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Chapter 322: Emily: Lets Date Each Other!

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At this moment, it was still pouring, and everyone was holding an umbrella in hand.

Jordan and Salvatore were in a rush to go to France, so he was anxious too.

Hence, Salvatore didnt look at the flight attendant who had been talking and instead said in annoyance, “Get out of here.

If you want to make money, go to another plane, dont disturb us here…”

While Salvatore was speaking, he suddenly realized that the svelte woman who was wearing a flight attendant uniform was Emily!

“Miss Emily Clarke!” Salvatore was appalled.

“What brings you here”

Holding the umbrella in hand, Emily gestured for them to hush before saying with a smile, “Dont tell Jordan about this.

Just get me up there secretly.

Ill accompany you guys to France!”

Salvatore murmured, “Uh…”

Salvatore actually liked Emily because he felt that she was innocent and cute.

Knowing that she didnt have any ill intentions either, he allowed her to board the plane.

The plane quickly took off.

The rain didnt cause any issues for the pilot of Jordans private jet because it was nothing to him at all.

The pilot was Russian, and everyone knew Russians were the toughest pilots in the world.

Leonard DiCaprio, the Hollywood actor who played the role of Jack in “Titanic”, once boarded a flight on Russian Airlines.

Something happened during that flight, and the engine of the plane exploded!

Leonardo looked out of the window to see that the entire engine was burning like a fireball.

He was so frightened that he started yelling incessantly.

However, he realized he was the only person on the plane who was shouting as the surrounding others had remained seated and were sipping on wine or coffee.

Leonardo had no choice but to call the flight attendant over and yelled at the top of his lungs, “What exactly happened!”

The flight attendant said, “Dont worry, Sir, were just encountering a small problem.

One of the planes engines is faulty.”

Just a small problem…

During touchdown, the tires even ended up bursting, and yet, the flight attendants and passengers were all acting as if nothing had happened.

Hence, the weather condition wasnt an issue for Jordans pilot at all.

Jordan was seated on the luxury seat of the private jet and searching for some information on the Internet when a flight attendant walked over to serve a cup of coffee to Jordan.


Jordan, please have some coffee.

I brewed it personally.”

Finding her voice rather familiar, Jordan looked up and asked, “Emily Why are you here”

Emily laughed and sat down opposite Jordan.

“Haha, I guessed you would fly to France.

You actually lied to me just now.


“By the way, I remember now.

My father passed away on the 29th of August 11 years ago in a bar named LeBall on Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau.”

With the specific time and location of her fathers death provided by Emily, Jordan could now investigate the case and find out who the murderer was with greater ease.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau was a renowned French philosopher and literary scholar in the 18th century.

Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau was a famous street in Paris.

11 years ago wasnt that long ago.

At that time, there were already lots of surveillance cameras on the streets of Paris.

Jordan felt he should be able to find some clues from surveillance camera footage!

Jordan took a sip of coffee made by Emily and felt that it tasted rather nice.

With the company of his future sister-in-law, the flight wouldnt be boring.

After taking a look at the weather outside the window, Jordan asked Victoria, “Does Victoria know that youre going to France with me”

Emily said, “Of course not.

She wont even let me see you, let alone go abroad with you.”

“Victoria is overreacting.

She has already broken up with you, so why wont she let me contact you too Even though you and her arent dating anymore, you and I can still be friends.”

“Two days ago, I once talked back to her and said that she could let me have you since she doesnt wish to date you anymore.”

“Victoria lost her temper as soon as she heard that and she even told me loudly that she would never allow me to date you.

She even forbids me from falling in love with you.”

Jordan laughed and said, “Your sister still loves me.

Of course she wouldnt let you date me.

Dont keep saying those nonsensical things to spite her.”

Emily said with a sweet smile, “Im being serious.

If Victoria really marries Russell, I may really court you.”

Jordan looked rather awkward, as he didnt know if Emily was joking or not.

At this moment, Salvatore, who was at the side, raised his arm and exclaimed loudly, “Miss Clarke, you have my support!”

Jordan glared at Salvatore and chided, “Support my foot.

What has it got to do with you”

On the other hand, Emily laughed out loud.

Jordan said, “Emily, if you really need a boyfriend, I can introduce you to some guys.

After all, Im your brother-in-law-to-be, and its only right for me to be concerned about your marriage.”

Resting her chin in her hand, Emily said with a vibrant smile, “Really What kind of guy are you going to introduce me to”

Jordan asked, “What kind of guy do you like”

Emily thought about it before answering, “I like scions of mysterious tycoons like you, not because you are wealthy, but because I think your family is very interesting and itd be fun to be your wife.

There might be some treasures or secrets, and so on.

Just like playing a game.


“By the way, are any of your brothers single Introduce one of them to me.”

Jordan was stunned for a moment, but he answered, “I have two older brothers.

Do you want to be my sister-in-law”

Emily laughed and sat beside Jordan.

“Yeah, thatd be great.

If Victoria really marries you in the future, shell have to call me her sister-in-law too.

Thatll be so fun!”

“Tell me quickly, are your brothers handsome or not!!”

Jordan was speechless for a moment, but since they had a long journey ahead, he didnt mind joking around with her.

Jordan said, “My eldest brother is in his thirties and hes already married, so you dont stand a chance anymore.”

“What about your other brother” Emily asked eagerly.

At the mention of his second brother, Jamie, Jordan shook his head and said, “Hes not married.”

Emily was overjoyed.

“Wow, so you really have a brother whos still single.

Quickly tell me if hes good-looking or not.

What is his height, weight, and occupation”

Jordan couldnt help but reach out and poke Emilys high nose bridge.

“Dont let your imagination run wild.

Its impossible for you and my brother.”

Emily was a little displeased to hear that.

She retorted, “Hes not married and neither am I.

Why is it impossible between us Since your eldest brother is in his thirties, your second brother cant be older than him, right Hes the right age for me!”

Jordan explained, “My second brother is quite a jerk.

Hes the biggest troublemaker among the three of us.

Hes also the most rebellious one.”

“Besides, he has very high standards when it comes to the looks and figure of women.

Majority of pretty women dont appeal to him.”

At this point, Emily punched Jordan angrily and questioned, “Hmph, are you trying to say that Im ugly and have a terrible figure, so youre afraid that your brother wont be attracted to me”

“Jordan, take a good look at me with your eyes wide open.

How am I ugly and how is my figure lacking in any way!”

Emily stood up and posed like a model before doing a 360-degree turn to show Jordan every angle of her body.

Jordan barely reacted, but Salvatore had already gotten a nosebleed…


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