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Chapter 319: A Queen Meets Another Queen!

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Women are jealous by nature, especially when a man compliments another woman right in front of her!

Although Victoria had broken up with Jordan, she still wanted to see what Lauren, the woman who mothered Jordans daughter, looked like exactly!

Soon, Jordan also learned from their conversation that the restaurant they were going to in the afternoon was named Skylight.

It was a rooftop restaurant that was on the 95th floor in an upscale district in Houston.

Jordan immediately instructed Salvatore to go to Skylight in advance and install cameras in the hall and private rooms.

He wanted to know the situation of their meal.

“Victoria and Lauren… actually met under such circumstances.”

Jordan didnt even expect that such a dramatic thing would happen.

Victoria was once Jordans lover, and he had slept with Lauren before.

The two of them should have been introduced to each other by Jordan, even if they had to meet.

However, they actually met on an occasion which Jordan wasnt a part of.

Although the meeting between the two had nothing to do with Jordan, Jordan felt that the two women would definitely mention him during their conversation when they met.

“I wonder what they will say about me.”

Jordan was anticipating hearing it.

Soon, it was twelve noon and there were no signs of the rain subsiding, as it was still pouring incessantly.

Russell and Victoria were seated in the backseat of Russells Mercedes Benz as his chauffeur sent them to the building where Skylight was in.

The two of them were dressed formally, and it was obvious that Russell was rather respectful to both Brad and Lauren, even though they were his juniors.

They arrived at the private room to see that Brad and Lauren were already waiting inside.

After Russell entered, he quickly shook hands with Brad smilingly.


Howard, youve come all the way here to attend my wedding, so I should be the one to treat you to a meal.

Yet, youre the one who made a reservation at the restaurant.

I feel really bad.

You gotta let me get the tab today.”

Brad shook hands with Russell and said with a smile, “Mr.

Miller, you dont have to stand on ceremony with us.

Ive already settled the bill.

A wedding is a joyous event, and wed like to express our well wishes and share the joy by treating the newlyweds to a meal.”

Russell smiled.

He had heard of such pleasantries before.

After all, the Millers and the Howards were mega-rich families and the cost of the meal was just peanuts to them.

Afterwards, Russell looked at the woman beside Brad, only to be stunned by her beauty.

Laurens face was flawless!

Besides, she had obviously dolled herself up today because of her makeup and clothing…

She was wearing a white long-sleeved top, which appeared to be a T-shirt, but actually had a large bow on the outside.

From a distance, she looked like a supermodel who was there to attend an annual fashion show.

She paired it with a white leather skirt that was extremely short.

Since her top was long and of the same color as her skirt, her ensemble looked like a one-piece outfit.

Her fair and slender legs were exposed below her skirt, and she was wearing a pair of short black Dr.

Martens boots on her feet.

‘How valiant!

‘How gorgeous!

Jordan, who was watching through the surveillance screen, couldnt help but swallow his saliva.

“Ive never seen Lauren dressed in such a pretty outfit in that week I spent in DC!”

Indeed, women will forever be motivated to put on their best look and outfit, only by another woman.

Victoria wasnt any inferior!

Victoria was wearing a black suit with a short skirt, exuding her unique, domineering aura of a CEO.

Her long legs were exposed too.

Standing together, the two of them were really on par with each other!

“Geez, Ive never seen Victoria dressed like this either! Whats up with these two women”

These two women actually showed their sexiest and most charming side while Jordan was absent!

Jordan wished he could get rid of Russell and Brad, and dash into the private room himself!

Russell looked at Lauren and asked, “This is…”

Brad introduced, “Oh, this is my sister.”

Lauren also took the initiative to shake Russells hand and said, “Hello, Mr.


Im Lauren.”

Russell said in awe and amazement, “So youre Miss Howard! Ive long heard that youre the most beautiful woman in DC.

It seems that its true!”

Lauren smiled and said, “You flatter me, Mr.


At this moment, Russell also took the initiative to introduce Victoria to them.

“Let me introduce to you, my fiancée, Victoria Clarke.”

Brad smiled and shook hands with Victoria.

He complimented, “Miss Clarke, you really are a ravishing beauty.”

“Hello.” Victoria shook Brads hand too.

She then looked at Lauren.

Electric waves seemed to dart everywhere when Lauren and Victoria made eye contact for the first time!

One was dressed in white and the other, black.

They were both mesmerizing and beautiful.

“Hello, Miss Clarke.” Lauren smiled and shook hands with Victoria.

Victoria laughed and said, “Nice to meet you, Miss Howard.

You may just address me as Victoria.”

After the four people were introduced to each other, the little one was the only one who hadnt been introduced.

Lauren brought Chloe with her.

“Whos this kid”

Victoria couldnt help but look at the cute and lively little girl in front of her.

In fact, when she asked that question, she actually already knew the answer.

Lauren stroked Chloes hair and said, “This is my daughter, Chloe.”

Jordan subconsciously smiled when he saw his daughter.

At this moment, Victorias heart was surging, and he exclaimed in her head,Shes Jordans daughter!

Looking at the little girl, Victoria couldnt help but recall the past she shared with Jordan.

They used to imagine what life would be like when they have children of their own.

Jordan had a preference for daughters, so Victoria said that shed definitely give him a daughter.

Given how good-looking the both of them were, they felt their daughter would definitely be gorgeous.

When Victoria saw Jordans daughter today, she felt as if Chloe looked exactly as she had imagined!

Victoria was devastated because she used to have the chance to bear a daughter for Jordan!

However, she could no longer realize her wishes now!

Victoria looked at the little girl and asked, “Chloe, whats your full name”

Chloe replied obediently, “My full name is Chloe Steele Howard.”

Hearing Jordans last name, Victoria became even more jealous.

Victoria asked, “How do you spell Steele”


Just as Lauren was about to speak, Brad beat her to it by interjecting, “Steele as in Jordan Steele!”

The moment the wordJordan was mentioned, the atmosphere in the private room was filled with tension!

“Darned Brad Howard.

How dare he try to spite Victoria with my name!”

Jordan punched the table in exasperation.


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