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For the past few hours, Jordan hadnt been able to tell Pablo to sabotage Victorias wedding.


Jordan previously thought that his father was the murderer of Victorias fathers, so no matter how much he loved Victoria, he didnt have the cheek to do something like that.


Ruin the wedding of the daughter of someone his father killed


Jordan couldnt bring himself to do that!


However, he had now learned that Victorias father was still alive so their families were not at odds!


Victoria would no longer have to break up with Jordan and marry Russell.


Of course, Jordan could righteously crash the wedding and snatch the bride!


He got on the plane and it immediately took off at full speed!


At this moment, Emily had also woken up.

Upon sight of Jordan, she turned away immediately, not wanting to see him at all.


Emily had slapped Jordan just now and said that she never wanted to see him again in this life.


In fact, she was already being kind enough to do that.


By saying that, she meant she would not take revenge on her father and she wouldnt kill Jordans father.


If she were a vengeful woman, she would have definitely said, “I will kill your father to avenge my father” before leaving.




Jordan walked over again.


Emily hollered, “Dont come closer! I dont want to see you, you son of a murderer! The Steeles are all crooks!”


Jordan hurriedly took out his cell phone and showed Emily a recent photo of her father.

“Emily, your father isnt dead, and my dad didnt kill him.

Look, this is a photo of him that was taken recently.”


The moment Emily saw the photo of her father, tears welled up in her eyes.


Jordan needed a long time to confirm if the man in the photo was really Norman, but as his daughter, Emily could tell at a glance that he was her father!


“My father is still alive! My father isnt dead!”


Emily was crying continuously while looking at Jordan happily.

“Your father didnt kill my father, so does that mean that were not enemies”


Jordan smiled, reached out to wipe the tears on Emilys face and said, “Silly, of course, Im not your enemy.

Im the person who you and Victoria are closest to and love the most.”




Emily leaped into Jordans arms elatedly and hugged him tightly.


Deep down, she really liked Jordan as a prospective brother-in-law, and she really didnt want to become his enemy.


“Ill call Victoria right now!”


Emily said, as happy as a lark.


Jordan said, “Given my understanding of her, she wont believe it even if you call her to tell her about this.

I believe well be able to make it to her wedding venue before she gets married.

Once we get there, Ill show her those photos myself.”




Emily hugged Jordan gleefully again.



At 5:40 pm.


There were still 20 minutes to go before the wedding began in Grand Skylight Hotel, Houston.



Wills, the president of Electron Co.

is here!”


A waiter announced loudly at the door.


Dustin Wills, the president of a listed company,entered with a smile and an expensive gift in hand.


“Congratulations, Mr.

Miller, Miss Clarke.”


Dustin walked in and congratulated Russell and Victoria.


At this moment, Russell was dressed well in a grooms suit while Victoria, on the other hand, was clad in a wedding dress!


For the first time in her life, she was wearing a wedding dress and yet; it wasnt for Jordan, but Russell!


She looked extremely goddess-like in the wedding dress; so pure and elegant that every guest present could not help but take photos of her.


Russell shook hands with Dustin and said, “Thank you, Mr.


Quickly take a seat.”


“The Huxleys from New York are here!”


The waiter announced loudly in a bright voice again.


The Huxleys, including Arthur, Cayden, Shane, their parents, and even Rosie, whom the Huxleys had disowned for a long time, were all present!


All three generations of the family had traveled miles to come to Russells wedding, which was enough to prove their sincerity.


Since he was Russells sworn brother, Arthur took the lead in walking towards him.

“Congratulations, Russell!”


Now, the Huxleys had long been reduced to a second-tier family in New York by Jordan, no longer enjoying the glory that they once did.


However, Russell was still very polite to the Huxleys.


Russell hugged Arthur and said, “Thank you for coming.”


“Uncle Russell, Victoria, congratulations!”


Cayden and Shane, too, respectfully congratulated Russell and Victoria.


However, Russell was clearly displeased to see Cayden.


Reason being, some time ago, Cayden had even created a replica of Victoria, and turned a young woman into Victorias doppelganger.


He even let the former deputy president of Perry Express, Arnold, to experience what it was like to make love to “Victoria”.


Now that Victoria was about to become his wife, he obviously felt that it was an insult to him.


However, Russell was not any better than Arnold.


A few days ago, he deliberately went out of town to avoid Jordan, so he sent someone to hire the woman who had undergone plastic surgery to look like Victoria at a high price.


While Victoria was still adamant about sleeping with Russell, he had been using “Victoria” to release his sexual frustrations.


‘I can finally have the real Victoria tonight!


“I wonder if she is even more intoxicating than she was seven years ago!”


Looking at the gorgeous Victoria, Russell was filled with excitement, as if he had never gotten intimate with her before.


Soon, it was 6:50 pm.


“The Howards of DC have arrived.”


Hearing the Howards name, Russell hurriedly snapped out of his thoughts and grabbed Victorias hand.


“Quick, come with me to greet Mr.

Howard Sr.!”


Victoria knew the Howards were a powerful family in DC and could be considered the family with the highest status in this hall full of guests!


She quickly tidied her wedding dress and walked over with Russell.


There were several generations of Howards at the door!


Brad and Lauren, who belonged to the third generation, had already arrived two days ago, so there naturally wasnt a need to bring them up.


Clarice and Alex, the other two third-generation descendants of the Howards, had surprisingly arrived too.


Apart from the four of them, their grandfather, the authoritative Martin Howard, had also arrived!


“Oh my, is that Mr.

Howard Sr.

from DC”


“Hes Martin Howard”


“Shut up! How dare you call him by his full name! Do you have a death wish!!”


“Russell Miller is just a businessman who has never been involved in politics and has only a few dozen billion dollars in assets.


Howard Sr.

is giving him such a tremendous honor by coming here in person!”


The other guests were all talking to each other.


Russell also hurried to the door and gave Martin a handshake excitedly.


Howard, Im really grateful for your attendance!”


Martin smiled and said, “How can I not show up for your wedding, Russell This must be your missus, right”


Martin looked at Victoria.


Victoria hurriedly introduced herself to Martin.

“Hello, Mr.

Howard Sr., Ive always heard about you, but I never had the chance to meet you until today.

My name is Victoria.”


Martin sized Victoria up and nodded incessantly.

“Not bad.

I heard that youre also the president of a listed company.”


“Lauren, Clarice, you two should learn more from independent women like Mrs.



Lauren and Clarice immediately said to Victoria, “I hope to receive your guidance in the future.”


Victoria didnt expect the famous Mr.

Howard Sr.

to use her as an example, so she felt really awkward.


Russell frantically replied, “She wouldnt dare to give you guidance.

Having more exchanges is more like it.”



Howard Sr, please take a seat, quickly!”




The Howards slowly made their way in a single file.


After another five minutes, the last two guests, a man and a woman, appeared at the door.


“May I ask where the two are from”


The service staff at the door swallowed his saliva after seeing the womans beauty.

He then asked.


The woman with stunning beauty said with an arrogant look on her face, “The Camdens from Orlando!”


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