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Chapter 325: Family Authority!

“Impossible… Impossible… How could this happen…”

They finally learned the truth when they saw the photos.

However, Jordan wasnt as excited as he imagined.

Instead, he was shell-shocked and was even on the verge of breaking down!

Seeing Jordans reaction, Emily said agitatedly, “Jordan, do you know the man in the photo”

“Quickly tell me who the murderer is.

Who exactly is he!”

Jordan was stunned, and he whispered, “He… hes my father…”


This time, it was Emilys turn to be stunned.

She covered her mouth in horror, unable to believe that it was the truth.

Soon, tears fell from her eyes.

Emily stared at Jordan with confusion in her eyes.

“The person who killed my father is your father”

This time, Jordan and Emily both understood why Victoria would break up with Jordan for no reason and choose to marry someone else.

It was because Jordan was the son of the man who killed Victoria and Emilys father!

Victoria couldnt marry her enemy!

Emily got really agitated and gave Jordan a slap on his face!


Emily seemed to have exhausted all her energy on that slap, but Jordan remained still.

In fact, he was completely emotionless.

The shock had made Jordans body turn numb.

Emily gave Jordan a hard slap and hollered at him.

“Jordan, I hate you! I hate the Steeles! I never want to see you again!”

After saying that, Emily turned around to leave.


Jordan grabbed Emilys slender arm, but she flung him away in exasperation.

Emily scurried out nevertheless.

At this moment, Salvatore was keeping a lookout and smoking a cigarette outside the LEBALL bar.

When he saw Emily running out in tears, he immediately put the cigarette butt on the ground.

He asked, “Miss Emily, where are you going”

Emily wasnt in the mood to pay attention to Jordans subordinate at all.

All she did was run forward.

It was still raining, and Emily didnt have an umbrella.

Salvatore was worried that something might happen to Emily when she was alone in France because she didnt speak French at all.

Hence, Salvatore hurriedly chased after her and asked about the situation.

Instead, Emily shouted at Salvatore, “Get lost! Youre just the Steeles dog! Dont bother me anymore!”

Salvatore ran after Emily and kept comforting her.

“Did you have a fight with Mr.

Jordan Miss Clarke, simmer down.

Lets talk things over slowly.”

However, no matter how Salvatore persuaded, Emily ignored him.

Seeing that Emily was running further and further away, Salvatore had no choice but to use force.

“Im sorry, Miss Emily!”

Salvatore knocked Emily- who was on the verge of breaking down- forcefully with his right hand, causing her to pass out immediately.

Afterwards, Salvatore carried Emily back and had someone send her to rest in the private jet.

At this moment, Jordan was also shocked by the outcome.

However, he did not believe that his father was the murderer.

According to Jordans knowledge, Victorias father, Norman, was a very outstanding and rare talented software engineer in the US.

He had founded his technology company with grand ambitions that lie beyond just making money.

It was impossible for such an outstanding talent and such a good man to be the Steeles enemy.

Hence, Jordan immediately picked up the phone and called his father, Rowan Steele!

In fact, Jordan and his father werent particularly close to each other.

At the very least, they werent as close as most fathers and sons.

Reason being, the Steeles education style would cause the children to grow distant from their fathers.

The children would receive all kinds of training and be put through various trials at an early age and none of them were supervised by their father.

Since he married Hailey as a live-in husband, Jordan rarely contacted his father and instead stayed in touch with his grandfather.

“Jordan,” Rowan said.

Jordan didnt waste his breath on anything else.

As soon as she came over, he asked, “Dad, tell me, does the death of Victorias father have anything to do with you”

“Victoria” Rowan was a little surprised.

“You mean your girlfriend whos older than you Whos her father”

Jordan said, “Her father is named Norman Clarke!”

Hearing Normans name, Rowan remained silent for a moment before sighing.

‘What a coincidence.

I didnt expect your girlfriend to be Norman Clarkes daughter.”

Jordan could tell that his father knew Norman!

“Tell me, is Norman Clarkes death related to you” Jordan asked eagerly.

Rowan paused for a moment before replying, “Sort of.”

“Why did you kill him!! Did he offend you, or did he offend our family!” Jordan began to get worked up.

Rowan said, “Jordan, you have no right or permission to know about this matter.”

“I have no right” Jordan didnt expect his father to say that.

“Isnt the fact that Im your son enough of a reason to know What more permission do I need”

Rowan said, “You must complete all the trials your grandfather puts you through before youll be allowed to find out the truth of this matter.”

“Jordan, I would also like to tell you the reason now, but your grandfather was the one who set these rules, so I cant go against them.”

Jordan was stunned because it was his first time hearing that he needed permission to know about his family matters.

‘Its no wonder that we have to go through so many strange trials.

It turns out that there are certain permissions that will allow me to find out some family secrets!

Jordan was now undergoing business training, even though the J Corporation might not meet his grandfathers requirements.

Moreover, God knows what other trials there may be after the business trial.

He probably wouldnt be able to complete the trial within a short period of time, so he wouldnt be able to gain permission within at least two or three years.

“Dad, cant you tell me now If you dont tell me, Victoria will be marrying someone else!”

Jordan said agitatedly.

Rowan sighed and said, “Son, you take love too seriously and you lack experience in romantic relationships.

Consider your breakup with Victoria Clarke this time as a form of training.”

After saying that, Rowan hung up the phone.

Jordan sat back at the bar counter, lit up a cigarette, and picked up a glass of brandy before chugging it.

Salvatore ran in from outside and reported to Jordan, “Mr.

Jordan, Emily cried so much that I sent her to the plane to rest.”

“When are we leaving That old dog Russells wedding will start in another ten hours or so.

If we dont leave right now, we wont be able to make it there!”

However, Jordan shook his head in response to Salvatores question.

Rowan had admitted himself that he was the one who killed Victorias father.

How could Jordan still have the cheek to go back and ruin Victorias wedding in an attempt to reconcile with her

Just like that, an hour passed.

Salvatore scurried in and exclaimed, “Were about to run out of time.


Jordan, lets set off!”

Another hour passed.

Salvatore ran in again and exclaimed, “We cant let that old dog Russell marry your woman! On the night of the wedding, that punk will definitely try to get fresh with Victoria!”

Another hour passed.

Salvatore ran in again.

“If we leave now, well still have a chance to stop the wedding.

If we wait another ten minutes, itll be too late!”

At this moment, a mature and reliable-looking man entered the bar and walked straight towards Jordan before tapping him on his shoulder.

“Who are you Stay away from Mr.

Jordan!” Salvatore immediately rushed over.


The man drawled.


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