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Chapter 316: Victoria Lets Jordan Down!!

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After ten minutes, Jordan asked with concern, “How do you feel Much better”

Victoria nodded.

Seeing that Victoria had regained her physical strength, Jordan helped her down the bed and then said, “Victoria, lets leave and stop staying here.”

Salvatore said from the side, “Yes, Miss Victoria, hurry up and leave this place with Mr.


Fortunately, Mr.

Jordan came on time.

Otherwise, who knows what the Millers might do to you.”

However, to his surprise, Victoria gently pushed Jordans arm away after she got down from the bed.

“Jordan, Im grateful that you saved me, but Im sorry, I wont leave with you.”


Jordan couldnt understand why Victoria still refused to leave with him!

“Are you still going to marry Russell after what theyve done to you” Jordan questioned loudly.

Victoria said, “Shay and Russell are separate individuals.

The person Im marrying is Russell.”

Victoria surprisingly separated Shay from Russell and didnt get upset at Russell just because of what his daughter did to her.

Even Shay chimed in from the side, “Victoria, since theres a man who loves you so much, why are you still pestering my father”

Jordan was now exasperated, but he couldnt vent it on Victoria.

Hence, he had no choice but to holler at Shay, “Shut up! Victoria has never actively pestered your father.

Your father is the beast who has been pestering Victoria!”

Seeing that Victorias attitude was still firm, Jordan knew that there was no way hed be able to solve this matter unless he questioned Russell in person!

It happened that he had evidence against Russells daughter now!

“Bring these three people out to me!”


Jordan brought Shay and the other two men into the living room.

He then put away Victorias wine glass as evidence.

“Shay, the three of you drugged Victorias drink and even attempted to rape her.

Now that I have sufficient proof and all the surveillance camera footage, are you going to take the initiative to turn yourself in, or do I call the police to arrest you”

Jordan looked at the three of them and asked.

As soon as he heard Jordan saying that he wanted to call the police, the two men were so frightened that they immediately got on their knees to beg for mercy.

They had to go to jail for their crimes.

Shay bit her lip and asked, “What must we do for you to spare us”

Jordan said, “Call your father and tell him to stay here in your place.

He has three hours to show up in front of me.

If he doesnt, Ill send the three of you to prison!”

Shay knew Jordan was not joking, so she had no choice but to call her father.

At 12 midnight.

In the Intercontinental Hotel of Houston.

Jordan, his underlings, Shay, and the other two men were all in the presidential suite.


Tim knocked on the door of the room and then brought someone in.

It was none other than Russell!


The moment Russell appeared, Shay dashed over and leaped into Russells arms.

Crying incessantly, she lamented, “Dad, Jordan Steele has really gone overboard.

He slapped my face and now its swollen.

You must seek justice for me.”

Russell looked at Shays already unattractive face, which was now made even worse.

He took pity on her and began to question Jordan.

“Jordan Steele, how dare you do that to my daughter Youre really lawless!”

Without waiting for Jordan to speak, Pablo said, “Russell, why dont you ask what your daughter has done She drugged Miss Victoria and tried to get a man she brought here to rape Miss Victoria.

If Mr.

Jordan had arrived a step later, your daughters plan would have succeeded!”


Shay didnt mention to Russell what happened in the villa over the phone just now.

Hence, he only learned about it now.

Russell was livid.

“Shay, did you do that to Victoria!! Shes my fiancée!”

Shay humphed coldly and barked, “I just dont want you to marry her! My mother has only passed away for a few years and youre going to marry another woman so soon To make things worse, shes my former schoolmate!”

Russell sighed, not wanting to say anything else.

“You may leave.

My underlings are waiting outside.

They will escort you home.”

Russell was just about to leave when Tim reached out to stop him.

This room was Jordans territory, and without Jordans permission, no one can leave.

Russell looked at Jordan and said, “Jordan, the feud between us has nothing to do with my daughter.

Let my daughter go.”

Jordan waved his hand and allowed Tim to leave.

Russell was the person Jordan really wanted to see.

When Jordan saw Russell, he, too, got up from his seat.

At this moment, he could no longer suppress his frustration and anger.

“Russell Miller, how dare you snatch my fiancee!”

Russell took out his cigarette case, smoked a cigarette, and laughed.

“Punk, Victoria isnt married yet.

Whether you can marry her or not depends on your abilities.”

“If youre not capable of getting her to marry you, blame it on your incompetence, not me!”

“You have a death wish!”

Salvatore, Pablo and others were furious.

They were just about to hit Russell…

However, Tim exclaimed at the door, “The police are coming!”

Jordan reached his hand out, beckoning Salvatore and others not to make a move.

Russell came prepared.

Not only did he report the matter to the police, he even brought many more henchmen than Jordan did.

After all, they were in Houston, his territory.

Russell asked fearlessly, “Jordan Steele, you should know about my six-month pact with Victoria, right”

“I bet that shed break up with you in six months because I know that youre too young, so Victoria dated you only because she was after a sense of novelty.”

“She had never dated any young men in the past.

Thats why she dated you.

Well, six months is enough time to tire of toying with you.”

“When the time comes, shell know that mature men like me are the ones she should marry.”

“Besides, you have such a messy private life with an ex-wife and children.

Victoria doesnt want to be the stepmother of your kids.”

“Jordan Steele, you ought to be more magnanimous as a man.

If Victoria chooses you today, Id give you my heartfelt blessings.

Why are you kicking up a fuss now”

Jordan was furious.

“Russell Miller, dont give me that! If Victoria genuinely loves you and has started to detest me, Id be more generous!”

“However, before she came, she also told me shes coming to Houston to make you give up because she has chosen me!”

“However, her attitude has completely changed after meeting you!”

“Russell Miller, what exactly did you say to her!”

Russell took a drag from his cigarette and laughed.

“Since youre so eager to find out, Ill tell you, but Im worried that you wont be able to stand it after hearing it.


“She and I reminisced about those three years we spent together ten years ago.”

“The more we reminisced, the more emotional we both became, and that night, we happened to have had some wine.

As we recalled the past, we couldnt help ourselves and ended up sleeping with each other.”

“Afterwards, she felt she had let you down, so she decided to just break up with you.

Its as simple as that!”


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