

The two of them stopped Jordan from going further.

Jordan frowned and turned around to glance at Clinton.

Clinton hurriedly explained innocently, “This has nothing to do with me.

Theyre Russells underlings, not mine.”

It seemed that Russell was long aware that Jordan would come to look for Victoria, so he specially sent people to obstruct him.

The man yelled overbearingly, “This is the private residence of Mr.

Miller, the wealthiest man in Houston! Irrelevant nobodies, stay as far away as possible!”

The richest man in Houston.

What a formidable-sounding title!

Seeing that Jordan had been rebuffed again, Clinton hurriedly said, “Mr.

Steele, its not that I dont want to help you, but Russell paid for this place, so he has the right to stop others from entering.

Theres nothing I can do about it either.”

Jordan said coldly, “I dont need you.”

He then said to Pablo and Salvatore, “Get rid of these two people immediately!”

Jordan had arrived at the entrance, where he was extremely close to Victoria.

He couldnt care less about whose home it was.

Anyone who stops him from seeing the person he loved would have to die!


Pablo and Salvatore had just received villas that were worth millions each.

Hence, they quickly dragged those two people away.

“Hey, what are you doing Im recording a video!”

The man in the courtyard threatened.

However, Pablo snatched his cell phone away and ruthlessly smashed it on the ground before stomping hard on it.

The other man, on the other hand, hurriedly picked up the phone to make a call, and when Salvatore saw it, he quickly chased after him.

“Scoundrel, how dare you call your boss Im going to kill you!”

However, Jordan said to Salvatore, “Let him call all he wants! I must enter Russell Millers house today and ask him just who gave him the guts to snatch my wife!”

After saying that, Jordan walked straight to the door of the room in the villa.


Jordan knocked on the door and called out, “Victoria.”

“Victoria, its me, Jordan.”

Jordan called twice in a row, but there was no response in the villa and no one came to open the door for Jordan either.

All of a sudden, the lights in the villa, which were originally on, went out.

“Why did they turn off the lights as soon as Mr.

Jordan knocked on the door”

Salvatore and the others were bewildered.

They obviously didnt want to see Jordan!

Jordan was incredibly lost.

He had flown all the way to Houston to see her, and yet she refused to let him in or even see him.

However, Victoria had just broken up with him for no reason, so there was no way Jordan would be able to accept it without meeting her!

Next to him, Clinton said, “Mr.

Steele, Miss Clarke, is probably tired.

Why dont you come back tomorrow I promise youll be able to enter as and when you please.”

How could Jordan wait until tomorrow!

He couldnt even wait a minute longer!

Jordan walked towards Clinton and asked, “Do you know which room Victoria lives in and on which floor”

Clinton took Jordan a few steps to the left, pointed to the room on the third floor, and said, “She stays in the room on the third floor, which has a wind chime on its window.”

“When Miss Victoria moved in, I was the one who accompanied her and Russell, so I know very well which one it is.”

Jordan nodded.

Clinton asked, “Youre not going to climb the window, are you It wont be easy to climb so high and the average person cant handle it.

Its dark at night, dont fall.

You really dont have to do this.”

Clinton only knew that Jordan was the wealthy president of an established company, but he didnt know that Jordans greatest advantage wasnt his riches.

At this moment, Pablo had already found two handrails from the trunk of the car that could be latched onto the wall easily.

With their help, he leaped up and quickly got to the third floor.

The window on the third floor was open, so Jordan didnt have to exert much strength at all.

He simply pushed it open and jumped right into it.

“Hey, Mr.

Steele, youre quite skilled! Not bad! Not bad!”

Clinton was surprised.

Pablo and others looked like they had already gotten used to seeing this.

‘This is a usual practice for Mr.


After Jordan jumped into the bedroom on the third floor, he could smell a fresh scent in the room.

“What a familiar scent… this is Victorias room indeed!”

Previously, Jordan had spent plenty of time living with Victoria, so he couldnt be mistaken about her scent.

There was no one on the bed in the bedroom, but there was a svelte figure standing by the door.

Because of the lack of light, the hose was rather dim and the person couldnt be seen if the windows were closed.

‘This tall woman has a voluptuous figure.

Hah, she must be Victoria!

If Jordan couldnt even recognize her, he didnt deserve to be her boyfriend!


Jordan scurried over and hugged her slender waist tightly from behind.

He was just about to kiss her.

Who knew…

“Jordan, what are you doing!”


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