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Chapter 317: Eavesdropping On Russell And Victoria!

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“Russell Miller, how dare you sleep with Mr.

Jordans woman and even say it out loud! You must have a death wish!”

Pablo and Salvatore had already gotten up in anger.

After hearing that, Jordan couldnt help but rush over to punch Russell!


Jordan knocked Russells glasses off with one punch!

Jordan then grabbed Russells shirt.

He questioned furiously, “Russell Miller, why dont you look in the mirror at your beast-like face Who are you to make me a cuckold You and Victoria couldnt help yourselves Psht!”

Jordan did not believe Russells words at all.

He had already slept with Victoria.

From the perspective of attractiveness, Russell was no match for Jordan at all.

Just like how most men like younger girls, most women wouldnt like men who were much older.

Perhaps, when they were younger, they would prefer men who were more mature, but as they got older, they would yearn for younger men.

Russell clearly bragged about making Jordan a cuckold.

He was clearly overestimating himself!

Not that Jordan despised him, but Russell didnt have the ability to do it at all!

There must be another reason, which Russell refused to say!

Just when Jordan wanted to continue to question Russell, there were two knocks on the door.

Afterwards, two uniformed police officers rushed to the scene.

“What are you doing Are you fighting Stop it now!”

When the police officer saw Jordan grabbing Russells clothes, he immediately called out to the two.

Salvatore hurried up and said with a smile, “No, no, theyre playing, theyre not fighting.”

Jordan knew Russell was based in Houston.

Be it in terms of connections or relationships, Jordan was no match for him.

If you insist on making Russell stay behind today, it probably will not be easy.

Hence, Jordan let go of Russell, and then picked up Russells glasses that had fallen onto the ground.

“Hmph.” Russell humphed coldly and obediently watched as Jordan picked up his glasses that had fallen onto the ground.

Jordan had already given in!

However, no one noticed that while Jordan was picking up his glasses, he took out a listening device thats about the size of a green bean.

He then hid it between his fingers.

Jordan put the glasses on for Russell and even pretended to tidy his suit.

He hid the worlds smallest listening device in the world, in the pocket of his suit.

Afterwards, Jordan laughed and said, “Sir, Im just playing with Mr.


At this moment, Jordan also had evidence against Shay, so he didnt dare to say that Jordan had hit someone.

Russell said, “Jordan, Victoria has already made her choice.

Youre at least the president of a listed company and a dignified figure in the world of business.

I hope youll behave yourself and not do those childish things again!”

After saying that, Russell walked towards the two policemen and said, “Sirs, thank you, we are fine.

Well accompany you down.”

After Russell and the police left, Salvatore sneaked up to Jordan and said, “Mr.

Jordan, what now Russell Miller is very smart.

There are many people protecting him and it wont be that easy to nab him again next time.”

Jordan said indifferently, “Theres no point in nabbing him.

He wont tell me the truth.”

“Ive already installed a listening device in the pocket of his suit.

Hell tell me the answer himself soon!”

Jordan believed that an old fox like Russell.

Even if you force him, he wont tell you the truth.

He would rather plant a listening bug so that he could get the truth!

Afterwards, Jordan told Pablo and the others to go back to their rooms to get some rest before opening his laptop.

He then put on his headphones and eavesdropped on Russell!

The faint background music rang in his earphones, accompanied by the sounds of the wind whistling.

Jordan guessed that Russell should have already gotten inside his car at this moment.

At the same time, the listening device also had a positioning function.

Based on Russells current location, which was displayed on the computer screen, he had indeed been moving about.

His current direction was leading towards the Aegean Sea Hills villa.

If Jordan guessed correctly, Russell was now going to look for Victoria.

Indeed, they soon heard a voice coming from the earphones.


“Youre back,” Victoria said coldly, completely lacking the affection that a woman should have for her newly engaged fiancé.

“Yes,” Russell said.

“Ive heard about Shay.

Victoria, Im sorry, shes just very nonsensical.

Shes just worried that youre marrying me because youre after my money, but she doesnt know that weve already signed a prenuptial agreement that states that you wont get a single cent of assets even if we get divorced.”

“Before you came, Ive already made it clear to Shay about this.

Dont worry, she wont target you in the future.”

Hearing this, Jordan was puzzled.

‘Victoria and Russell have even signed a prenuptial agreement Victoria cant get a single cent of Russells assets

‘Why did Victoria marry Russell then!!

Most women would marry men who were much older than them, only for the sake of money.

What other qualities did Russell have except money!

“Yes,” Victoria answered softly.

After a moment of silence, Russell said, “I saw Jordan just now.”

Victoria asked, “Did he… ask about me”

Russell said, “Yes, she kept asking me just what exactly I said to you to make you break up with him.”

Victoria asked, “How did you answer”

Russell said, “I said that you and I reminisced about the three years we spent together and ended up sleeping together, so you decided to break up with him.”

Victoria was slightly furious.

“We obviously did nothing with each other.

Why do you have to say that”

Russell said, “If I didnt say so, why would he be willing to give you up”

Victoria asked, “Did he believe you then”

Russell shook his head and said, “No, he even punched me and said that theres no way Id make him a cuckold.

God knows where that brat got his confidence from!”

Victoria couldnt help but chuckle and explain, “His ex-wife Hailey cheated on him, so when I was dating Jordan, I promised him I would never cheat on him.

If I really betrayed him, Id take the initiative to come clean about it with him too.”

“He knows my character well.

If this is really the reason, I would have told him about it a long time ago.”

Russell came to a sudden realization.

“So thats the reason.”

Seeing that Russell was a little pale, Victoria said, “Ill give you some ice.”

Russell assented.

Victoria performed an ice-compress for Russell on the couch while Russell stared at her quietly.

“Victoria, I heard Shay has drugged your drink.

Youre fine now, right”

Victoria said, “Yes, Im fine.”

Russell let out a long sigh and said, “Hey, this girl is really too reckless.

What if Jordan didnt show up today, and you had really gotten raped by that man”

“But Victoria, even if something like that really happens, Id marry you all the same.”

Jordan, who had been eavesdropping, humphed coldly and secretly thought,Russell Miller, you old dog.

You do know how to coax women well! Does this make you seem like you love Victoria deeply Can your love transcend all the superficial things on the surface Since the matter didnt happen, you can say whatever you want!”

Jordan didnt know if Victoria would feel touched by Russells words!

However, he heard Russells voice coming from the headphones again.

Russell asked, “Victoria, can I kiss you”


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