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Chapter 309: Victoria: Its Over Between Us!

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A familiar womans voice sounded.

However, that voice came not from Victoria, but her sister Emily!

Jordan was enjoying the feeling of reuniting with his loved one after a long time.

However, after hearing Emilys voice, he quickly retracted his hands and took a step back, like he had been electrocuted.

Fortunately, the lights in the house were not on at this moment, so no one saw how awkward Jordan was.

“Em… Emily”

Jordan stammered.

‘What a close shave.

If Emily had called out a second later, I would have kissed her.

If Victoria were to see that scene, he wouldnt be able to explain himself at all.

Jordan frantically switched on the lights in the room and when he saw it was indeed Emily, he said, “Emily, what are you doing here Isnt this Victorias room”

Jordan suspected Clinton was lying to him.

Emily was also blushing, and a little too scared to look at Jordan.

She said awkwardly, “This is Victorias room.

I came upstairs to get something but as soon as I entered, Victoria suddenly asked me to switch off the lights.”

“Its dark in here and I have night blindness.

I dont dare to wander about too.

Ill just stand here.”

Jordan said, “Oh, I see.”

After Emily saw Jordan, she suddenly giggled playfully and teased, “Jordan, youre really something.

You actually really climbed in through the window to see my sister.

I really like this plot!”

Jordan shook his head and asked, “Where is your sister”

Emily pointed outside and said, “Shes in the living room on the first floor.

Quickly, go beg for her forgiveness.

Ill wait for your good news.”

“Hey, do you need me to bring you another pillow If Victoria forgives you later, shell definitely come upstairs to sleep.

Well, you guys havent met each other for such a long time.


Emily secretly giggled, thinking to herself that Victoria was very fond of joking with Jordan.

Jordan looked at Victorias bed and said, “Its okay, Victoria and I will move out once we make up.”

“This is Russells home.

I dont want you guys to live here.”

“By the way, Emily, I also bought a few villas here.

One for Victoria and one for you.”

Hearing this, Emily froze on the spot.

“What did you say You want to buy me one villa here”

Jordan nodded with a smile.


Emily got excited and hugged Jordan on the spot.

She even kissed Jordan on the cheek and exclaimed, “Thank you, Jordan! Youre the best!”

Feeling extremely awkward, Jordan frantically wiped the spot on his cheek that Emily had just kissed.

“If your sister saw that, shell ignore me even if I spend the entire night trying to convince her.”

However, Emily was very bold and liberal.

She said, “Haha, its alright, Ive already removed my makeup and Im not wearing any lipstick.

Just go, press on!”

Jordan checked the mirror carefully and walked out, only after confirming that there was no way Victoria could tell anything.

It was still dark outside the room.

Jordan turned on the flashlight of his cell phone and slowly came down the stairs.

He then whispered in the empty villa, “Victoria, Im here.”

When Jordan came to the living room on the first floor, Victoria, who was sitting on the sofa, also finally took out the remote control and turned on the lights in the living room.

The lights turned on and Jordan saw Victoria again.

She seemed to be much skinnier this time compared to when they met, but she was still as elegant as ever.

Victoria raised her head to look at Jordan, but after taking a look, she looked away with a shifty gaze before saying, “This is Russells house.

Its illegal for you to barge in like this.”

Jordan didnt expect Victoria to chide him for his behavior as soon as they met.

Jordan knew Victoria must be upset with him, so he quickly scurried over to hold her hands.

He said, “Victoria, Im sorry for not being able to spend time with you lately.

Its my fault.

Please dont be upset with me anymore, okay”

Victoria shook his hand off and said coldly, “Mr.

Steele, please respect yourself! I… Im Russells fiancée now.”

Jordan looked down and suddenly noticed the ring Victoria was wearing on her ring finger at the moment.

The moment he saw the ring, Jordans heart collapsed~

“This ring… isnt the one I gave you.

Is it from Russell Have you really agreed to Russells proposal”

Victoria had actually agreed to Russells proposal!

Her marriage to Russell was not a joke.

She was being serious about marrying Russell!

Victoria didnt dare to look directly at Jordan.

Instead, she looked elsewhere and said, “Yes, Im going to marry him soon.”

Jordans heart was extremely cold.

He never thought that he would one day see the woman he loved the most, wearing a wedding ring given by another man,on her ring finger!

Jordan once again apologized to Victoria, “Victoria, are you acting like this because of my children”

“I can assure you that neither Haileys child nor Laurens child can inherit my familys property.”

“Only our children will have the right to inherit my assets.

Will that do”

Victoria said coldly, “I wont have children with you.”

Jordan began to wonder if it was because Victoria had found out that she was infertile.

After all, Victoria was already 30 years old and had been Russells mistress for three years.

In the past three years, Russell might have destroyed her to the point that she could no longer have children, but Jordan would never know.

Victoria calmed down for a while before raising her head to look at Jordan.

“I was intending to ask to meet you and explain it clearly to you.

Since were here, Ill tell you clearly face to face.”

“Jordan, its over between us.

Weve already broken up and there wont be a good ending for us.”

“You and I belong to different worlds.

Youre from a wealthy family, while Im just a fatherless orphan.

Besides, youre so young and Im older than you.

Ive been someones mistress too.

Ive long lost my purity and chastity.”

“Moreover, you now have children with two other women who are young and beautiful, and are born to wealthy families too.”

“Youd better stay together with your childs mother and give her a complete family.”

When Jordan heard Victorias words, he couldnt help but fly into a rage.

“Victoria, what nonsense are you babbling!”

“You want me to break up with you and get back together with Hailey Camden Its not like you dont know how many times she has hurt me!”

“As for Lauren… she is indeed a wonderful woman, but I dont have any feelings for her at all.”

“No woman in this world can compare to you!”

“Victoria, Ive never been bothered by your past, so will you stop dwelling on the past!”


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