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Hailey wanted to question Jordan and ask him why he got on his knees for another woman and not her!

She wanted to ask Victoria why she snatched her man away!

Old Mrs.

Camden glared at Hailey, expecting better from her.

She ordered, “Call Victoria Clarke.

I want to speak to her personally.”


Herman hurriedly took out his cell phone and dialed Victorias number before handing the cell phone to Old Mrs.


Although Old Mrs.

Camden was furious, her tone was very gentle.

After all, she was old in her years and had experienced a lot in this life.

Such a trivial matter was not enough to make her lose her composure.

Old Mrs.

Camden said gently while still seeming domineering and authoritative, “Miss Clarke, I heard that Jordan went to your office and became your bodyguard.”

“Had I known that you had taken a liking to Jordan, I would have given him to you half a year ago.”

“However, yesterday, you said you would stand in solidarity with the Camdens and cut off all means of a livelihood for him.

Yet, you went back on your word today.

You seem to owe me an explanation, dont you”

Victoria said, “Things are not like what you think, but no matter what, I do owe you an apology for failing to fulfill the promise I made to you yesterday.

Im sorry that I failed to keep it.”

Hearing Victorias sincere apology, Old Mrs.

Camden felt much better.

“Hey, theres no need to apologize.

Were as close as family.

But, since you like that punk, take him under your wing.

Hes just a live-in son-in-law.

Take it as a gift from the Camdens to you!”

“No, she cant have him!” Hailey protested with jealousy written all over her face.

Old Mrs.

Camden was furious, and she glowered at Hailey before quickly covering the cell phones microphone for fear that Victoria would hear Hailey.

When Sylvie Parker saw how furious Old Mrs.

Camden was, she hurriedly placed her hand over Haileys mouth to stop her from talking.

Old Mrs.

Camden continued to talk on the phone smilingly, “I can forget about what happened to Jordan, but Miss Clarke, you promised you would invest 11 million dollars in our project.

Youre not going to break your promise again, are you”

Victoria said, “Ive spoken to Mr.

Steele regarding the investment.

Hes very impressed with your proposal, and he likes it very much, but he would like to find out more about this project.”

“What Mr.

Steele read our proposal He likes it very much too”

Old Mrs.

Camden excitedly repeated Victorias words.

The Camdens jumped for joy after hearing her words!

Old Mrs.

Camden said, “He wants to find out more Thats simple.

Ill send Herman to visit Mr.

Steele at his office personally to discuss the project with him in person!”

Victoria said, “Okay, Ill arrange for an appointment then.”

Old Mrs.

Camden said excitedly, “Thank you, Miss Clarke, I will definitely send you a gift to thank you after this matter is settled!”

After hanging up, Old Mrs.

Camden grinned widely, so much that her wrinkles had become much clearer too.

“Herman, Mr.

Steele has read our project proposal.

Get yourself ready.

Miss Clarke will arrange a meeting between you and Mr.

Steele at any time.

When the time comes, you must perform well in front of Mr.

Steele and make sure you dont mess up!”

Herman was extremely excited too.

“Rest assured, Mom, Ill definitely suck up to Mr.

Steele when I meet him! Ill make our project sound unparalleled.


“But now that Jordan is Miss Clarkes subordinate are we just going to drop the matter about him stealing from us”

Old Mrs.

Camden humphed coldly and said, “Why forgo it Continue investigating Jordans theft of the watch and find me all the evidence.

When the time comes, we will be able to use the evidence to punish him according to family rules, put him behind bars, or do Victoria Clarke a favor.”

Drew suddenly interjected, “Grandma, Ive already found out that he sold the watch to a gangster.”

Old Mrs.

Camden nodded in satisfaction and said, “Great, find me the evidence.

Jordan is now just Victoria Clarkes lackey.

Even if we take revenge on him, Victoria wont do anything to us.”

Old Mrs.

Camden then looked at Hailey and her parents.

She barked furiously, “Herman has clinched a contract with Mr.

Steele for our company while Drew has found evidence of Jordans theft.

What about you guys What have you contributed to the family You three are equally incompetent!”

“You couldnt even keep your live-in husband in line.

Youve let your pretty face go to waste.

That face of yours should have belonged to Elle instead!”

Old Mrs.

Camden had always been biased towards Herman and his children.

Now, she even blatantly criticized Hailey in front of everyone.

Being extremely prideful, Hailey immediately ran away furiously.

“Hailey, where are you going!!”

Tyler followed her out, only to realize that Hailey had already sped off in her car.

In addition, she looked really aggressive as if she was going to kill someone!

“Jordan Steele, you bastard, youve really embarrassed our family.

So this time, Im going to teach you a good lesson!”

Hailey soon arrived at Ace Corporation in her Audi.

Since the Camdens were in talks of cooperation with Ace Corporation, Hailey had the phone number of Ashley, Victorias secretary.

“Where are Jordan and Victoria Clarke”

Hailey asked, seated in her car in the underground parking lot.

Ashley answered, “Theyve just gone downstairs and to the parking lot.

Miss Camden, why are you looking for them…”

Hailey hung up before Ashley could finish speaking.

She then got out of her car and looked around.

Indeed, she soon saw a man and a woman talking and laughing while walking towards a red Porsche Panamera.

It was Jordan and Victoria!


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