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Chapter 329: Snatching The Bride!

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Although Russell was the most famous and richest man in Houston, he was getting married for the second time of his life and his ex-wife had just passed away not long ago.

Hence, the wedding was held in the evening in a rather low-key manner.

He had also invited a very small number of guests, all of whom were very close to him or were of high statuses.

Likewise, the wedding ceremony was also very simple, and they didnt go through the various formalities that many young couples often went through.

Those tacky games and formalities were too degrading for Russell and Victoria, who were both presidents of listed companies.

The two of them walked towards the stage where Russell said a lot of polite words to thank all the guests there.

He also recounted his experiences in the last few years.

He even recounted how he and Victoria met and fell in love.

Of course, not everything he said was the truth.

For example, he openly admitted that Victoria was the daughter of his best friend, but he didnt mention that he had once been her sugar daddy.

Instead, he said that he selflessly helped Victoria and Emily, without mentioning the matter of making Victoria his lover.

After hearing his recount, the guests were all extremely touched by the newlyweds-to-be.

“This is so touching! The brides father will be glad to know that his daughter is in good hands and is now being taken care of so well!”

“Yes, Mr.

Miller has always treated the bride as his daughter and taken care of her and her sister for so many years.

Its such a beautiful thing that theyve really become a family now!”

Seeing that everyone was touched by Russell and Victorias love story, the wedding emcee stepped onto the stage.

He said, “Mr.

Miller and Miss Clarkes love story is so romantic and full of twists! Shall we have the newlyweds kiss each other now”

The crowd below the stage began cheering immediately.

“Kiss each other! Kiss each other!”

Russell held Victorias hand on the stage and Victoria looked rather awkward.

On the other hand, Russell whispered, “This emcee is really acting inappropriately.

I clearly told him not to come up with such nonsense.

After complaining about the host, Russell said, “Victoria, its our big day and everyone is really enthusiastic about it.

Just accompany me to entertain them, okay”

Russell wanted to kiss Victoria badly!

Although the woman who had had plastic surgery to look like Victoria did a good job at mimicking her, there was no way she could compare to the real Victoria!

A cheap woman who can be kissed as long as she was given money can never be compared to a gorgeous woman who cant be bought even with about a billion dollars!

Victoria knew that the guests on the stage were all of extraordinary status, especially Martin Howard.

If she didnt agree, Russell would be put to shame.

Victoria had always been a smart woman who knew not to embarrass men.

“Okay.” Victoria agreed with a nod.

Russell was overjoyed, and he immediately moved closer towards Victoria while the crowd applauded slowly leaning in for a kiss!

Victoria stood rooted to the ground.

Russell was getting nearer and nearer to her so she decided to just close her eyes!

The moment she closed her eyes, Victoria thought of Jordan again!

‘Im sorry, Jordan.

Our relationship is not going to come to fruition.

Im only doing this so that I can make you forget about me!

‘Instead of putting you in a difficult position when the time comes, Id rather have you hate me now!

Victoria simply blamed it on Gods plan.

Everyone looked at the stage where Russells lips were almost going to touch Victorias red lips!

However, at this moment…

Jordan suddenly led his underlings to the door and exclaimed at Russell, who was on stage.

“Russell Miller! If you dare to kiss Victoria, Ill slap your lips until theyre swollen!”

The service staff at the entrance was shocked, and he had just turned to look at the stage.

After coming back to his senses, he immediately stopped Jordan.

“What are you doing here Tell me your name!”

Pablo kicked the service staff away and then walked over to say to him, “Listen up.

Hes Jordan Steele, the richest man in the country!”

“The richest man in the country! Jordan Steele, the president of J Corporation!”

“Ah, I remember now.

Hes the ex-boyfriend of the bride, Victoria Clarke.

He was the one who gave the Perry Express to Victoria as a gift!”

“Why is he here Is he here to snatch the bride”

There was a huge uproar at the wedding.

At this moment, Hailey, who was at the wedding, smiled and exclaimed, “Hmph, I knew it.

I knew Jordan would come! This guy just loves messing up the weddings of his ex-lovers! He messed up both my weddings, so hed definitely come to mess up Victorias too!”

Hailey was there to see Jordan in the first place, so she scurried towards him the moment she saw him.

“Jordan! Jordan, are you okay Im so worried about you.”

“I told you long ago that Victoria is not a good woman and she has never genuinely fancied you.

Im the only person in this world who really likes you!”

Hailey had deliberately dolled herself up and deliberately dressed herself in clothes that would show off her perfect, postpartum figure in a bid to make Jordan rekindle his love for her.

However, Jordan pushed Hailey away!

Hailey was mercilessly pushed to the ground.

“Get lost!”

Jordan said coldly.

‘Youre the only person in the world who really likes me

‘Thank you so much!

‘Youve made me a cuckold thrice and you still have the cheek to say such things!

Now, Victoria was the only person Jordan cared about, so he didnt care about Hailey at all.

Jordan approached the stage one step at a time.

At this moment, the Howards all looked at Jordan!

Martin picked up his cup of tea, took a sip out of it, and immediately perked up afterwards.

He then sized Jordan up carefully.

It was Jordans first time meeting Martin.

“Hes Jordan Steele, Chloes father”

Martin asked Lauren, who was next to him.

Lauren nodded while Clarice, who was beside her, frowned and secretly thought,That guy pretended to be Brads chauffeur the first time he came to our place!”

Martin smiled and said, “Not bad.

Hes much more pleasing to the eye in person.”

Martin obviously liked Jordan and wanted him to marry his granddaughter.

Jordan didnt even notice the Howards and headed straight to Russell and Victoria.

On the other hand, Russell was livid about the fact that Jordan was there to create trouble at his wedding, which many had come to attend!

“Jordan, how dare you wreak havoc at my wedding!!” Russell hollered, pointing at Jordan from the stage.

Jordan replied, “Why wouldnt I dare to!”

The security officers whom Russell arranged to be at the wedding started taking action quickly.

However, Pablo, Salvatore and the rest, who were standing behind Jordan, quickly took action too.

They stared at the security officers, preventing them from going near Jordan.

Seeing that a fight was about to break out at the wedding, Victoria, who was on the stage, said, “Jordan, its over between us.

I wont get back together with you even if you stop me from marrying Russell!”


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