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Chapter 323: Investigating The Real Murderer!

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There are thousands of beautiful women in this world; clothes and makeup are the key to outshining others.

Every woman has a style that suits her best.


For example, Hailey may be a vile woman who was also a chronic adulterer, but pure and innocent outfits were the fashion style that suited her the best.

Her pretty face was one in a million and she could easily put on an innocent expression to coax and deceive her boyfriend anywhere at any time.

Hence, she was naturally suitable for that style.

If she were to wear sexy clothing like skin-tight dresses or lace clothing, she probably wouldnt be able to carry it.

On the other hand, Victoria was a mature woman who wouldnt suit such pure and innocent clothes.

If she were to dress in a preppy chic style, it would sabotage her looks.


Only by dressing in professional business wear would her aura as a domineering CEO be accentuated.

She was the most perfect.

Meanwhile, Lauren was a sweet-looking woman who had a girl-next-door vibe.

Any outfit she wore would accentuate her beauty, and she just needed to make sure that she didnt wear makeup that made her look too cold.

Similarly, Emily wasnt as pretty as Hailey, Victoria, and Lauren; and her figure was inferior to Elles, too.

However, when she dons the flight attendant uniform, she would exude a charm that would make any man forget any other beautiful woman!


In order to let Jordan take a clear look at her figure, Emily deliberately inched very close to Jordan, which made him feel rather shy and awkward.

“Okay, Emily, stop it.”

Emily was still indignant.

“Well then, tell me, do I have a good figure or not”

Jordan answered, “Yes!”

Emily asked, “Am I perfect or not!”

Jordan answered, “Yes!”


Emily asked, “Am I good enough for your brother”

Jordan answered, “Yes, absolutely.

Hes the one who isnt worthy of you!”

Emily exclaimed, “Call me your sister-in-law then!”

Jordan said, “How dare you take advantage of me, you little girl Im going to teach you a lesson!”

“Ah, Salvatore, help.

Jordan is going to hit me!”

Emily leaped up in a pair of rounded flats, which were part of her flight attendant attire.

With the company of the bubbly Emily, Jordans flight of more than ten hours became rather interesting and enjoyable.


He even forgot what the purpose of the trip was and the fact that Victoria would be marrying Russell soon.

Jordan began to understand why Victoria chose to hide many things from Emily because she really did not want to make a cheerful girl like her who often wore a bright smile on her face, to become broody all the time.

More than ten hours passed, and Jordan arrived in Paris, where it was drizzling.

A few of them headed to the police headquarters of Paris by car.

A police officer named Frankie received Jordan.

Jordan was rather proficient in French, so he said directly in French, “I want to investigate the murder of an American man who was killed 11 years ago on the 29th of August in LEBALL bar on Rue Jacques Rousseau.”

“The name of the murdered man is Norman Clarke.”

Norman was Victoria and Emilys father.

Soon, Officer Frankie pulled up the information of cases that happened in that year.

He introduced to Jordan, “Mr.

Norman Clarke is a software engineer who came to Paris to attend an academic seminar that year.”

“According to the information, he went to LEBALL bar alone that night, but he left with another man.”

“We suspect that Mr.

Clarkes death is related to that man.”

Jordan hurriedly asked, “How much information is there about the murderer Is there any surveillance camera footage”

“Yes.” Officer Frankie handed Jordan a piece of paper on which there was a photo, which was a screen grab of the surveillance camera footage.

“But its very blurry and his face cant be seen clearly.”


“Back then, we conducted a search in Paris based on his build and eventually concluded that he was probably an illegal immigrant or a gang member.”

“We learned Norman is an excellent programmer whos also the owner of a technology company, with many competitors back in the US.”

“We suspect that his competitors may have hired a hitman to assassinate him.”

Jordan knew that they definitely did not want Norman to die in the hands of a Frenchman.

Jordan continued to ask, “How did Norman Clarke die Was his body shipped back to the US”

Officer Frankie said, “He was shot to death.

There were many customers at the bar that night who all heard the gunshots.”

“Immediately afterwards, Norman was taken to the hospital, but unfortunately, we lost the corpse.”

“Lost” Jordan froze for a moment.

Frankie said, “Yes, the hospital lost the corpse of another Frenchman but in order to escape from the law, that staff member cremated Norman Clarkes corpse in an attempt to muddle through but he was still caught in the end.”

“We can confirm that Norman Clarke is indeed dead, and the documents that were on his body can also prove his identity.”

Since the police said so, it should be correct.

Jordan still wanted to know who the other man Norman was with was!

“Since Victoria said she wanted to take revenge, then she must know who the murderer is.

If the police dont know, there must be someone else who knows!”

Jordan didnt waste any more time in the police station and instead headed straight to the murder site, LEBALL bar on Rue Jacques Rousseau.

The bar was still open now.

“I only have 24 hours to spend in Paris.

If we take too long, I wont be able to rush back to stop Victoria from getting married!”

Jordan was really anxious because he couldnt afford to delay for a single hour at all!

Reason being Victoria had promised Russell to give him her body on the day of their wedding!

Jordan would never let Russell have Victoria again!

Jordan asked around in the bar and the owners of the shops on the streets around the bar, but unfortunately, he didnt find any clues at all.

“What should we do, Jordan Its been so many years since the murder happened.

Even if someone really knows about this, they are probably not in Paris, or perhaps theyve died, right”

Emily was rather dejected, too.

Jordan didnt believe that he couldnt find that person.Since Russell could find out who the murderer was, Jordan believed it was only a matter of time before he did too!

Jordan kept looking at his watch.

He was already running out of time and in order to find the real murderer as soon as possible; he put up notices on TV, radio stations, and on the Internet to inform the public that he would be offering a reward of 5 million francs to find clues!

Five million francs amounted to more than five million dollars, which was enough to make many agitated.

However, there were many who came to Jordan, but most of them were just there for the bounty without having any concrete proof.

Soon, 20 hours passed, and Jordan was still searching for clues.

Pablo, who was in Houston, called and said, “Mr.

Jordan, you must quickly prepare to return.

If you dont leave the country within four hours, Miss Victoria will marry Russell!”

There was not much time left for Jordan!

Jordan, who was sitting at the LEBALL bar, was smoking and feeling rather troubled.

At this moment, a white man in his fifties walked over to sit down beside Jordan and asked for a cup of brandy.

He sized him up with a peculiar gaze.

”Why are you also investigating that matter Is that man who died of high status in the US”


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