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Chapter 328: Hailey Is Here Too!

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The gorgeous beauty was Hailey, and the person beside her was Drew.

Hailey had lost a visible amount of weight and the speed at which she got back to shape after birth was simply incredible!

Most women would take a longer time to lose the pregnancy weight.

It was also because Hailey was gorgeous and had high expectations for herself.

At the same time, she was also forcing herself to return to the best physical state she can be, in order to win Jordans heart again!

The waiter at the door was also charmed by Haileys beauty, so he announced her arrival before even checking their invitation cards.

“The Camdens of Orlando are here!”

“Camdens from Orlando What business do the Camdens run”

“I dont know, Ive never heard of them, but this young woman here is quite pretty.”

The guests were surprised to hear the name of the Camdens because Houston was quite a distance from Orlando.

Only famous families in Orlando would be known in Houston.

It was unlikely for families like the Camdens who were about to go bankrupt, to be known here.

Russell was stunned too.

“Who are the Camdens Were you the one who invited them, Victoria”

Victoria was instantly displeased to see Hailey.

She explained to Russell, “That woman is the ex-wife of Jordan and Cayden Huxley.

Ill go take a look while you stay here.”


Russell never intended to entertain them, anyway.

Even if Diana were to show up, Russell wouldnt bother to greet her, let alone Hailey and Drew.

In Russells eyes, the Camdens couldnt compare to the Howards at all!

Victoria walked over slowly and questioned with a hostile expression, “What are you here for”

When Hailey saw Victoria, she glowered at her too.

“Victoria Clarke, what nonsense are you getting up to Youve already snatched Jordan away and yet you broke up with him to marry an old man”

When Hailey heard the news that Victoria and Russell were married, she thought it was fake at some point.

Reason being Hailey knew Victoria was a smart woman like her and since they had both dated Jordan, she knew Victoria was definitely aware of Jordans positive attributes.

In terms of wealth and status, Jordan was far superior to Russell, let alone things like age and appearance.

Only a fool would choose Russell over Jordan!

When Hailey saw Victoria wearing a wedding dress and standing next to Russell, she finally dared to believe that it was true.

“Its none of your business,” Victoria retorted coldly.

She really despised Hailey, who had betrayed Jordan countless times and even had a baby with another man!

Hailey said righteously, “How is it none of my business Jordan is my ex-husband, the father of my child, and the man I still love dearly!”

“Youve hurt my man.

Of course, I have to demand an explanation from you!”

Victoria humphed coldly and hollered, “You have no right to lecture me.

When it comes to hurting Jordan, youre far worse than me!”


Hailey remembered she had betrayed Jordan several times and thus was too ashamed to say anything.

Victoria knew Hailey could not possibly stand up for Jordan because she was more than happy about their breakup, so how could she possibly seek justice for him

Victoria exclaimed, “Hailey Camden, youre here to look for Jordan, huh Youve made the wrong decision because Jordan wont be coming!”

“Also, let me advise you, dont think that youll have a chance to get back together with Jordan after I break up with him.”

“You dont deserve to get back together with him.

Theres a woman who is prettier, gentler, and has a better character than you.

Her family background is much better too, so Jordan will never choose you.”

Hailey flew into a rage.

“Victoria Clarke!”

Hailey didnt expect Victoria to expose her true agenda for attending the wedding.

She wasnt here to waste her breath on Victoria, nor did she bother about who Victoria was going to marry.

Hailey was here to see Jordan!

Hailey hadnt been able to contact Jordan recently because he refused to reply to her text messages or answer her calls.

Now that Jordan had broken up with Victoria, it was a great opportunity for Hailey to get back together with Jordan.

According to Haileys marriage experience, Jordan would definitely show up at Victorias wedding today!

“Jordan loves stirring trouble at others weddings.

He ruined both my weddings, so hell definitely come to Victorias wedding today!”

Previously, Jordan had ruined both of Haileys weddings with Tyler and Cayden.

She believed that Victoria and Russell wouldnt be able to escape the same fate.

The women that Jordan loved seemed to be cursed, as their weddings would definitely be ruined by him…

Hailey said, “Victoria, Im glad that youre sensible enough to leave Jordan.

Im here today to congratulate you.”


Drew took out a card and handed it to the service staff at the door.

“Heres a gift of $30,000 from us.”

The service staff was shocked because $30,000 was quite a large sum of money.

If they werent allowed to enter or even have a meal after giving a gift of $30,000, it would really seem unreasonable.

Hailey was Jordans ex-wife after all, and she didnt want to embarrass her too badly.

She said, “Since you want to stay here, suit yourself.

Find a random seat and sit down.”

After saying that, Victoria turned around and left.


Hailey humphed coldly and swallowed her pride and relied on her beauty to find an empty seat near the door.

Soon, the wedding officially began at six in the afternoon!

In the parking lot outside the hotel.

Pablo was leaning against a Bentley and he threw a cigarette onto the ground furiously.

He exclaimed, “its already six, and the wedding is about to begin.

Brothers, lets rush in and crash the wedding.

Smash everything into bits!”


Pablo and the rest were just about to get moving, but they suddenly received a call from Jordan.


Jordan! The wedding has started.

Im taking my men in with me!” Pablo reported.

Jordan stopped him and said, “No, Im already in Houston.

Salvatore is taking me to the hotel.”

“Stay where you are and dont move.

Ill stop the wedding myself!”

Salvatore, who was speeding in a Volvo SUV and had hit countless cars, exclaimed, “Mr.

Dalton, just leave it to Mr.

Jordan to do the cool stuff.

Dont steal his limelight!”

Pablo chuckled, knowing that Jordan was just worried about him!

Since Pablo had a criminal record, it would be hard for him to escape if he were to barge in and get caught by the police!

Pablo said, “Yes, Mr.

Jordan, Ill wait for you!”



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