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Chapter 326: Victorias Father Is Still Alive!

Upon hearing the familiar voice, Jordan turned around, only to see that it was his eldest brother, Jesse!

Jordan immediately put down his glass, got up from the bar counter, and hugged Jesse gleefully!


It had been years since Jordan saw his eldest brother!

Jordan and Jesse were biological brothers who shared the same set of parents, while Jamie was their half-brother from another mother.

Of course, the three brothers grew up having a close-knit relationship without any differences.

“What brings you here”

Jordan was surprised.

Jesse glanced at the people in the bar and said, “I need a word with you alone, just us two.”

Jordan immediately instructed Salvatore, “Salvatore, clear the place.”

Salvatore couldnt help but glance at Jordans eldest brother a few more times.

After all, he had to respect his masters eldest brother, too.

Although Jesse was not as handsome as Jordan, he had an imposing aura, and he had a slightly more robust figure that made him seem rather mature and reliable.

“Greetings, Mr.


Salvatore bowed respectfully to Jesse before bringing all the people in the bar out.

The entire bar had long been booked by Jordan, so the waiters were rather compliant to Salvatore too.

After everyone left, Jordan couldnt help but say to Jesse, “Jesse, Dad killed someone.

He murdered my girlfriends father!”

Jesse hurriedly said, “No, Jordan, Dad didnt kill him.”

Jordan handed the photo given to them by the man to Jesse and said, “I called Dad just now and he personally admitted that hes related to the death of Norman Clarke.”

Jesse looked at the photo before putting it down and saying, “Norman Clarke didnt die at all.”

“What did you say!!”

Jordan was jolted awake.

In this instant, the alcohol that Jordan had drunk in the last three hours seemed to have evaporated out of Jordans body.

Jesse fished out his cell phone and showed Jordan a photo.

It was a photo of a middle-aged man in his fifties who had very short hair and looked extremely energetic.

“This is… Norman Clarke!”

Jordan could tell that the man in the photo was Norman, but he looked a little older than he did in the other photo.

Although he was old in his years, he was still full of vigor.

Jesse nodded and said, “Heres a recent photo of him.”

Jordan was elated.

“He isnt dead! Dad didnt kill Victorias father!”

Jordan was overjoyed because he thought that he and Victoria had become enemies who would forever be against each other in the future.

In the three hours just now, Jordan had been thinking about what he should do if Victoria were to kill his father to avenge hers!

However, he no longer had to mull over it because Victorias father was still alive!

Jordan was puzzled.

“Why so If hes not dead, why are there claims that hes dead The story about the hospital cremating his corpse must be a fabricated lie too, huh”

Jesse said, “Sorry, Jordan, I can only let you know Norman Clarke is not dead, but I cant disclose the reason to you.”

“Its because this involves our familys secret, which you currently dont have permission to find out about.”

“In fact, you dont even have permission to look at this photo, but I really cant bear to see you being so devastated and losing the person you love the most.

Thats why I flew over to tell you about this.”

Jordan was really touched.

‘Indeed, Jesse is the best to me!

Jordan asked, “Since you dont have permission, how did you find out”

Soon after he said that, Jordan knew the answer and said, “Oh, right, youve already finished all your trials and obtained permission!”

Jesse was the only person in the third generation of the Steeles descendants who had completed all the familys trials!

Jesse smiled and said, “Yeah, Jordan, press on and complete the trial that Grandpa gave you.

He has always had high expectations of you, dont let him down.”

Jordan nodded.

However, he wasnt in the mood to think about the trial or the familys secret at the moment.

He just wanted to fly to Houston right now.

He wanted to stop Victoria and Russells wedding and tell Victoria that everything was a misunderstanding so that the two of them could continue to be together!

Jordan said, “Jesse, can you send me this photo”


Jesse sent the recent photo of Norman to Jordan.

Jordan and Jesse hadnt seen each other for several years.

Jordan had a lot of things to say to him and lots of questions to ask.

However, they were now pressed for time and if Jordan didnt send the photo, he probably wouldnt be able to stop Victorias wedding!

“Jesse, thank you for helping me.

I have to go now.

Lets find another opportunity to meet again another time!”

Jordan was just about to leave when Jesse pulled Jordan back and said, “Wait a minute.”

“Jordan, there is one more thing that I want to brief you about.”

“Go ahead, Jesse,” Jordan said, looking at Jesse.

Jesse said, “Jamie hasnt reported to the family for a long time, and we cant contact him now.”

“He has now completed almost all the trials that the family has given him and he has only one battlefield trial left.”

Jordan also knew that Jamie had been putting off the battlefield training.

Jamie was older than Jordan, so he should have already completed his battlefield training before Jordan.

However, he wasnt willing to do it.

Reason being Jamie had been pursuing the most beautiful women in the world and he was also rather timid compared to Jesse and Jordan.

Hence, he skipped the battlefield trial and completed the others instead.

Jesse said, “Jamie has been getting into quite a lot of trouble out there lately.

Many powerful families, including the Howards from DC, and forces are hunting him down.”

The Howards!

Jordan also nodded and said, “Jamie is really out of hand.

He nabbed Lauren Howard and sent her to me, forcing me to sleep with her.

Of course the Howards were against it! Theyre about to kill me!”

When reminded of that matter, Jordan was still filled with resentment against Jamie and if it wasnt for the fact that he had offended the Howards, Haileys twins would have both belonged to Jordan.

Jesse nodded and said, “Im already aware of this, so Grandpa doesnt want him to continue messing around.

He wont become mature unless he goes through the battlefield trial.”

Jordan thought so too.

Only by experiencing the battlefield can a person understand how terrifying human nature is, and the preciousness of life.

Only then would one have fear and respect towards this world, and not mess around.

Jesse said, “Ive investigated and found out that he has recently returned to the US.

I cant make it back, but since youve been in the US, help me find out more about him.”

“When you find him, tell him to go home and participate in the final trial.”

Jordan said, “Okay, Ill definitely find him and punch him hard! Ill ask him why he introduced Hailey and Lauren to me!”

Jesse laughed and patted Jordan on his shoulder.

“Hurry along.

Victoria is waiting for you.

After you make up with her this time, get married to her quickly.

Ill be there for your wedding.”


After Jordan said goodbye to Jesse, he rushed to the tarmac of the airport!

Jordan called Pablo while seated in the car.

Pablo answered almost immediately.

Before Jordan said anything, Pablo said anxiously, “Mr.

Jordan, come quickly, or itll be too late! Miss Victoria has already tried on her wedding gown!”

Jordan said, “Ill be there by 6 p.m.

If I dont make it, crash the wedding!”

Pablo acknowledged, “Yes!”


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