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Chapter 313: Your Father Is The Shameless One!

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Given Jordan and Pablos intimidating aura, coupled with Pablos fierce tattoos that were exposed, everyone thought that there would be some bloodbath next.

However, they didnt expect that Jordan would slap the table to rush the staff to serve his order…

As a big boss, Pablo felt rather awkward, too.

However, he still said in a voice that was full of gusto, “Yes!”

He then walked towards the waiter and asked, “Why hasnt our cherry blossom jelly been served yet”

The waiter got a great shock and hurriedly served the cherry blossom jelly to Pablo.

“There you go.”

Pablo brought the plate to Jordan and said, “Mr.

Jordan, heres your cherry blossom jelly!”


At this moment, Shay let out a long sigh and said, “These two people must be nutcases, huh They look like theyre out to kill when theyre just rushing the staff to serve their food.”

“Theyre grown men and yet they ordered such a girly dessert.

Such oddballs.”

Most of the people who come to this popular dessert store were couples, and combinations like Jordan and Pablo were rather special.

Shay felt that Pablo and Jordan were crude people who surely wouldnt understand what she said so she was very unrestrained.

In fact, when Jordan heard Shay wanted to send someone to rape Victoria just now, the first thing he wanted to do was to teach Shay a lesson on the spot!

However, on second thought, he realized that doing so wouldnt stop Victoria from marrying Russell.

She thought it would be better to let Shay harm Victoria, so that when the time comes, Jordan could save the damsel in distress.

He wanted to let Victoria realize the dangers of marrying Russell, hoping she would give up.

By then, Victoria might return to his embrace.

Victoria was now giving Jordan the cold shoulder, so Jordan really needed an opportunity to help her, and make her feel so touched that she reconciled with him!

Shay was the exact opportunity!

“Lets go somewhere now.

What a bunch of lunatics.”

Shay took her boyfriends hand and got up to leave.

After Shay left, Jordan said to Pablo, “Send someone to follow them, I want to know their movements every moment.”

“Yes!” Pablo had already sent people to follow them so he said, “Mr.

Jordan, why did you suddenly get so angry just now”

Jordan, too, got up and said, “Lets talk in the car.:, “Go back to the car and talk.”

Back in the car, Pablo flew into a rage once he heard what Jordan said.

He asked, “What That bitch, Shay Miller, actually wants to find a man and make him rape Miss Victoria Clarke”

“Should we stop her”

Jordan said, “Of course we should stop her, but only at the right time.

It wont be too late for me to appear only after she reveals her crimes.”

Pablo smiled and nodded.

“Yes, when the time comes, you shall go save her, the damsel in distress.

By then, she wont marry Russell and will instead return to your embrace, Mr.


“It just so happens that you and Miss Clarke are facing problems right now.

Shay Miller is quite good at picking the right time.”

Jordan believed Shay will help him reunite with Victoria!

At 8:30 pm in Aegean Sea Hills.

At this moment, Jordan, Pablo, Salvatore and the others were in a mountain villa.

However, it was not the one Victoria lived in but the one they paid 20,000 dollars for.

They were staring at the computer screen in front of them, on which the situation of each room in the villa where Victoria was living was displayed on the screen!

In the day, Jordan had someone cut the circuit of Victorias villa, and then sent another person to pretend to be a maintenance worker and go to her villa to repair the wiring.

In fact, he took the opportunity to install pinhole cameras in the villa so that he could monitor her.

Reason being Jordan knew Shay would soon send someone to harm Victoria!

At this moment, Tim, who was keeping a lookout outside, hurriedly walked in and reported, “Mr.

Jordan, Shay has taken two white men with her to look for Victoria!”

At this moment, at the door of Victorias villa.

Victoria opened the door and smiled when she saw Shay and others.

“Shay, youre here.

Why didnt you call me in advance”

Victoria and Shay were of the same age and were even schoolmates.

Although they did not belong to the same class and did not get along well, they knew each other.

So, Victoria was thrilled to see her former classmate.

However, Shay had a completely different attitude.

“What Do I need to make an appointment in advance to go back to my fathers house”

Victoria said, “Thats not what I mean.

I mean, I didnt know you were returning, so if you informed me in advance, I can pick you up at the airport.”

Shay humphed coldly and walked into the villa.

She said, “I wouldnt dare bother you to pick me up.

Youre almost going to be my stepmother! I cant afford to do that!”

Victoria followed her in and said, “Shay, dont say that, we are former schoolmates after all.”

Shay turned her head and barked, “You still know that you and I are schoolmates, eh I treat you as a schoolmate, but you want to be my mother Victoria, youre being too shameless by doing this for money!”

At this moment, Emily came down from the second floor and was furious when she saw Shay lashing out at Victoria.

Emily walked over and said, “Shay Miller, who are you scolding! Why dont you berate your father for being shameless! His wife has just died and now hes marrying someone so much younger than him.”

“How dare you say that my sister married your father only for money Do you know how many men are after my sister All of them are richer, younger and more handsome than Russell Miller!”

“Emily, dont spout nonsense!” Victoria chided Emily.

Shay was indignant, too.

“Brat, youre living in my fathers house, and you still have the guts to scold me You sound so confident.

If you have what it takes, buy your own villa and move out of my fathers home!”

Emilys nose was sore.

She hated it when people said she was occupying other peoples things.

In a fit of anger, Emily said furiously, “Who cares to live in your lousy house!”

With that, Emily changed out of her shoes and walked out.


No matter how Victoria called out to her, Emily refused to come back.

Shay smiled smugly.

She just wanted to piss Emily off because if Emily didnt leave, she wouldnt be able to carry out her evil plan.

At this moment, Shays tone became mellower, and she said, “Victoria, dont blame me for sounding so harsh.

If you were me and your father marries another of your former schoolmates right after your mom just passed away, would you be comfortable with that”

Victoria understood how Shay felt so she said gently, “Shay, I can understand how you feel.”

“Yeah.” Shay nodded, then pointed to the two white men behind her.

She said, “Let me introduce, this is my boyfriend Jack, and the other is Bale.”

“Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you.”

Both of them shook hands with Victoria separately.

However, Bales handshake was ambiguous, as he couldnt bear to let go of her hand for a long time.


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