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Chapter 324: The Murderer Is Actually!

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The mans words immediately caught Jordans attention!

In the past few hours, there were many people who came to him, but most of their words were out of context, so they couldnt even figure out what exactly happened at this place 11 years ago.

This fifty-year-old white man was different.

He asked Jordan why he was “also” investigating that matter.

That meant that he knew what Russell and Victoria had been investigating previously!

This person might be the one who provided Russell with the news!

Jordan immediately came to his senses.

He could finally rush back to stop Victoria from getting married!

Jordan said respectfully, “Sir, do you know something If you can provide me with some useful clues, Ill give you a bonus of five million Francs.

I wont go back on my word!”

The white man smiled and shook the Van Cleef & Arpels watch he was wearing on his right hand, as if to flaunt his wealth and show that he was wealthy, too.

Holding a glass of wine, he took a sip and recounted, “On the 29th of August 11 years ago, I came to this bar for a drink and I remember very well that it was this day because it was my birthday.”

“My daughter flew over from Toulouse to see me, and she arrived to give me a surprise when it was almost 12 midnight.”

“She called me and asked me what I was doing.

When I told her I was drinking at LEBALL bar, she told me to go check the entrance.”

“I saw her as soon as I went out and I wanted to give her a hug because I was really thrilled to see her, but she playfully took a picture of me with the Sony camera she just bought.”

“The excitement I felt when I saw my daughter was captured in the photo and I was slightly tipsy at the time.

With my arms wide open, I walked towards her.”

“Wow, that was such a memorable moment, and Ill never forget the expression I had when I saw her.”

“Ive been keeping the picture that she took because soon after that day, she got into a car accident and since then, she could never take a picture of me again.”

After saying those words, the man took another mouthful of wine.

Jordan listened quietly and then said, “Im very sorry to have mentioned your unhappy past.”

“Im willing to spend 5 million francs for that photo.”

A look of surprise appeared on the white mans face and he asked, “What are you buying that photo for”

Jordan said, “If Im not wrong, youre not the only one photographed in that picture.

The person Im looking for is in it, too.”

The man smiled and nodded.

“Youre indeed a smart kid.

Ten years ago, an American man had been inquiring about this matter too.

I made a copy of this photo ten years ago and sent it to that person.”

“Why Has the murderer not been found yet It seems that the murderer is really mysterious.”

The man who received the photo from the man ten years ago should be Russell.

“Russell had the photo of the murderer ten years ago, and Victoria should also have known about it.

Why did they take revenge only recently”

“Could it be that the identity of that murderer is really so mysterious that Russell couldnt find out who he is after ten years of investigation”

“I didnt expect such mysterious people to exist in this world, besides the Steeles.

This world is really full of hidden experts.”

Jordan had already guessed that Russell must have only found out the identity of the murderer recently and then informed Victoria about it.

Jordan had no time to wait.

If he didnt get to the bottom of the truth about the situation, he wouldnt be able to meet Victoria in time.

Jordan said, “Can you send me a copy of the photo as well”

However, the man shook his head and said, “Im starting to be interested in the dead man.

You have to tell me who you are, who that dead man is, and why youre spending 5 million francs to investigate this matter.”

Jordan pulled over Emily, who was already confused by listening to their conversation in French, which she could not understand.

“This is the daughter of the man who died.

Were his family members and we just want to find out the truth so that we can avenge her father!”

The man exclaimed in surprise, “She is that mans daughter”

Seeing that the white man wasnt quite convinced, Jordan said to Emily, “Do you have a photo of yourself and your father”

Emily nodded.

Although Emilys parents had passed away many years ago and she had changed her cell phone countless times, she made sure to save the photos of herself with her parents, in every one of her cell phones.

“Quickly, find the photo and show it to this gentleman!” Jordan urged eagerly.

“Whats the hurry”

Emily clicked on her private album, which contained photos.

However, there were lots of photos of her long legs…


Emily was incredibly embarrassed.

She had a hobby of taking photos of her legs whenever she was bored, but she would never dare to show them to anyone, so she kept them in a private album.

Jordan also hurriedly shifted his gaze away from her phone, not daring to continue looking.

He thought,Whats up with these pretty girls nowadays Their phones are all full of their selfies and even their private albums contain so many photos thatll make most men lose their composure!

“Uh… I found it.

There you go.”

Blushing shyly, Emily handed the phone to Jordan without forgetting to remind him.

“Dont swipe left or right.

The next photo… is a private photo of mine.”

Jordan was really anxious.

He frantically grabbed it and reached his hand out to say, “Dont worry, I wont…”

Before he finished, Jordan accidentally swiped it and happened to swipe to the next photo, which was one of Emily pouting and doing the peace sign in the bathroom.

“Ah! Jordan, you jerk! And you said you wouldnt swipe! Are you doing it on purpose!!”

Emily got shy and continuously hit Jordan.

Jordan was helpless.

‘I didnt do it on purpose! How can I be in the mood to look at these nonsensical photos now!!

Emily flew into a rage and continued to say, “What do you mean nonsensical Explain yourself clearly! How are my photos messy!”

Jordan raised his hand to block Emilys attack and said, “You took photos of yourself when you were in the bathroom.

Isnt that nonsensical”

Emily was enraged and embarrassed.

“I… I wasnt using the bathroom at that time! I was just getting some rest!”

Jordan grabbed Emily and said, “Okay, okay, stop it.

I wont touch your phone anymore.

Let this man take a look at the photo of you and your father.”


Emily was furious.

If not because they were going to find her fathers murder today, she would have had a fight with Jordan.

He even made fun of her after looking at her private photos!

Emily swiped to the photo of herself and her father again before showing it to the man.

The man exclaimed in surprise and immediately recognized Norman in the photo!

“Yes, thats the man!”

However, it was a photo from 11 years ago, and back then, Emily was still at a tender age.

Emily was worried that the man would think that the little girl in the photo wasnt her.

Emily asked Jordan, “Will he think that the girl in the photo isnt me”

Jordan hurriedly explained to the man, “The little girl in the photo is really this woman in front of you.

Theres no need for us to lie to you.”

The white man compared the girl in the photo to Emily and nodded.

“You can tell from the look in her eyes that shes indeed that mans daughter.”

Jordan was overjoyed.

“Since youve recognized our identity, can you sell the photo to us”

The white man shook his head and said, “No, I wont sell it to you.

Ill give it to you for free.”

As he said that, the white man took out an envelope from his pocket and handed it to Jordan.

He said, “I hope you find the murderer soon.”

After saying that, the man left.

“Thank you.”

At this moment, Jordan and Emily were extremely agitated because they were finally going tofind out who murdered Emilys father!

“Jordan, open it quickly.

Let me see which bastard killed my father!”

Emily urged.

Jordan nodded and took out the photo from the envelope.

The man in the middle of the photo was the one who had just left.

He smiled brightly at the camera.

However, Jordan and Emily were looking at the spot beside him.

Norman and the murderer were to his right!

Jordan froze on the spot when he saw the man following behind Norman!

“How could it be him!!”



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