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Chapter 311: Russells Daughter!

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Jordan had also checked with Ashley prior to this and confirmed that Victoria had been staying in Perry Express before she came to Houston, and had no intention of resigning.

Victorias initial plan was to stay in Houston for only two days, after which she would return to Houston.

However, after Victoria came to Houston, she did not return to New York and instead submitted her resignation to the board of directors.

Everything changed because of Victorias conversation with Russell!

“What exactly did Russell say to Victoria!”

Jordan turned around and left the villa just now, not because he intended to give up Victoria.

Victoria was the woman he loved the most in his life, so there was no way he would give her up.

He left because he realized that no matter what he said, he could not change Victorias attitude.

Victoria was still unwilling to tell him the hidden reason behind the matter.

Hence, he intended to find out the truth of this matter first.

Jordan said to Pablo, “Look for Russells whereabouts immediately.

I want to meet him and ask him face to face what he has done to bewitch my woman!”


The next morning, Jordan had a simple breakfast at the hotel, and at this moment, Pablo and the others still hadnt found Russell.


Jordan, we still cant find Russell,” Pablo reported.

Jordan asked, “Did you go to his office building to look for him”

Pablo nodded and said, “I sent some people to barge in and searched everywhere, from the office to the washrooms, but hes nowhere to be found.”

Russell owned multiple residential properties in Houston, so Jordan didnt know which one he was in now.

Soon, Salvatore suddenly came over and reported, “Mr.

Jordan, we found some clues! I bribed an accountant of Russells company, and he said that Russell is out of town.”

“Where did he go” Jordan asked.

Salvatore replied, “No idea.”

Jordan looked vexed.

If Russell was still in Houston, things would be much easier.

After all, the city is only that big so they could easily find Russell.

However, if he was away from Houston, it would be impossible to know where to find him.

“Keep looking and bribing people who know him.

Find out where he went.”

Jordan instructed.


However, after a day, there was still no news.

No one knew where Russell had gone.

There were only three days left before Russell and Victoria would get married.

Jordan, who originally thought that five days was plenty of time, was now starting to panic.

“Russell Miller might be deliberately avoiding me.

I guess he wont come back before the wedding.”

Jordan began to speculate about Russells motives.

As long as Russell avoided Jordan, Jordan would not be able to find out any clues from Russell, and thus would not be able to stop Victoria from marrying him.

Salvatore said anxiously, “What then If he only shows up on the wedding day, we will have to cause a scene at the wedding!”

Jordan did not want to see Victoria wearing a wedding dress for Russell because he wanted to be the only person she puts on a wedding gown for!

He now recalled how uncomfortable he felt when he saw Hailey wearing a wedding gown on the day of her wedding to Cayden, back in the Jade Villa!

Jordan suddenly thought,Since Russell is getting married, his relatives will definitely attend the wedding.

“The last time I had dinner with Russell, I remember him saying that he has a daughter who is a Stanford graduate.”

Previously, Jordan invited Russell to dinner on Bill Gates luxury yacht, and Russell asked about Jordans education level.

When Jordan said that he attended college at Stanford, Russell bragged his daughter was also a Stanford graduate.

Jordan hurriedly instructed Pablo, “Find out if Russells daughter is in Houston.

She should be about the same age as Victoria, around 30 years old.”


In half a day, Pablo managed to find the whereabouts of Russells daughter, living up to Jordans expectations.

Pablo smiled and said, “Mr.

Jordan, we found out that Russells daughter is named Shay, whos now queuing up at a popular restaurant on Prince Road with her boyfriend.”

“Do you want me to send someone to bring her over to see you”

Jordan shook his head.

Since it was now broad daylight, they would invite trouble if they were to take Shay away by force.

“Prepare the car.

Lets go over to take a look,” said Jordan.


Soon, Jordan and Pablo came to the popular restaurant to see that there were indeed many people in line, especially since it was close to lunchtime.

“Which one is Shay” Jordan asked.

Pointing to a woman whose hair was dyed blond and was holding hands with a man in front, Pablo said, “That one.”

Jordan took a glance from afar.

He remembered that Russells daughter should be the same age as Victoria.

However, Shay seemed to be above the age of 35 because her skin condition was far from ideal, thus making her look much older.

She looked much worse than Victoria, who, although was 30 years old, looked no different from a 25-year-old woman from the back or the side.

Of course, one should not judge a book by its cover.

Shay seemed to be in a loving relationship with the man whose hand she was holding.

At this moment, Shay suddenly turned around and scolded the couple behind her in line.

“Can you not stand so close to me Dont you know what social-distancing is”

The young couple behind her seemed to be only 18 years old.

The boy said, “But were not standing that close to you…”

Jordan also saw that there was indeed some distance between the two.

However, the line was too long, and it was impossible to stand too far apart from each other.

Otherwise, the line would go all the way to the road.

Shay did not argue with the people behind.

Instead, she said to her boyfriend, “I hate it here.

There are uncultured boors everywhere.”

The man said, “Yes, the quality of people here is really worrying.”

Jordan humphed coldly.

Having been to multiple countries in the world, Jordan knew that not everyone was cultured and queue-cutting existed everywhere in the world.

Moreover, there was nothing wrong with the distance that the couple behind them,

Shay was just deliberately kicking up a fuss to show her superiority.

Jordan winked at Pablo, who then went over and gave the couple 50 dollars.

“Sorry, we are in a hurry.

Can you give us your spot”

The young couple happily agreed.

Hence, Jordan and Pablo took their place and stood behind Shay and her boyfriend.

Shay looked back and said to her boyfriend, “See, people here are money-minded.

Money makes the world go round here and they have no ambitions at all..

Ugh, I really hate breathing the air here.

I need to get out of here after attending Dads wedding!”


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