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Chapter 31: Haileys Pique

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Jordan was baffled again.

‘Is there something wrong with this fool, Tyler Collins brain

What kind of nonsense are you talking about

Tyler thought that he was smart enough to have figured it out.

When he thought about what Ashley and her colleagues said about someone kneeling down just now, he reckoned that Jordan must have gotten on his knees in front of Victoria!

He thought Jordan must have kneeled down to beg for Victorias forgiveness and plead with her to let him be her bodyguard.

Tyler said, “Jordan Steele, werent you acting all noble and lofty at the birthday banquet yesterday At that time, Miss Clarke asked you to be her bodyguard, but you turned her down.

After that, we all thought you were really bold enough to rather die than succumb!”

“Haha, I didnt expect you to end up getting out of bed early in the morning to get dressed and come here in a bodyguards suit to beg Miss Clarke to let you be her lackey!”

“Miss Clarke, you mustnt agree.

During the banquet yesterday, you said that you would make sure Jordan Steele doesnt get to make a living here in the future!”

After the secretary Ashley, who was standing outside the door, heard her words, she was so shocked that she couldnt believe her ears.

Miss Clarke wanted to cut off all of Mr.

Steeles means of a livelihood

Oh my God, is that true

Victoria was boiling with fury.

‘How dare Tyler Collins put me in a spot in public and let the employees know how disrespectful I was to the president of the corporation!!


Victoria slapped him again!

“Bastard! When did I ever say that!! Get out of here now! Youre not allowed to set foot in this company again.” She continued, “Also, the employee who brought him up here is to be fired immediately!”

Tyler covered his face in pain and misery.

He was the scion of the Collins, and yet, he was slapped twice in public!

However, since it was Victorias territory, Tyler didnt dare to speak to her aggressively.

Thus, he had no choice but to vent his anger on Jordan, shouting, “Jordan Steele, dont think that we cant do anything to you just because youre Victoria Clarkes bodyguard! Just you wait, Ill make sure that you end up homeless and get put behind bars soon!”

In low spirits, Tyler headed downstairs and returned to his car.

Then, in a moment of fury, he continuously slammed his hands hard against the steering wheel.

“Victoria Clarke, you bitch! Youre just a pretty face who relied on men to get to the top! So who are you to slap me!! Once I subdue Hailey Camden, Ill make sure you kneel in front of me and call me Daddy one day! Im going to give you a hard time, you bitch!”

“I have to quickly inform the Camdens about that good-for-nothing Jordan Steele becoming Victoria Clarkes bodyguard.”

An hour later, in the Camdens villa.

“What did you say That loser Jordan Steele became Victoria Clarkes bodyguard”

Old Mrs.

Camden was shocked to hear what Tyler said.

Even Hailey, Herman, Elle, Drew, and Benedict were surprised.

Tyler said, “Yes, I saw it with my own eyes.

Jordan took a document from Victoria Clarke in her office.”

“I also heard from the employees of Ace Corporation that Jordan kneeled down the second he saw Victoria and begged her for forgiveness.”

“Victoria showed an interest in Jordan yesterday, and I think Victoria gave in because she was softhearted toward him.”

Hearing this, Hailey clenched her fists furiously.

“That bastard Jordan Steele! He actually kneeled down for another woman! Ive been married to him for three years, and hes never kneeled down to me!”

“I gave him several chances to kneel down and admit to his mistakes.

As long as he got on his knees to beg me, I wont divorce him or call the cops on him.

But, he didnt end up kneeling down!”

“Yet, he kneeled down in front of another woman so quickly!”

The more Hailey spoke, the more agitated and aggrieved she was, so much that she was on the verge of tears.

It was indeed a great shame and insult to the Camdens.

Drew sneered and gibed, “Hailey, how have you been educating him in the past three years He got on his knees for another woman instead of his wife.

Thats such an embarrassment for our family.”

Elle also took the opportunity to mock, “Hailey, it seems that you are still not charming enough! If Jordan was my husband, I would definitely let him kneel down and wash my feet every day, from the very first day of our marriage!”

Even Old Mrs.

Camden found it embarrassing and thus started reprimanding Hailey and her parents.

“You cant even tame and discipline a live-in son-in-law within three years! Youre so incompetent! If you had disciplined him as Elle said, would he have dared to hit Drew”

Hailey clenched her fists even more tightly and barked, “If I were given another chance to make him my husband, I would make him kneel before me from morning until night! Unfortunately, for the past three years, Ive been too nice to him!”

In fact, for the past three years, Hailey had really treated Jordan pretty well.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have fallen in love with her.

However, Hailey now seemed to have regretted being so gentle with him.

Hailey felt humiliated because Victoria managed to make Jordan kneel down in front of her while she didnt.

The person she was most jealous of now was Victoria!

Hailey said, “Grandma, Victoria Clarke went back on her words.

Yesterday, she swore that she would stand in solidarity with the Camdens and make sure Jordan can never survive in this city in the future.

Yet, she took him as her bodyguard today.

We should cut off all ties with her and deal with her!”


Old Mrs.

Camden slapped Hailey on her face and rebuked, “What nonsense are you spouting!!

Victoria Clarke still holds the $11 million that is to be invested in our project.

How can we turn against her!!”

Herman humphed coldly.

“Hailey, I know youre jealous of Miss Clarke, but shes more tactful and competent than you.

So you have to accept it even if you dont want to.”

Hailey turned beet red.

She couldnt take it lying down!

“Since you guys wont help me, Ill go look for them at Ace Corporation on my own!”


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