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Chapter 314: Victoria Is On The Edge Of Danger!

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Jordan saw this scene clearly through the surveillance camera footage on the screen.

Bale not only held Victorias hand in his right hand for a long time before releasing it, he had a suspicious gaze in his eyes too.

Since Victoria was at home, she was wearing shorts that exposed her long, fair legs, so Bale couldnt help but glance at Victorias superb figure with an evil gaze hidden in his eyes that all men could read!

“He must have a death wish! How dare he harbor designs on my girl!”

Jordan clenched his fists.

He had disliked Bale the moment he saw him.

However, Shay hasnt revealed their agenda yet, so Jordan cant show up right now.

In Victorias villa, Shay smiled and walked towards the dining hall.

“You havent had dinner yet, right It just so happens that we havent eaten either.

Bale brought a bottle of 1996 Lafite from Chateau Lafite in France.

Victoria, have a drink with us.”

Victoria hesitated slightly.

“What We flew all the way back here, and youre not even willing to have a glass of wine with us”

Shay seemed displeased.

Victoria couldnt turn her down so she gave in.

“Okay, Ill drink with you.”

Shay took the initiative to open the bottle of red wine, poured some into Victorias glass, and smiled at Victoria.

She introduced, “Victoria, our friend here, Bale, is from France.

He belongs to one of the five richest families in France, where he commands great power.

Bale owns plenty of wineries, luxury goods, oil, and everything else you can think of.

Hes worth more than dozens of billions!”

Jordan frowned and pondered carefully when he heard that.

Jordan also had quite a bit of an understanding of France.

He knew that none of the members of the five richest families in France was named Bale.

Shay had probably exaggerated Bales family background in order to make Victoria like Bale.

After all, many women worship rich scions, so the chances of success would be higher if a man pretends to be wealthy and tries to court women.

However, Jordan believed Victoria was not a materialistic woman.

Besides, Victoria had already dated someone as rich as Jordan.

Everyone else would seem like ordinary citizens!

“Oh, really Nice to meet you.

Ive been learning French lately too.”

Victoria smiled politely at Bale and also chatted with him in French for a while.


Why did Victoria learn French”

When she was dating Jordan before, Victoria did not know French, and now that she had just broken up with him, she should theoretically still be feeling upset.

Hence, how could she be in the mood to learn French

Shay secretly thought,Victoria Clarke, you really are a money-loving slut.

As soon as I said that Bale is French, you immediately said that you are learning French.

You obviously just want to get close to Bale!

‘Hah, but this is good.

I wanted you to sleep with Bale in the first place, anyway!

Shay despised Victoria.

She then said, “Bale, since Victoria is learning French, why dont you just be her private tutor and teach her well”

He said, “Its my honor to be this beautys teacher.

Santé (cheers)!”

Victoria also lifted her glass and clinked it with Bales.

“Santé (cheers)!”

Jordan was puzzled that Victoria was having a pleasant conversation with Bale, and she seemed to be learning French seriously.

She kept trying to chat with Bale in French and even asked him about the situation in France.

Pablo, Salvatore and others were all squatting in front of the monitor.

Although they could hear their voices, they couldnt understand the conversation in French.

Salvatore asked, “Why is Victoria enjoying herself so much while talking to that Frenchman Surely she hasnt really fallen in love with him, has she”


Pablo slapped Salvatores head again and snapped, “What nonsense are you babbling! How can the woman Mr.

Jordan love, possibly be that kind of cheap woman who just falls in love with anyone”

At this moment, Shay suddenly asked, “By the way, Victoria, it seems that your father was involved in an accident in France, right”

Victorias expression became grim before nodding.

Only then did it dawn on Jordan just why Victoria would be willing to speak to Bale.

It wasnt because she liked him at all.

It was just because Victorias father had met with a mishap in France back then, so she wanted to know more about France through Bale.

Shay sipped her wine and said, “”Its such a pity that your father died at such a young age.

If your father hadnt died, you wouldnt be my stepmother today.”

After saying that, she seemed to have realized that what she said was inappropriate.

She immediately changed the subject.

“Im just kidding, dont mind me.

Lets drink.”

At the mention of the things that made her upset, Victoria started chugging the wine, glass after glass.

After an hour, Shay sat on her boyfriends lap, looking rather tipsy.

She said, “Victoria, my boyfriend and I are going to go make out with each other.

You guys take your time to chat.

Victorias face turned red when she saw the two of them behaving intimately with each other.

After the two of them had left, Bale suddenly sat next to Victoria from the opposite side, and reached out to hold her hand.

He ruffled her hair gently and complimented, “Honey, you are really a stunning beauty.

Ive never met a woman as charming as you.”

Victoria hurriedly pushed Bale away and said, “Mr.

Bale, please show some respect!”

Bale laughed and said, “Drop the pretense, beautiful.

Arent you interested in me too We had such a pleasant chat, I know you like me too.

Dont worry, no one else will know about the two of us.”

Victoria explained solemnly, “Mr.

Bale, please dont be mistaken.

I was chatting with you purely because I want to learn French.

It has nothing to do with you personally!”

“Im engaged and my fiancé is your friends father!”

Jordan was glad to see Victoria rejecting Bale.

However, when he heard Victoria say that her fiancé was Russell and not himself, he felt heartbroken!

“Im clearly your fiancé!”

Jordan clenched his fist and continued to stare at the screen with great indignation.

At this moment, Bale was still insistent.

He said with a malicious smile, “Beauty, there are still three days before you get married.

Whats wrong with doing something crazy before you get married Come on, baby!”

Victoria kept retreating and threatened, “If you come over again, I wont go easy on you!”

Jordan knew Victoria had practiced Taekwondo, and ordinary men might not be Victorias opponent.

However, Bale seemed to be quite strong, so Victoria might not be able to defeat him.

Bale laughed and said, “Fine, Ill see how hostile you are to me.”

Victoria flew into a rage, raised her hand and tried to slap Bale, only to realize that her hand had turned weak as it floated gently before landing on Bales face.

Bale took the opportunity to grab Victoria by the wrist with a malicious smile on his face.

“How is that possible!! You… Did you spike my drink” Victorias expression changed suddenly.


Seeing this scene, Jordan immediately got up from his seat and yelled, “Everyone, charge into Russells villa!”


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