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Chapter 330: The Truth Comes To Light!

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Russell pointed at Jordan and said, “Hear that!! Victoria has long wanted to break up with you! Jordan Steele, youre the president of a large corporation, after all.

Dont you feel ashamed to be doing such a childish thing when you have such a high status”

The other guests were accusing Jordan and pointing fingers at him.

“Jordan Steele is really immature.

The bride clearly doesnt love him anymore.

How dare he come here and pester her How shameless!”


Young people are able to go with the flow and take things easy.”

“What a joke.

Snatch the bride Do you think youre filming a drama series The bride will not leave with you.


Hearing the comments coming from behind, Jordan was extremely displeased and he turned around to glower at them.

Jordan saw Brad, who was enjoying a good show with one leg crossed over the other.

Jordan had been staring at Brad ever since he saw him.

Brad said aggrievedly, “What are you glaring at me for Its not like I scolded you!”

Brad thought,I havent settled the scores with you for sending me to the police station in that damned UFO-like thing previously!

At this moment, Lauren smacked Brad and chided, “Dont spout nonsense.”

Lauren knew Jordan was now in a terrible mood because he had to watch his ex-girlfriend get married to another man.

Hence, she didnt want Brad to rub it in.

Brad sighed helplessly, put down his legs and sat properly.

He stopped making eye contact with Jordan, too.

When Jordan saw Lauren, his mood was also a bit complicated because the last time he eavesdropped on Lauren and Victorias conversation, Lauren said that she was fond of Jordan.

At this moment, Hailey, who was seated near the entrance, happened to see Lauren, who was inside too.

Jordan turned around and continued to look at Victoria.

“Victoria, I know you still love me.

You cant deceive me.”

Russell, who was at the side, flew into a rage and barked, “Jordan Steele, dont you go overboard.

Victoria is now my wife! If you dare to spout any nonsense again, Ill call the police and get them to arrest you!”

Jordan looked at Russell and exclaimed, “Russell Miller, you scumbag! Victorias father entrusted her to you back then, but you forced her to become your mistress and now you have the cheek to marry her.

Have you got any shame at all!”

Russell was just as enraged.

“Youre not fit to mention Victorias father!”

“Why not” Jordan retorted righteously.

Russell humphed coldly and barked, “You dont deserve to know the answer!”

Jordan humphed too.

“Arent you just trying to say that my father killed Victorias father”

Jordans words shocked everyone, especially Russell and Victoria!

Victoria was stunned, and she froze on the spot.

“How… how did you find out”

Jordan said, “Victoria, I want to tell you that my father did not kill your father.

Youre mistaken!”

“Impossible!” Russell denied it immediately.

“Ive sent people to investigate on Normans death since 11 years ago and at that time, I received a photo, which allowed me to find out the murderers appearance.”

“Some time ago, I finally found out that person is your biological father, Rowan Steele!”

“Well, unless you dont admit that Rowan is your father!”

Brad was overjoyed to hear Russells words.

“That sounds exciting.

No wonder Victoria suddenly broke up with Jordan Steele.

It turns out its because his father killed her father.”

Jordan said to Russell, “Rowan Steele is indeed my father!”

Russell laughed and said, “Its best that you dare to admit it, you son of a murderer!”

Jordan slapped Russell across the face and exclaimed, “But my father didnt kill anyone because Victorias father, Norman Clarke, didnt die at all!”

Hearing those words, everyone got into an uproar again!

They were in Houston where many people knew Norman because he used to be a prominent figure in the business circle here.

A man who was about 40 years old stood forth and said to Jordan, “Punk, I dont care if youre the owner of J Corporation or the whale of the takeout industry.

If you dare to joke about Norman, I wont let you off!”

Another person also stood out and chastised, “Thats right, Norman has helped many of us.

Without his help back then, I wouldnt be where I am today!”

Norman was clearly quite popular and well-connected.

Brad remarked in awe, “Norman has been dead for 11 years, and there are still people standing up for him.

He definitely isnt a simple person.”

Martin, who was at the same table, took a sip of tea and said, “Norman was indeed a famous figure.

He used to be a programmer, so his skills and judgment are superb.”

“We get to enjoy 5G technology today because of the strategic planning that Norman did 15 years ago.

Hes the one who made the boss of Huawei invest at least 10% of sales proceeds in research and development, which led to the strong competitive edge that Huawei enjoys today.”

Hearing Martins words, the Howards had all gained a certain understanding of Norman and also felt that his death was a pity.

They found it a shame that such a talented man had been murdered.

Victoria got really worked up too because she knew Jordan was not the type to joke casually.

“Jordan, what are you talking about What do you mean, my father didnt die”

Russell immediately said, “Victoria, dont listen to his nonsense.

Hes just making up these lies to stop you from marrying me!”

However, Victoria did not think so.

Back then, they didnt get to see their fathers corpse and since then she had been wondering if he was still alive.

At this moment, Jordan took his cell phone out of his pocket and showed Victoria the photo of Norman that had been taken recently.

“Victoria, Im not lying to you.

Look, heres a recent photo of your father.”

The moment she saw that photo, Victoria covered her mouth in agitation, and then grabbed the cell phone with both hands to take a good look at the photo.

She began to tear up incessantly when she saw the familiar yet unfamiliar face.

“Dad… Dad is still alive!”


Russell grabbed the cell phone, too.

At this moment, the two middle-aged men who spoke up for Norman also went onto the stage to look at the photo.

They all recognized Norman immediately!

“Yes, thats Norman!”

“Ah! Norman is not dead! Thank God!”

However, Russell was unwilling to believe this.

He said to Jordan, “Jordan, this photo of yours must have been digitally doctored to simulate his appearance after ten years! Right!!”

Jordan humped coldly.

“Russell Miller, why are you so scared Are you worried that if Victorias father isnt dead, hell come back to settle scores with you!”

If Norman were to find out that Russell had deceived and coerced the young Victoria into becoming his mistress, he definitely wouldnt let him off!

“You… youre spouting nonsense!” Russell immediately denied.

“Norman is a huge benefactor of mine.

If hes really still alive, Id be the happiest! Did you… bring him here”

Jordan did not answer Russell and instead stepped onto the stage and held onto Victorias hand.



Jordan could no longer hold back and kissed Victoria!

Victoria took the initiative to kiss Jordan, too!

They started sharing a passionate kiss at Russells wedding!


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