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Chapter 310: Ive Never Loved You!

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However, Jordans words still failed to make Victoria waver.

Victorias attitude remained resolute, and he said, “If you dont want to marry Hailey or Lauren, you can find someone else.

Youre the scion of the Steele family so you can get any woman you want.”

“If you prefer mature women like me, you can look for one too.”

“Anyway, its over between us.”

Jordan really did not expect that Victoria would be so decisive towards him, not giving him a chance to beg for mercy at all.

If Victoria was just angry with Jordan, her anger should have subsided a little, since he had apologized.

However, Victorias attitude had been very firm since the beginning and she was just bent on breaking up with Jordan!

Jordan looked at Victoria and asked, “Victoria, do you have a secret that you cant tell me about Did that old fogy Russell say something to you”

Victoria looked away and walked to the side before saying, “It has nothing to do with Russell at all.

Youve just been deceived by me all this while.

Ive never liked you before!”

“What did you say You have never liked me” Jordan did not expect Victoria to say such a thing.

Victoria said, “Yes, Ive never genuinely adored you in the past and Ive only been toying with you and keeping you around as a boy toy, just like how you wealthy men make young and beautiful girls your mistress.”

“I only got together with you because youre handsome and physically fit enough to satisfy me.”

“I have never, never, never genuinely liked you!”

Victorias words once again stabbed Jordans heart like a knife!

‘Victoria was only toying with me

‘No, I dont believe such an absurd excuse!

“I dont believe it, I dont believe it! You are not that kind of woman at all!” Jordan said hysterically.

Rachel would definitely do something like that because she had always enjoyed making young men her boy toys.

Victoria humphed coldly and said, “Jordan, youre too pure.

Its no wonder that you got deceived by Hailey so many times.

Even her child doesnt belong to you.”

“Even a young woman like Hailey can have you wrapped around her finger.

Its a piece of cake for a mature woman like me whos much more experienced than her, to deceive you!”

“Jordan, Ive gotten sick of you and Ive toyed with you enough.

Dont pester me again in the future!”

Victoria deliberately used Hailey to spite Jordan because she knew Hailey had hurt Jordan the most.

Jordan was indeed hurt by Victoria, but he still didnt believe that she would be like Hailey!

“I dont believe it, I dont believe it at all!”

Jordan was absolutely certain that Victorias feelings for him were true!

Jordan didnt know why Victoria would say those words.

He thought perhaps she was furious with him or perhaps she really wasnt confident in their relationship and future.

However, no matter what, Jordan believed that Victoria still had feelings for him now.

He stopped listening to her speak and instead, leaped over to force a kiss onto her!

Prolonging an argument between lovers would only strain the relationship even further.

Sometimes, words may not be as effective as a kiss.

Previously, Jordan and Victoria would occasionally have tiffs, but everything would be fine once Jordan kissed her.

However, this time, Victoria pushed Jordan away with all her might and then raised her hand to slap him as soon as he kissed her!


Victorias hand landed on Jordans face.

Although the slap wasnt hard, Jordan was dumbstruck.

Even when Jordan pretended to have been kicked out by the family and had to live off of Victoria, Victoria had always respected him and never despised or disrespected him like Hailey did.

It is even more unlikely that she would slap Jordan.

However, this time, Victoria slapped Jordan.

After Victoria slapped Jordan, she looked rather heartbroken for Jordan for a moment.

However, she immediately became ruthless and said heartlessly, “Jordan Steele, I told you, Im now Russells fiancee, please respect me!”

“Ive already said what I should.

Please take your leave.

This is mine and Russells home!”

Jordan was still staring at Victoria in disbelief that the woman he loved so much would be so heartless to him!

“Okay, Ill leave.”

Jordan said coldly.

Jordan could no longer continue to beg her.

Jordan walked towards the door and left quickly.

Looking at Jordans back as he left, Victoria seemed reluctant to part with him while tears welled up in her eyes.

Hearing footsteps coming from the stairs behind her, Victoria tried her best to curb her emotions.

Emily had been hiding on the second floor to eavesdrop because she had heard the entire conversation between Jordan and Victoria.

Emily walked over and asked Victoria, “Vicky, why did you say such harsh words to Jordan and slap him Whats wrong with you”

Victoria didnt answer her.

Instead, she made her way upstairs to her own room, switched off the lights, and lied down to cover herself with the blanket.

The sound of Victoria whimpering and sobbing came from under the covers!

At this moment, Jordan came out from the front door and Pablo and Salvatore immediately went forward to ask, “Mr.

Jordan, where is Miss Clarke Didnt she come out with you”

Jordan didnt say a word, but his expression was extremely solemn and he didnt greet Clinton either.

Instead, he got into the backseat of the car.

Seeing that Jordan was in a foul mood, Pablo reckoned that the talk with Victoria didnt go well.

Without further ado, he quickly drove away.

After the car drove out of the villa, Pablo asked boldly, “Mr.

Steele, did Miss Clarke… not forgive you”

Pablo had been working for Jordan for some time, and thus knew everything about Jordans past relationships rather well.

He was one of the very few people who could talk to Jordan.

Jordan did not hide it from him, either.

“She said that she has never liked me before and has been toying with me all this while.”

When Salvatore, who was sitting in the front passenger seat, heard this, he flew into a rage.

“What Victoria Clarke actually had the guts to toy with your feelings What a bitch! Mr.

Jordan, forget about marrying her.

Just marry her sister instead! Emily is pure and pretty.

Shes not inferior to Victoria at all!”


Pablo reached out and hit Salvatore on his head.

“Shut up! Youre in no place to make comments about Mr.

Jordans woman!”

Pablo could tell that Jordan had deep feelings for Victoria, and he knew Victoria was not such a malicious woman.

Pablo said, “Although Miss Victoria has had some complicated relationships, I think shes still a good woman by nature.

Shes much more loyal and pure than those women in their early twenties.”

“Im guessing that she said those things to spite you, Mr.


You mustnt believe what she said.”

Jordan sighed and said, “Of course I dont believe them.

Ive been in a relationship with her for such a long time.

How can I not know what kind of woman she is”

“Its just that shes really ruthless with her words, so she never gave me a chance at all.

Even if I get on my knees and beg her for a night, she wont change her mind.”

After hearing his words, Salvatore said anxiously, “What should we do then Miss Victoria is marrying Russell.”

Jordan said with a look of ruthlessness, “The day before Victoria came to Houston, she texted me happily and even told me she would get me a gift in Houston.”

“But she started ignoring me since she met up with Russell.”

“That old fogy Russell Miller must have said something to Victoria!”


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